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  1. I’m still crap at getting pics.
  2. I am training 18 week Soda to be a Therapy dog and a competition dog - two very different purposes with two very different training schedules. Inside there is no play - i work toward him relaxing on place; it helps i have two adult labs that model this for the newest pack member. If he’s not being supervised on place then he’s in his ex pen and if he’s not in his ex pen he’s in his crate in the open plan living area. In the evening he practices being passed around to whoever is home for a relaxing lap cuddle. We are teaching him to switch off. Inside is boring and snooze worthy.
  3. We were looking at pet insurance this past week. Soda (14 weeks) came with 6 weeks free pet insurance. From what we compared and discovered there are only 2 or 3 underwriters for pet insurance. Depending on the policy, you could have an excess (most were about $150) or not (then you paid a higher premium). Many of the things we wanted coverage for, were not available. Even extra routine cover wasn’t worth the bother. Eg You could claim $80 once for one item only, in a big list of things like desexing, behaviourial, training, osteo etc For an extra $10 a
  4. TBH i think you’re under pricing. I paid $3000 for Soda (black lab) this year. Excellent breeding paired with excellent puppy raising of a working dog line.
  5. https://youtu.be/nbX9hLXEHdc
  6. Soda turned 14 weeks this past Sunday. i am super crap at getting pics; i never have my phone on me when we’re training. We had our first cafe outing this week.
  7. Leerburg are my go-to online training resource. I’m a Michael Ellis fan and his marker training system.
  8. I haven’t taken many pics (need to get onto that)! Introducing Herzhund Fancypants Sodapop - Soda for short. He arrived here in Brisbane on Sunday afternoon. He’s such a lovely even tempered puppy who has the usual lab food drive lol and, so far, bounces back quickly from any uncertainty.
  9. Rosie Cheeks is a Tapua bitch (you probably already know Pers) and this is her 2nd litter. Different sire for this litter.
  10. Phone Steve...seriously just do it and discuss what can be done before a board & train (if that’s what you’re looking at) because he does skype and phone sessions too. i waited nearly 6 months for a 2 week board and train with him a little over 2 years ago. Best money I’ve ever spent. I have such faith in his methods with training, raising and rehabbing dogs that i’m picking up one of his lab pups from his latest litter on Sunday.
  11. We are expecting our next pack addition next Sunday and it will already have exposure to a collar and harness and i will add a leash to that immediately by having it wear a light leash around the house and in the expen all day (fully supervised when pup has gear on). I find it really useful because my dogs don’t get all stupidly excited if i produce a leash to go out - I don’t want them jacked up before we go out. I also toilet on leash for a long time so i can teach evacuate on cue so having them on a leash is no big deal to them. When i finally take the leash off in the house, i make sure
  12. This bittersweet situation highlights the problematic renting system and pets. We moved back to Brisbane in 2016 and it took 3 months to find a rental that would allow our two inside despite a long history previous training, crating and recommendations from previous rental managers that we and the dogs are excellent tenants. We were lucky in that my OH’s company paid for the move and the 3 months of short term accommodation with our dogs to find a suitable longer lease home. In the end we were so desperate we took the only one offered at the end of 12 weeks - totally unsuitable for 2 labs as i
  13. Our last feed is about 2 hours before bed for pups - eg around 7:30 - 8pm for a 10 pm bed time and 6 am wake up. For a newly arrived pup i will set the alarm for 2 toilet breaks during the night but that usually fades to none, quickly. Pup goes out on leash - no chit chat or play - when they evacuate i say ‘do wees’ and then praise and we calmly go back inside. We crate our dogs at night their entire lives. Pups are in a crate at bed height next to my bed for the first few months so that i can hear them if they need to toilet. Then I graduate the crate to the end of the bed, or out into the op
  14. I would suggest that you focus deeply on engagement games to develop her value for you. Micheal Ellis is a big promoter on early engagement and you can access his video content via Leerburg.com He starts with developing food value and marker training to build value, focus and communication.
  15. Thanks for that - raw friendly is good!
  16. Thanks for that. I’ll make an appt soon to introduce ourselves. I may have another pup soon and will start it out at the new vet and it’s a good way of having a stress free intro and also talk about my existing two.
  17. Thanks Joley, Do you by chance know if they stock anti-venom and titre test?
  18. Thanks Boronia, it’s been a busy few years and we have finally bought a house since coming back to SEQld, which of course means we have stability and space for more labs! I am applying to start a Masters of Social Work next semester and want to offer pet therapy in consults when the time comes, so we’ve put our name down on a breeders list.
  19. As well as Pauline and Pete from Tapua, Steve Courtney is branching out into this area with breeding labs - their first breeding bitch is a Tapua girl. Google K9 Pro.
  20. Hi all, We recently moved to Greenbank (Qld) and i’m looking for a more local vet than Coorparoo where our current vet is located. I’m happy to drive a bit for a good vet and am thinking the general locations of Greenbank, Logan, Jimboomba etc would be good. I particularly want a vet who titre tests rather than just gives routine yearly vaccines and if they stock anti-venom since we live semi-rurally now. Thanks in advance SW66
  21. My vet is a little out of your way, but not ridiculously out of your way, and I am really happy with them since arriving back in Qld in 2016. Coorpooroo Vet Clinic, 181 Old Cleveland Rd. They are more expensive than the vet i was using in Adelaide. I pay about $20 more per bottle of Propalin which i buy every 3 months. I was quoted between $400-500 in Adelaide to get my bitch spayed and it cost me about $700 here. In general the annual checkup for vaccinations costs about $100 more than my Adelaide vet. That said, i'm very happy with them. So since coming back to Qld, I've had my
  22. Our German Shepherd, Keiran, looked like he died in his sleep, but I suspect he had a heart attack while laying in his outside bed. 15 minutes earlier he was at the front door making a weird coughing sound that made me think he wanted to go out for a drink and a wee. So we let him out. 15 minutes later my husband went out the back to call him inside and found him laying in his bed. He looked asleep on his side, but he was gone. He was 10 and left a huge hole in our family. In fact, i couldn't have another German Shepherd's after his passing. We moved on to labs. Our first lab pas
  23. Litter mates are particularly challenging to train as they bond with each other so closely and it's harder to get them to bond with you and focus on you. That said, you will need to start training them individually before you can train them together. Your issues sound very much like a lack of basic life skills: place training, sit, recall, loose leash walking etc The first thing i would be getting is crates and using them to teach the dog self regulation; Susan Garrett's Crate Games DVD is excellent for this. Search this site for Steve Courtney's (k9 pro) NILF (nothing in life is f
  24. My dogs have been incredibly useful in helping me finding my innate talent...picking up poop and vacuuming extraordinary amounts of chocolate lab fur!
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