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  1. I have no issues with what people call their companion animals. People call their cars ‘baby’. To me the issue is how they are treated. Our dogs have always been dogs to us. We wanted them because they were dogs, not baby substitutes. But they have been part of our family, included in everything that a dog can enjoy. And they were not any less than other human family members. When one of our dogs was diagnosed with cancer we left no stone unturned for her treatment and well-being, and I took a sabbatical from work to look after her. So, if this post is about not treating dogs like babies, I totally agree. If this is about dogs shouldn’t be as important as humans, I totally disagree. No one has the right to dictate how much one loves another being.
  2. What is wrong with that? Some people have very strong bonds with their animals and a funeral service helps with their grief. I don’t believe in a rainbow bridge, but I wouldn’t put down those who need to believe to cope with their loss. I personally think a funeral for a companion animal is beautiful.
  3. I too respect breeders costs. However, in the last 8 years, the cost of a registered puppy has gone up by almost 400%. An example would be Golden Retrievers. Eight years ago a puppy would cost about 1,000. Today the minimum is 5,000. It has doubled in the last two years of Covid. The reality is: Wages have not increased by that much, not even close. With the current prices, only the well-off will be able to afford registered breeders’ puppies. Families who love dogs and could provide amazing homes, but can’t afford the prices, will look at Gumtree, or friends who want to breed. This will increase backyard breeding. I totally agree that breeders don’t often make money, if one takes into account the health costs and the maintenance costs of the dogs. But that calculation only makes sense if you look at your dogs as a business investment. I don’t blame anyone who is trying to earn money out of their hobby if they can. But accept it’s a business, and like any other business if the demand is high, the costs will go up.
  4. I do pet portraits in oil. You can see samples here: https://www.Facebook.com/343114086999579/posts/433363761307944/
  5. Genie, our almost 14 year old Golden Retriever, passed away last month. Genie was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma in January 2020. The vets recommended palliative care since she was already 12 years old at that time. But that would have given her just two months. The tumour was already 7cm and had breached the cranial wall. But I wasn’t ready to let her go. She was otherwise very healthy and active. We did loads of research and decided to work with an oncologist. She did one round of stereotactic radiation therapy in February last year, then two rounds of chemotherapy and another stereotactic radiation therapy in January this year and then more chemotherapy. She breezed through most treatments with minimal side effects except nose bleeds that didn’t bother her too much. However, in the last two months she started to slow down. On the morning of 13 November she didn’t wake up. After a long day of ICU treatments, she remained unconscious and unresponsive, and the doctors said it was most likely a brain bleed caused by the cancer. We decided to say goodbye to her. We brought her body back home. We brushed her, put flowers in her beautiful fur, lit candles. Our whole family came to visit and sit by her side. Then she left home for the last time surrounded by all her family, knowing she was loved, and will always be loved. Here is a tribute video for her that celebrates her life.
  6. Rascalmyshadow, what you have done is truly wonderful.
  7. Totally agree. Budget is a real concern for many people. Why not be upfront about the price? Saves wasting time for the buyer and the breeder. What is the logic behind not listing prices?
  8. I think the OP’s frustration is based on the Covid prices for puppies. I’m on a Golden Retriever forum. They were commenting that usually a GR puppy is between $1,500 to $2,500. Now, because of the demand, some breeders are charging $5,000 to $8,000. While everyone has a right to charge what they want, if one triples the price to benefit from an increased demand, and then say it’s not about the money, that does seem contradictory.
  9. Hi Scrappimonty, our Elkhound is almost 14 now, has mild hip dysplasia and severe arthritis. Few months ago he could barely get up. We consulted with his vet and started him on hydrotherapy and recently we started weekly acupuncture and heat massage sessions with Tim Norris at Both ends of the Lead. It has done wonders. He is walking about 1.5 km daily, is alert and playful.
  10. Can you not provide references from neighbours, vets etc who can vouch for how you treat your dogs? I’m surprised that RSPCA can just pick up dogs without evidence.
  11. Why are these vets giving medication without asking the owners? That is also very strange. Our vets check before even giving treats.
  12. Our dogs have been with GreenCross at Bobbin Head Road in Sydney for 11 years ( before it was GreenCross). They have continued to be amazing vets. Now our Golden Retriever has been a regular at ARH Homebush and they are great too. Can’t complain at all.
  13. Hi, can anyone suggest what this might be? It’s not itchy but there is some discharge. The fur has come off in that area. The vets checked and ruled out fleas. They said it could be bacterial due to moisture caught in the fur. This cleared after a dose of antibiotics and the fur has regrown but now our other dog has a spot like this too. Since both of them have it I was wondering if it could be anything external.
  14. Thank you all. Very helpful advice. Yes, we are going to stop giving Nexgard and will ensure she doesn’t go near bushy areas.
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