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  1. Thank you all. Very helpful advice. Yes, we are going to stop giving Nexgard and will ensure she doesn’t go near bushy areas.
  2. Hi, our 13 year old Genie got up on Sunday morning and seemed a bit unstable. By mid morning she was seriously wobbly so we rushed her to emergency in ARH. Since she has nasal cancer they were concerned the tumour may have invaded the brain and they put her on seizure watch. By evening her condition hadn’t worsened so we brought her home and slept next to her so we could be aware of any changes. Next morning ( yesterday) we took her back to the hospital for a full CT and MRI, as well as blood panel check. Everything came back normal. The only thing out of the ordinary was that the night bef
  3. I have just ordered one. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Dogsfevr. Will look into that.
  5. Our Elkhound was diagnosed with DLE 10 years ago. He was put on Macrolone (oral steroid) and has been on it since then. We initially gave him a higher dose to control the inflammation and put vitamin E oil topically. He also has a sensitive stomach but has been fine for the last 10 years.
  6. Both our Golden Retriever and Elkhound wear raincoats when they walk in rain. They have heavy coats which take ages to dry. And moisture trapped in coats can cause hotspots.
  7. Hi, Our 13.5 year old Elkhound has severe arthritis. Our house is on a split level and access to the backyard is through a set of stairs. Do you know of any backpacks that would hold a 22kg dog so that we can carry him on the stairs? We could use the soft crates, but I was hoping for a backpack since it would be easier to carry.
  8. Hi Giraffez, Our 13 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma last year in January after nosebleeds and reverse sneezing. The regular vets recommended palliative care since she was already 12 then, and they gave her about two months since the cancer is highly aggressive. We did extensive research and contacted David Lurie at ARH who is an oncologist specialising in stereotactic radiation therapy. This is a very focused radiation therapy with just three treatments. Our beautiful Genie completed her radiation therapy with almost almost zero side effects. She had
  9. Hi Giraffez, we have been using Yunnan Bao to control our 13 year old Golden Retriever’s nosebleeds. She was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma last year in January. Her vets prescribed Cyklokapron and Yunnan Bao. Her breathing is normal these days but she gets bouts of reverse sneezing and there is some nose bleed and mucus. Hope this helps. Feel free to message me.
  10. Maddy, why are you so angry? Do you personally know the family of these children? Evetyone here is having a reasonable discussion, main point being that we don't know who attacked who first. But Kodi was presumed guilty and declared dangerous.
  11. How do you know the owner was irresponsible? Yes, the owner was not present. But the dog was clearly stabbed. And was in a secure yard with double fences. How is that irresponsible? Shouldn't one question why the boys were trespassing on that property with knives and arrows? Just because the council declared the dog dangerous doesn't mean they know something. It is more likely that there was no evidence to prove that the boys stabbed Kodi. Kodi was considered guilty until proven innocent.
  12. From an evidence point of view I'm not sure. But no one is releasing any information from the boy's side. However, it is reported that the police have dropped all charges against the boys saying "boys will be boys"!!!!
  13. While dog owners in Tasmania and across Australia are raising a storm to change dog laws, so that what happened to Kodi doesn't happen again, I'm surprised to see no topics related to Kodi except one news article. Kodi was a German Shepherd who was viciously stabbed in his own backyard by two boys. In self defence he bit one of the 11 year old boys who had to be airlifted for treatment. These boys deliberately took knives and arrows and climbed over double fences to attack Kodi. But Kodi was declared dangerous and, confined to his cage, he sunk into deep depression and had to
  14. Thanks for the responses. The limp was completely gone by yesterday evening and he was playing and wrestling as usual.
  15. Thanks. I don't know if it is related to the injection and I was wondering if any one has had a similar experience with injections. Trying to find a booking with our regular vet.
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