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  1. Blackmores Lyprinol is the human version of Antinol. Still expensive but a bit cheaper. You can usually find it on special somewhere, Chemist Warehouse was a good place to buy it normally. ($48.99 for 100 tablets). I used it with good effect on an elderly dog.
  2. It is also a good idea to respect the rules of this forum. This site was created for pure bred dog discussion (ANKC recognised breeds)The primary purpose of this forum is to promote and discuss pure bred dogs (as recognised by the ANKC) so we ask you respect our aim when visiting here. If you own a cross breed dog, you are also welcome here, but we ask that you refer to it by its proper name (eg a pug-x or cavalier-x instead of the designer term 'pugalier').
  3. American Pit Bulls have been on the restricted list in Victoria since about 2005. It is illegal to buy or breed them. I suggest you read this - https://agriculture.vic.gov.au/livestock-and-animals/animal-welfare-victoria/dogs/restricted-breed-dogs/owning-a-restricted-breed-dog
  4. I've only owned border collies. My family had a corgi, so I do have a soft spot for them and Mum has had a few shelties so I like them too.
  5. I went to Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre in Glen Waverley. Your vet would need to write you a referral. Liver shunts are often not detectable on a normal ultrasound at your vets. Once diagnosed the treatment is an operation to close the shunt. Not all shunts can be operated on. The alternate is treating with medication and a special diet, the lifespan of the dog might be reduced following this route. Has the vet put your puppy on a different diet now? Or any medication? Do you know what your test results actually were for the bile test?
  6. Yeah my 75yo Father regularly does 20km walks and I know plenty of people still competing in obedience well into that age group with active breeds.
  7. I wouldn't even respond to an advert that had such silly wording. No I'm not 'adopting' the horse, I am buying it! Unless they want to give me the horse as money exchanging hands in an 'adoption' just isn't right!
  8. I also think that in this case you should refund them their money, less your expenses.
  9. The only time I've had people be considerate about not letting their dogs meet mine was when I was walking 2 obviously elderly dogs. People suddenly became very polite in not bothering us. I tried the 'my dog doesn't like other dogs' line for a while and I ended up with this psycho woman hating me and yelling at me for taking dangerous dogs out and telling other people about me. A friend tried 'I'm in training' vests and I'm not kidding but more people came up to her than before to ask about it, lol. Be firm, you have to do what is right for your dog but realise people may react badly about it. Some people might see and learn and also use the same techniques though, that is gratifying.
  10. You are doing a great thing for the little dogs. I hope it goes well.
  11. They weren't microchipped. Their microchips were checked before being returned to the owners.
  12. I'm also going to add that depending on what state you are in it may actually be illegal to rehome a dog that has been declared dangerous. The dog should also be on a leash whilst outside of its enclosure. You are opening yourself up to all sorts of legal issues having that dog loose with other dogs in your facility.
  13. Rehoming a dog that has been declared dangerous is not acceptable. Putting a declared dangerous dog into the daycare like that is also not acceptable and extremely unfair on the other dogs. Penny was telling you quite clearly that she was not happy with the situation. I would be furious if that was my dog. However it is not your responsibility to put this dog to sleep. The owners need to do that rather than just washing their hands of it.
  14. Glad you found something that worked. Nothing wrong with 'off label'. A lot of the treatments I've used have been off label.
  15. I hope the surgery goes well. Good luck.
  16. I actually only ask people to call their dogs if I consider the dog to be approaching in an aggressive manner. Also some 'off lead' areas aren't fenced parks but walk through areas. I pretty much can't go on heaps of my routes without going through my off lead area. Most people walk through on lead btw, I would be in the minority in having my dogs off lead. It did used to get annoying to constantly call my dogs back so they didn't bother on lead dogs but I am polite and that is the law.
  17. @coneye that is your opinion. However there are actually laws that govern this. I don't know what state you are in but were I live dogs are required to be close to their owners and under effective voice control when in an off lead area. So yes the person with their dog on lead or even off lead can ask you to keep your dog away.
  18. No. It is rude. I had a discussion about this with a 'lady' maybe 10 years ago, she still hates me for telling her to control her dog. I also don't let my dogs run up to people walking without dogs. Now my girls are old and obviously old I am finding people are being heaps more polite and considerate about keeping their dogs away. I don't go to fenced offlead parks but do walk through offlead areas. Whilst I am very sad the girls aren't up for long walks and I have to do those long walks solo, it is also relaxing not having to worry about stupid people and their dogs!
  19. JulesP


    Hey Belinda, I hope you are still reading this. You said the puppy is very small? This is making me question whether there is something going on with its liver. ie a liver shunt. Liver shunts cause a build up of toxins in the brain and aggressive behaviour is certainly a symptom. Look up Hepatic encephalopathy and see if any of the other symptoms sound familiar. A blood test and a bile test can rule with out. There could also be other physical things like Hypoglycemia, distemper, thyroid conditions and also a syndrome called rage syndrome. If this is behavioural without seeing the puppy in action it is hard to tell you what is going on. Hence my suggestion to call K9Pro. I taught puppy school for 5+ years and you really need to see what is happening before giving advice. Please keep the puppy totally away from your kids and other pets until this is resolved. Even a small pup could catch an artery in a small child.
  20. JulesP


    The puppy might be scared, she might be sick, she might have a brain issue etc etc. Hard to give advice online. You really need to speak to a professional about this. It looks like you are in NSW so I'm going to suggest this company - https://k9pro.com.au/. Even for a phone chat. Do not let the puppy near the kids or the cat. Even a puppy this age could bite in the wrong spot and cause a lot of damage. We don't want to read about you in the news. Please call K9Pro, they are extremely knowledgeable about dealing with troubled dogs.
  21. If I followed the advice on that website one of my dogs would be dead! That guy has no qualifications and it is really just a blog with his views. He used to post on here, dunno if he still does. Funny how you can make a blog/website to look so official.
  22. I *think* I fed Pal puppy to my very first puppy so going back around 35 years! And I do think I got a bag from the breeder! Think I ventured on to Supercoat and Purina One fairly quickly. Would have fed tinned pal too but then started getting Nature's Gift tins direct from the factory. The quality of the NG tins was HEAPS better than it is now, used to look and smell like stew you could eat. There was no Petstock or Petbarn. Did then start to buy dry food from Produce stores and then went through a Raw/Barf phase. Then to a super premium phase (Artemis, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack) combined with Raw. Kind of stayed in that phase until I got a dog that had to have prescription food, got less snobby about my dog food Currently peeved that all the dog food I liked is either super hard to get hold of or has been discontinued. Looking at the bette supermarket brands again. Full circle!
  23. The dry dog foods I've been buying are either really hard to get, discontinued or have had formula changes! I've been walking around Petbarn and Petstock like a little lost soul trying to work out what to buy. Feeling very jaded too with so many companies selling out. So what are you feeding now?
  24. I am not sure what the point of this thread is? This is a discussion forum not a blog. Did you want to discuss something?
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