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  1. Thank you, will keep looking. I might have to resort to google lol.. Anky
  2. Has anyone on here have any experience with bladder stones in dogs? A friend of mine has a dog with both Struvite and Calcium Oxalate stones. He is getting operated on Wednesday and she is looking at holistic foods to stop them from reoccuring
  3. I had dogs entered for the weekend but I don't do heat very well and certainly not the temperature that tonight will go down to, then do a show tomorrow and drive home pulling the caravan wasn't my idea of fun,, better safe then sorry. Anky
  4. Should have been cancelled earlier in the week and the Sunday show should have been cancelled as well,, what are people going to do all day Saturday in Bendigo in that heat, dogs cant be taken into rooms which means they will have to stay in cars or puppy pens. Anky
  5. I was looking for results from the Aust. Silky Terriers but they aren't on the list. I do now have results but was hoping to see who was entered
  6. X2,,,great to be able to get results so fast
  7. Well done to James Camac and Tommy,, well done guys
  8. Where are the results from Saturday? Nothing showing up on the link here. Anky It's ok I found them,,
  9. Guess Im biased as well but a silky ticks all the boxes you are looking for, lots of spunk, happy to be outside chasing imaginary things, love to cuddle on the couch and great with kids and other animals.
  10. Buffy had pups last night, 3 boys and 3 girls, big litter for her first but she is handling it all like a pro. The first one was a shock for her, lots of screaming as she wasnt sure what it was all about lol. by the time number 6 was born she was happy to do it on her own.....Anky
  11. And why do they have to put the poo bins right near the ring entrance? I know of one young baby about to be shown who freaked out completely at someone emptying the pooper scooper and banging it on the tin poo bin. Not only do they stink by the end of the day but in summer the flies are terrible!
  12. Australian Silky Terrier pups due 10th June, keeping fingers crossed for a nice bitch or 2 or 3 lol. What's the bet I end up with dogs hahaha
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