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  1. Show us ya Puppies!

    here's my two norty brown dawgs; this was taken before we left Adelaide, but it's still a relatively recent pic of the two of them. Wilbur (5 1/2) on the left and Laikey (2 1/2), the photobomber, on the right.
  2. Boarding Kennels Brisbane

    I think I know the one. If so yes very active in show circles, 'top' breeders, big winners, judges even if I'm not mistaken, but big failure at boarding from every one I've ever talked to that have used them and a person I knew went for a job interview and walked out! I'm sure there are great dog people running great facilities but there are some that seem to rely heavily on 'reputation' they don't match with service Sounds like the one - i boarded Wilbur with them once; never again. Rats ate through the food container i gave them, he was a filthy mess when he came out. The dogs were all just left in a large dust bowl of a yard all day long and as we left they made a snarky comment about Wilbur. I think you may have us confused with some other kennel. We do not and have never had rats, all dogs are bathed and clean before they leave, and dogs do not spend the day in a dust bowl. As far as somebody walking out on a job interview, I have never heard of that either. Anybody is welcome to come and inspect our premises anytime during office hours. I have also just checked our computer records and we have never had a dog or cat called Wilbur board with us. Please reread the thread; the discussion was about a kennel in outer ADELAIDE that Gruff and i are acquainted with. You are incorrect with your assumption that the discussion was about your kennel in Brisbane.
  3. Yes, our two are always crated inside when visitors come. We do it so we can control the environment for both the dogs and our visitors. One of our labs is an over friendly boofer that is all over everyone like a rash and the other is anxious about strangers. If our visitors are okay to having the dogs let out of their crates, we then do it separately so we can manage each dog's weakness; our aim is always for the dogs to have low value for visitors so we don't encourage meet and greets but do reinforce quietly sitting while visitors are present. The only time we do a meet and greet is with our anxious girl; when she's calm we allow her to approach a visitor's outstretched open palm. Our visitors are asked not to pat her, but let her control the level of interaction. She may just sniff their hand and return to me or she may sniff around them or not approach them at all.
  4. Zencrate

    i like the design which makes it look like a coffee table and could be easily incorporated into my loungeroom; the dogs have their den to relax in while we're watching tv at night and i can still use it as a functional lamp/coffee table.
  5. Vet Brisbane

    Is there a particular vet at Coorparoo clinic that you prefer? I raw feed and like late desexing too so they sound like my kind of vet.
  6. Vet Brisbane

    I can't find my old thread asking this question; so sorry for the repeat. We've recently relocated to Brisbane and moved into a house on the southside at Wishart. I'm looking for a good vet that will listen and discuss options etc doesn't push products, isn't didactic regarding their preferred issues like early desexing etc. I generally don't like large chains; my preference is to develop a relationship with an individual vet within a smaller practice if possible. I don't mind travelling to a certain degree. Any recommendations would be appreciated. TIA
  7. A friend's son and girlfriend have decided that their second dog isn't fitting and have decided to rehome the dog. They haven't found a rescue org yet and are advertising on facebook but i'd really like to be able to give them some solid info of reliable good rescue orgs that they could surrender the dog so it can be responsibly rehomed. We have only recently moved back to Brisbane so aren't in the know regarding reliable and responsible rescue orgs. Can anyone please give me any info they have on responsible Brisbane rescue orgs - i think my friend's son and his g'friend are on the southside if that makes a difference. thanks in advance.
  8. Dog Nails

    i persisted for 6 months with Dremel training; labs love their food, but Wilbur would not take to the Dremel despite always using the highest value treats of salami, bacon, chicken. He at least lets me cut his nails with clippers but i still have to offer bacon etc and need OH to keep him still. I would prefer using a Dremel; i hate clippers as i'm always scare i'll take too much off or that the dogs will pull away at the wrong time
  9. The Dogs Of Dol

    it's a garden cart from Costco.
  10. The Dogs Of Dol

    My two norty brown dawgs: Wilbur Woo (5yo) on the left and Laikey Loo on the right who is 2 tomorrow.
  11. Peeing In The Same Spot

    We've used Urine-off with my boy's inside repeat accidents; works well and didn't have any repeats after we used it.
  12. Lab Puppies In Sa

    When we were looking for both our labs, we opted for an out of state breeder. When we looking in Adelaide for the first one, we couldn't find anyone with pups at the time. Next time around we opted for the same breeder. Don't be afraid to go out of state looking for a well bred Lab pup.
  13. I'm super super happy with Laikey (dog reactive). We've been working with Amy from Advanced Behavioural Training for a few months now. This past week, at the facility, Laikey approached Amy's crated dogs, by choice and didn't bark. She then happily worked with Amy at the front of the crates. Today at home, we've been packing for the move. Some friends came over to help and brought their mini foxy who was crated a metre away from where Laikey was crated. Laikey didn't bark when she heard Roxy the Foxy. Additionally, when i took Laikey out to eat dinner, she needed to walk past Roxy's crate. As she was walking past, she stopped happily to have a look (knowing Roxy was in there) and didn't bark. Roxy barked the house down as soon as Laikey came super close. At that point Laikey did bark as she was becoming excited about dinner. She walked past into the kitchen and managed to settle herself quite well and focus on me. I'm now looking at finding a behaviourist in Brisbane to continue working with Laikey so the ground isn't lost in her training. Even though she barked at Roxy, it was only after Roxy barked; a month ago she would have barked at Roxy as soon as she smelled her in the house! Super pleased mama here
  14. Q1. Yes you can teach toilet on command and use it sometimes but if you don't use it they will lose it - learned behaviours are like muscles; they need to be exercised. I teach and use it with both my dogs; they take themselves out to toilet when they want, but at night or getting into the car, I get them to evacuate on command. I spend the first six months, taking puppy outside on a lead to toilet to teach evacuate on command. We live in a house; the dogs have inside and outside access. Q2. I train for neutral value for strangers with both my labs; it's been an utter failure because people will not leave us alone when we're out and about. I mat train so my dogs have a place to sit and a job to do when we're out at cafe's etc. The dogs are good in that they will sit with us and stay; unfortunately it's other people that i have no control over; calling the dogs to them; coming to the table for pat etc etc I have harnesses/jackets for my dogs asking people to ignore them - they often read the wording while they're trying to get access to the dogs One guy even told me he can pat my dog if he wants; i told him where to go fairly quickly. It takes time and commitment to train for the behaviours you want - I would suggest a good training facility/club for support.
  15. K9+ Royale Soft Crate

    Ordered a second Royal crate this morning - they really are high quality. So i'll be selling Wilbur's current xtra large crate. If anyone in Adelaide wants a cheap 'in good condition, red/burgundy soft crate from PetStock, PM me. I'm happy to let it go for $50.