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  1. Huge congratulations and well done......your girl is looking good for 11 years old.....hope to hear of any further titles you two may get
  2. well we are back into the Track and Search season......we attended the Bendigo Obedience Dog Club Track and Search trial.....I handled the Weimeraner and she gained a Pass on her TSD1......I then took Dezzy out and he also got a Pass on his TSD4.....my daughter Tamika went out with our epileptic girl Jessie and unfortunately Jessie was tracking but who knows what but they did have fun.....then Tamika took out our girl Pink who got a score of Good and gained her Track and Search Dog title and also got judges track of the day......also over the non tracking period Pink was shown in Neuter classes and she is now known as Dual Ch (Neuter)(T)Zforce Rock Ina Frock TSD......she gained her Dual Champion title......our next trial is first weekend in July so have some more time to practice before our next trial....hope everyone is getting out there and enjoying time with their dogs
  3. that is great news KJ.....Ballarat now has only 7 offlead areas around Ballarat and now have an enclosed offlead park in Dowling Street Wendouree.....there is also talk of an enclosed offlead park to be put in Vic Park so will be interesting to see what happens and where they put it
  4. Sounds like Dory is loving tracking so much she just wants to keep tracking.....I tracked the Weimeraner this year and she was exactly the same wanted to keep going even after a 1200m track with 2 acutes and I was exhausted....hope you are all safe from those awful fires.....keep up the great work Dory
  5. thank you Tassie.....it will be good to have a break but am going to be busy with showing Pink in neuter classes.....every weekend in December is taken up lol.....after a few weeks when club finishes on 6th December I will be itching to get back to the tracking even though I will not have a dog to track unless it is a TSD trial which there are not as many as tracking trials but will be instructing in obedience and also as I am an instructor in tracking will also be helping the new ones once tracking starts back up again hope everyone has a great xmas and just want to say this tracking section is the best....always someone to help if help is needed....well done to everyone this past season has been great to hear of who has done what and what they have achieved
  6. Well tracking season has now come to an end.....we ended up doing Track and Search and had the following results.....Dezzy ended up with his first TSD title so now is known as T.Ch. Amerykus God Ov War TSD, Tamika and Jessie also ended up with the first TSD title so Jessie is now known as T.Ch. Zforce Sweet Surrender TSD and Pink was handled by Tamika in the last trial and has gained her 2nd TSD test.....looking forward to next season but will be good to have a bit of a rest.....we are hitting the showing scene with Pink in neuter classes and I have now become a full instructor with our local club and am taking Children Classes until the 6th of December which will be the last weekend before the club's break until February next year then back out to do it all again
  7. We got a Hurtta Y-harness for a Weimeraner who has a deep chest and a skinny neck....fits her beautifully
  8. I have some fantastic news.....on Monday 17th August 2015 Melody (the Weimeraner that I have been handling for a lady) and I passed our Test 8 she will now be known as T.Ch. Fyreside Glitz and Glamour......she has now come into season and will hopefully be having puppies....this is the 3rd dog I have handled to Tracking Champion now.....our season has come to an end short but have a trial to help at in 2 weeks and have found out that another 2 TSD trials have been added in October so will be back to showing our neuter girl and also doing some Track and Search
  9. that is the main thing....that the dog gets the special treat at the end.....we find that most dogs will track to get that treat....we use the little my dog single meals and with my Amstaffs they are gone in seconds but they enjoy them because they do not get them any other time....I have known people to use kangaroo sausages as well....nice and smelly :laugh:
  10. Thanks Dezzy. Yes my dog is a good liar too which is why I have problems. I do normally lay my own tracks for training and then take the dog over it but even though I am watching him intently to see what he looks like when he is taking the corner properly and when he is just faffing about, I can't notice any difference. It used to be that when he was hunting rather than tracking his tail would come up and start wagging like crazy but he just calmly tried to head off in the wrong direction with his nose to the ground when I tracked him on the weekend! More practice for us I guess. I will try some food at the corner and after. I normally just train tracks which are similar in number of corners and length to whatever test we are up to. So at the moment we have 2 or 3 turns for a T4. Just wondering if I should make the length shorter but have more corners while I am working this out with him? Yes I would maybe start with 2 corners doing basics.....we have another lady whose dog does exactly the same but with me following I picked up the dog does raise its head and tail every so slightly and you have to be really quick to pick it up...your dog maybe the same.....as I said when he takes the corner lots of praise so he looks forward to following the scent around the corners and as Doty said short tracks maybe start off with 1 corner then increase to 2 but always look for that slight indication.....my boy Dezzy when he is on track actually paces so that is the only indication I have that he is on track....good luck with the training but remember not to overdo it in training as some dogs will get sick of it....I only train my dogs once a week :)
  11. Missed this one ..... huge congratulations to Tamika and her Jessie. Thank you Tassie.....I am so happy for them both they did well :)
  12. the way we can usually tell is once the dog has overshot the corner their head or tail will come up as they have lost the scent this then gives you the opportunity to work your dog back where you last knew it was on the scent....maybe walk a course in practice where you know where the corners are and let the dog work them out they may circle and pick it up again....another way is to put food at the corner and a couple of steps away on the track after the corner to bring the dog around....it is really you knowing how to read your dog as to when it is tracking and when it is not....I have trouble with Dezzy because his head doesn't move he doesn't put it down on the ground and it doesn't move when he is off track (he lies to me) I just have to trust him....hope this helps also when your dog goes around the corner make sure you give him lots of praise....sometimes it takes a while for it all to click in
  13. what a weekend we had.....first of all Pink failed as she thought ducks on the lake were much more exciting than following someone's scent.....once I got her going again I had lost all trust in her and should have turned when she wanted to but didn't....lesson learnt.....Dezzy passed his Test 2 and it wasn't pretty but we passed and my daughter Tamika and Jessie passed their Test 3 and gained their first Track and Search Dog Title.....this means Tamika is the youngest in Australia to gain this title and Jessie is the first Amstaff in Australia to gain the title....I am so proud of these two and it has taken me a few days to recover from last weekend....back out to practice with the Weimeraner on Saturday and a trial in two weeks with the Weimeraner and we are going for our Test 7
  14. there was a lady at our club who tried to pass her CD but due to the lady's nerves they always failed....they tried for many season and eventually the ladies at the club sat her down and gave her a few glasses of sherry and guess what they passed and got the top score for the day I know how you feel as I cannot trial in obedience due to my nerves and in tracking I am actually that sick but have managed over the years to not think about it and concentrate on myself and the dog....I am now trialling another lady's dog for her.....by the way this is without the sherry :D
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