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  1. " Kitty Crunch " is a favourite here also. I put the tray in the bath
  2. So sorry to read this hugs to you and your mum RIP Micha . Run Free
  3. wow time does go so quickly . Remember the story so well . Happy Birthday Leo
  4. I use apple cider vinegar on Maggies lip folds - she doesn't get bad dermatitis but it does get a bit red and smelly . Seems to help
  5. Great Video - thanks for linking it Good timing as Oliver has been diagnosed with a "mild" luxating Patella .
  6. How terrifying . I have been bailed up by a dog walking Maggie and that was my worst nightmare so can't even imagine how it felt to have them attacked like that **hugs** and fingers paws crossed for a quick recovery and hope this doesn't stop them enjoying their walks
  7. Oliver went to doggy day care to try and socialise him . He loved it . I think it helped with his anxieties with other dogs but he really didn't play just followed other dogs around
  8. Haven't done this for a few years now so yes I would love to do it :) probably the doggies and other pets
  9. Thanks everyone I never throw things :laugh: always thinking someone may like this or that . I have had the pedigree sitting on my table now for about a year ( FIL passed away january this year ) now its time to find a new home
  10. Do people collect old pedigree forms ? On cleaning out FIL house I found an old pedigree form from 1932 - Do people collect these ? or should I just throw out . I hate throwing things out So if anyone wants it let me know and I'll post it out to you , or if you think of anyone / club etc that would let me know also its from The Kennel Association Of QLD for a German Shepherd Male dog , Kennel name - Bode of Wolfmountain
  11. just lovely - I am sure she will just love her present
  12. was hoping someone would start a thread love checking out the chrissy photos
  13. Take a nice drive up to the Sunny Coast on Saturday :) Sunshine Coast animal refuge is having santa paws photos and all goes to a good cause http://www.sippycreek.com.au
  14. Guinea Pigs - love my guinea pigs , they have so much personality . Goats - I love goats and have had many . Alas moving to suburbia means no more for me
  15. yes to this but with a Pomeranian - has to tell you every little detail of what has happened or is happening He goes outside couple barks then runs back in side and then starts talking to you
  16. Shared on facebook fingers and paws crossed that you are reunited with her soon
  17. I can say that OSo swifts kennels are the best set out kennels I have seen . I just love the way they are set out and the dogs in her care are so comfortable and well looked after . My 2 had the best holiday whilst we travelled around WA . Cannot recommend them enough and yes wish she would move across to QLD :)
  18. I have 2 - Maggie 7 year old cocker and Oliver 7 month old Pomeranian - and that is it Oliver I know is a pup but is a handful so he takes up all my time - he doesn't sleep and is on the go all the time . Totally wears me out and Maggie lol but he is such a sweet boy can't not love him
  19. Oliver on the bed and Maggie in a crate :)
  20. Love the little fishy - what a cute little face
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