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  1. I think I know the one. If so yes very active in show circles, 'top' breeders, big winners, judges even if I'm not mistaken, but big failure at boarding from every one I've ever talked to that have used them and a person I knew went for a job interview and walked out! I'm sure there are great dog people running great facilities but there are some that seem to rely heavily on 'reputation' they don't match with service Sounds like the one - i boarded Wilbur with them once; never again. Rats ate through the food container i gave them, he was a filthy mess when he came out. The dogs were all just left in a large dust bowl of a yard all day long and as we left they made a snarky comment about Wilbur. Get your facts right before you criticise. All kennels have concrete runs. I suggest you go and have a look at the web site I put up. Then apologise.
  2. http://www.pawsandwhiskers.com.au/ Go check it out for your self. All good. I have worked for them over many years and believe you me I would not work for just any kennel. When I say involved I "mean" involved in the dog world. Top people that serve on Dogs Queensland committees. Two top International All Breeds judges that care for the wellbeing of animals in their care. Also top breeders in their chosen breed with top winning exported dogs gaining their titles around the world. :)
  3. Paws and Whiskers Boarding Kennels and Cattery. Owned and operated by dog people that are fully active in the dog world.
  4. ......and this where they will get the results not what the survey asked.
  5. Sorry disagree you with you. Do not tar us all with the one brush. The majority of us are ethical registered breeders and would not do a thing like this. But as to purchasing sight unseen, so many of us do send quality pups to purchasers without the slightest hitch. As to seeing both parents sometimes that is an impossibility when we use interstate sires or frozen semen from overseas. :)
  6. I agree. Inside over night in a crate.
  7. I can't bear to put a price on them either :) I owe them everything. I dont normally do it, I dont begrudge my animal family at all. I had a reason for doing it which I wont go into, but I was shocked when I had to add it all up. Oh absolutely. I have thought about adding up the costs for breeding a litter but.... *puts head firmly in the sand* :rofl:
  8. Oh my god you brave people. I never, never ever add up the vets bill. To afraid it may give me a heart attack. :laugh:
  9. Do you mean for dogs that have been suspended for aggression and after their suspension is up what testing is done to be readmitted to the discipline of choice.
  10. I've never heard of hemopet! what is that? Do i have to go through my vet? You can google it and she is on face book. Can be done at home or with a vet.
  11. Wouldn't it be far more easy to go to the Hemopet sit of Jean Dodd's and see what the requirements are for the allergy test that she has and do that and get back a result that will inform you of what your dog is allergic to. :)
  12. MIR.....All I can tell you is this. My puppies are vaccinated at 8 weeks and micro chipped. Within a few days of this the pups are flown to their new owners or travel in cars to their new owners home. They go for walks and nothing untoward has ever happened to one of them. Most vaccines work fully within 36 hours. Saying that a pup needs 3 vaccines to me is over kill. To me it would be like going to the doctor for a vaccination and the doctor telling you that you have to wait 2 weeks before it become effective. We all know the minute you get it is starting to work. The only time it doesn't is if you are already harbouring the virus. The same would go for the dog. Usually a second vaccination is advised, just to make sure, in case the first one didn't work. As I said, this works for me and it is only an opinion. If you are in doubt I would look on the AVA protocol of vaccinations and see what they have to say.
  13. Have you looked in the breeders section not just the puppies for sale ?. You may find a good breeder there.
  14. My suggestion is to put the dog in good boarding kennel where the dog will be under strict control and security. :)
  15. Some dogs do this. Unfortunately most people that only have one dog at a time don't experience it. Many of us that have many dogs at one time (breeders and showers) "may" experience it. You never know you may be lucky, just imagine what it is like to have one do this on cement.
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