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  1. Maddy, why are you so angry? Do you personally know the family of these children? Evetyone here is having a reasonable discussion, main point being that we don't know who attacked who first. But Kodi was presumed guilty and declared dangerous.
  2. How do you know the owner was irresponsible? Yes, the owner was not present. But the dog was clearly stabbed. And was in a secure yard with double fences. How is that irresponsible? Shouldn't one question why the boys were trespassing on that property with knives and arrows? Just because the council declared the dog dangerous doesn't mean they know something. It is more likely that there was no evidence to prove that the boys stabbed Kodi. Kodi was considered guilty until proven innocent.
  3. From an evidence point of view I'm not sure. But no one is releasing any information from the boy's side. However, it is reported that the police have dropped all charges against the boys saying "boys will be boys"!!!!
  4. While dog owners in Tasmania and across Australia are raising a storm to change dog laws, so that what happened to Kodi doesn't happen again, I'm surprised to see no topics related to Kodi except one news article. Kodi was a German Shepherd who was viciously stabbed in his own backyard by two boys. In self defence he bit one of the 11 year old boys who had to be airlifted for treatment. These boys deliberately took knives and arrows and climbed over double fences to attack Kodi. But Kodi was declared dangerous and, confined to his cage, he sunk into deep depression and had to
  5. Thanks for the responses. The limp was completely gone by yesterday evening and he was playing and wrestling as usual.
  6. Thanks. I don't know if it is related to the injection and I was wondering if any one has had a similar experience with injections. Trying to find a booking with our regular vet.
  7. I have been boarding my two at Akuna pet resort (https://akunapetresorts.com.au/ ) for six years. Very happy with them. They have a policy of not letting strange dogs interact with each other. So I feel better leaving my dogs there. Plus my dogs seem very eager to go there and look relaxed when we pick them up. They get their own room with air conditioning, a single bed, their own yard.
  8. Hi, Need help. My dog Odin (Elkhound) has been on monthly cartrophen injections. He is 9 and a half. So far he has been doing really good. On Sunday he got his injection. However, our regular vet wasn't there. A new person administered the injection on his shoulder. Normally Odin doesn't even seem to notice the shot but on Sunday he yelped and flinched. Monday morning he started limping on his front right leg. while the limping has now decreased, it hasn't gone away. Odin has a very high threshold for pain so I worry when he looks unwell. Could this have been cause
  9. Thanks guys. This is really dolforum to the rescue. Like the baby gate idea. Long term I'm going to get that cool furniture built
  10. Hi, Finally I got two kittens in April this year. They are Norwegian Forest Cats. Initially Odin was in hyper drive and we couldn't even get the cats out in carry bags in his presence. Over the next few weeks we gradually introduced them, bringing them out in play pens for a few minutes at a time, conscious that the kittens shouldn't get traumatised. It seemed like an impossible task. But two weeks ago, Odin's attitude suddenly changed and became protective. As if they were now part of the pack. Now they play with each other, chase and are generally extremely comfortable. We still don't let
  11. Better news this evening. When we walked her to the oval she wanted to run Seems quite normal now.
  12. Thanks everyone for your support. The vet suggested that we take her out for a walk as usual and let her decide if and how much she wants to walk. That would help identify the cause. So far she is improving and even tried to play with Odin.
  13. All good so far. Vet did a thorough check and has 90% ruled out tick. Her leg is getting better but the vet has asked us to continue to observe her. The vet thinks that it is probably a muscle pain or a hip joint issue.
  14. By the way I did give her food this morning. Is that ok?
  15. Thanks. I suspect a tick as well. Gave her a thorough check but couldn't find one. Going to the vet at 8.
  16. Hi, My six year old Golden Retriever woke up this morning with sudden weak hind legs. She walks a little bit and then sits down. I gave her a rub down but she wasn't flinching. However she is stiff and also seems lethargic. No other symptoms. appetite is good. We will be taking her to the vet when they open at 8 am. However, if you have any insights, it would be helpful. She was fine yesterday when we took her to the oval. Many thanks.
  17. Both my dogs (Elkhound and GR) actively seek eye contact. When my OH and I pet them, if we are not looking at them it's like they feel we are not paying enough attention. My elkhound in particular wants to maintain long eye contact. But they don't do this with strangers or casual friends.
  18. Um, I don't think this is true. I think in the first case it becomes negligent driving occasioning bodily harm or death (or whatever they call it these days - I think the term is different in different states) and in the second case it may be just a negligent driving charge and 3 points on your license. I do remember a case that was in the news some time ago. A lady was driving through a 40kph school zone and hit a child who ran out in front of her. I think the child died. It went to court and her defense was that she was doing less than the speed limit so it wasn't her fault. She lost the
  19. I give my Golden Retriever Earthborn Holistic Primitive grain free. She has been doing very well on it and loves it. My Elkhound is on Holistic Select Salmon and anchovies grain free and he loves that too.
  20. And if anyone is interested in a holiday in Mudgee, a number of places allow dogs in while you do your wine tasting. The Blue Wren vineyard has a lovely outdoor seating area where they serve great food as well.
  21. Which cafes in Hornsby? Cafe Olive near the Tab and Peking restaurent near Blues in the Hornsby Westfield Area. If you go further up to Mt Ku Ring Gai shopping centre, Crofty's serves a great dinner and you can sit outside with your dogs.
  22. We often take our dogs to cafes for weekend breakfasts or dinners. Hornsby has some very dog friendly cafes where they even bring out water bowls for the dogs. I usually get loads of compliments from the staff about how well behaved my dogs are.
  23. Check out Akuna. I board my dogs here and we are very happy with their service since they don't run or board strange dogs together. http://www.pets.net.au/
  24. I don't think refusing to kill a dog is treating it like a mini human. That's just showing respect for life. I wouldn't get my dog killed if it bit me once. I would get it vet checked and get the help of a good trainer to identify the cause. However, this woman does need serious help. She is trying to justify this dog's behaviour in human terms without making any effort to train or get this dog checked for underlying heath issues. This can only end in disaster.
  25. I agree that biddability and intelligence are not the same thing. My Golden Retriever is biddable, learns fast and is mostly predictable. My elkhound, like most spitz breed dogs, is stubborn and has a mind of his own. He finds unique ways of doing things, would sometimes turn a training session into something totally different, and seems to have an innate ability to sense things. He is actually easier to train in the sense that he gets it really quickly. But he wouldn't always do what he is asked to do, or find a different way to do what he is told to do.
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