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  1. Thank you, will keep looking. I might have to resort to google lol.. Anky
  2. Has anyone on here have any experience with bladder stones in dogs? A friend of mine has a dog with both Struvite and Calcium Oxalate stones. He is getting operated on Wednesday and she is looking at holistic foods to stop them from reoccuring
  3. I had dogs entered for the weekend but I don't do heat very well and certainly not the temperature that tonight will go down to, then do a show tomorrow and drive home pulling the caravan wasn't my idea of fun,, better safe then sorry. Anky
  4. Should have been cancelled earlier in the week and the Sunday show should have been cancelled as well,, what are people going to do all day Saturday in Bendigo in that heat, dogs cant be taken into rooms which means they will have to stay in cars or puppy pens. Anky
  5. I was looking for results from the Aust. Silky Terriers but they aren't on the list. I do now have results but was hoping to see who was entered
  6. X2,,,great to be able to get results so fast
  7. Well done to James Camac and Tommy,, well done guys
  8. Where are the results from Saturday? Nothing showing up on the link here. Anky It's ok I found them,,
  9. Guess Im biased as well but a silky ticks all the boxes you are looking for, lots of spunk, happy to be outside chasing imaginary things, love to cuddle on the couch and great with kids and other animals.
  10. Buffy had pups last night, 3 boys and 3 girls, big litter for her first but she is handling it all like a pro. The first one was a shock for her, lots of screaming as she wasnt sure what it was all about lol. by the time number 6 was born she was happy to do it on her own.....Anky
  11. And why do they have to put the poo bins right near the ring entrance? I know of one young baby about to be shown who freaked out completely at someone emptying the pooper scooper and banging it on the tin poo bin. Not only do they stink by the end of the day but in summer the flies are terrible!
  12. Australian Silky Terrier pups due 10th June, keeping fingers crossed for a nice bitch or 2 or 3 lol. What's the bet I end up with dogs hahaha
  13. I read on FB; Best : Lowchen RU : Pekingese Thank you....Anky
  14. Any group one results, please...........Anky
  15. Great save! There are already so many staffies in the pound the poor guy wouldn't have stood a chance. Hope you tell him AFTER he signs the paper work what you think of him.
  16. Congrats on your title. Were you staying at the caravan park. I did see some silkies at one of the sites there. Must say I find it disgraceful the way some people think they have some higher right to spots and just move other peoples stuff. We had something similar happen to us once. Arrived and set up gazebo ready for the weekend. When we came back next morning someone else had moved us back from the ring and setup in front of us. As they weren't there we moved their gear out into the car park area behind everyone else and put our gazebo back where it was originally. Got heaps of dirty looks from them all weekend but they didn't actually say anything about it. Probably knew that what they did was wrong. I was waiting for something to be said though. Yes we were at the caravan park, we were the only silkys entered sadly but apart from the little incident we had a great weekend. Oh I made lots of snide remarks all weekend too, didn't seem to phase them though. They were already there when we got there otherwise I think I would have moved them lol. Never mind I think they got the hint that I wasn't happy.
  17. We had a great weekend, two Juniors in Group with our silky boy plus he was titled on the Saturday. Only damper on our weekend was the fact that we got there at about 2pm on Friday, put up our gazebo only to find it moved the next morning when we got there. Wont say who it was but I was very dissapointed in the well known exhibitor. Even the people next to us had theirs moved as well. All that effort to get 15 feet closer to the ring entrance?
  18. Can anyone tell me how many dogs were in Mondays show please? Thanks Anky
  19. Oh wow, now i know who you are on here i take it you know who i am by my dogs ???? lol they are a dead give away :laugh: Yes lol come and say Gday if you go to Noorat
  20. Oops, yes that is me, didn't think of the chicken site lol. Brain not functioning well and didn't pick up on the abbreviation
  21. Yes they will be but a different cater. Thanks, hope it's as good as we are used to lol...... Anky Anky, is that you ?? the same Anky with Chickens ????? Well I do have chickens :laugh: Just depends on who you mean, didnt think there was another Anky lol If you are the Anky i'm talking about you will know what CLAHF's stand's for ;) No sorry I don't lol,, wow must be two of us :laugh:
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