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    cocker spaniels , Love making things Knitting,cards, sewing .

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  1. " Kitty Crunch " is a favourite here also. I put the tray in the bath
  2. So sorry to read this hugs to you and your mum RIP Micha . Run Free
  3. wow time does go so quickly . Remember the story so well . Happy Birthday Leo
  4. I use apple cider vinegar on Maggies lip folds - she doesn't get bad dermatitis but it does get a bit red and smelly . Seems to help
  5. Great Video - thanks for linking it Good timing as Oliver has been diagnosed with a "mild" luxating Patella .
  6. How terrifying . I have been bailed up by a dog walking Maggie and that was my worst nightmare so can't even imagine how it felt to have them attacked like that **hugs** and fingers paws crossed for a quick recovery and hope this doesn't stop them enjoying their walks
  7. Oliver went to doggy day care to try and socialise him . He loved it . I think it helped with his anxieties with other dogs but he really didn't play just followed other dogs around
  8. Haven't done this for a few years now so yes I would love to do it :) probably the doggies and other pets
  9. Thanks everyone I never throw things :laugh: always thinking someone may like this or that . I have had the pedigree sitting on my table now for about a year ( FIL passed away january this year ) now its time to find a new home
  10. Do people collect old pedigree forms ? On cleaning out FIL house I found an old pedigree form from 1932 - Do people collect these ? or should I just throw out . I hate throwing things out So if anyone wants it let me know and I'll post it out to you , or if you think of anyone / club etc that would let me know also its from The Kennel Association Of QLD for a German Shepherd Male dog , Kennel name - Bode of Wolfmountain
  11. just lovely - I am sure she will just love her present
  12. was hoping someone would start a thread love checking out the chrissy photos
  13. Take a nice drive up to the Sunny Coast on Saturday :) Sunshine Coast animal refuge is having santa paws photos and all goes to a good cause http://www.sippycreek.com.au
  14. Guinea Pigs - love my guinea pigs , they have so much personality . Goats - I love goats and have had many . Alas moving to suburbia means no more for me
  15. yes to this but with a Pomeranian - has to tell you every little detail of what has happened or is happening He goes outside couple barks then runs back in side and then starts talking to you
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