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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'm still not really convinced he is in pain, tried a number of different NSAIDs. supplements, etc with my Vets approval and there's no results. He can race around like looney when he sees something to chase but he rests a fair bit too, then again he's not a pup anymore. I do wonder when we go for a walk, sometimes he's reluctant to keep going so I've been carrying him for a while then he wants to get down again. SO - being a 'crazy dog lady" I found a child's pusher which Mick thinks is great. (Oh boy, the neighbours lol) He dashes around (on lead) for a distance then stops, hops in the pusher, rides along like King Muck until he reckons it time for another run.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Pers, I think I'm just looking for reassurance lol. I don't think he's in pain but when he limps I wonder. Brookestar, we have tried the catrophen, 3 courses, no difference, supplements, Joint Guard, etc. pain meds.no results. He is on Joint Guard still as I figure even if not going any good, won't do any harm. Vet doesn't think he's in pain, maybe some twinges occasionally. I have a great chiro/Vet some distance away and will take Mick for a visit when my health allows the drive as perhaps a muscle going over might help. Wish these dogs could talk lol. ETA only time he licks his legs/feet is when he accidently pees on it!
  3. Mick, 9yo Miniature Pinscher, was born with a deformed elbow which has always restricted the movement of that leg. He has never put full weight on it although still using it. My Vet advised that arthritis may set in. There is muscle wastage in that shoulder from not using the leg fully. Over recent months he has been limping more noticeably and he has been on injections, various meds (Metacam, etc) none of which have lessened the limping. Vet cannot get any pain reaction in the area. Mick is not showing any signs of pain, carrying the leg, shaking, reaction to manipulation, etc. He runs flat out, just not putting full weight on the leg (can see the different imprint in wet soil). I feel that the muscle wastage could be the reason for the limp. After resting for some time it seems worse but once he gets moving the limp isn't so bad. Don't want to keep trying different meds due to the side affects but also don't want him suffering pain. So question is - what other signs would there be of pain? He's still his usual nutty self, just this limp.
  4. Venting Time

    I cop the opposite - always had show dogs so desexing while showing is out. Haven't bred any for years but I still don't desex. Everyone has their own ideas and I respect that, pity others weren't the same. When I mention I have a dog and bitch now, different breeds, neither desexed, nor going to be bred with, I cop all the 'accidents' that will happen, all the health dramas etc. Can't please everyone, so just please myself, lol.
  5. Pets Die In Sa Boarding Kennel Fire

    Having lived in fire prone areas for years with dogs, cats, horses and various other live stock, holidays/days away are/were never taken when there was even the slightest risk. My animals, my responsibility!!
  6. Limit Size Of Other Dogs?

    Size can make it hard. I've had big dogs and small ones play together supervised and generally all was ok. One girl I had, a Gordon Setter, was the gentlest kindest girl you could want but I had to restrict her play with the really small/younger ones. She would lay down and let them jump all over her but she had the habit of occasionally swinging a front leg which could accidently pin a littlie down and more scare them than hurt but it was worrying for this worry wart lol.
  7. What Food Can Your Dog Not Resist?

    DDD if the injections are regular perhaps your Vet can show you how to do them at home? Mick had a 3 week course of daily injections and my Vet showed me how and gave me a supply of needles and solution First time held my breath but Mick and I survived lol. It's really easy, give it a go!
  8. Photos Of Pet Shop In Doubt

    Don't those pet shops sell all the whiz bang gadgets that stop water spilling etc? Maybe they are too expensive to use themselves?
  9. What Food Can Your Dog Not Resist?

    Ummm I know this goes against everything you are trying but would there be any benefit in maybe not giving Danny anything at all, just water available, for perhaps 6/7/8 hours or whatever to give his tummy a rest?
  10. What Food Can Your Dog Not Resist?

    Ah ha, people food lol then you insulted him 'dog food' lol. I even went as far as cooking a tasty mince (OH thought it was for him) pretending to eat it then putting the plate down, all gone! Not sure what all Danny can eat but some tricks with what he can have might work. Just have to outsmart the little dears sometimes.
  11. What Food Can Your Dog Not Resist?

    Been following this and feel sorry for you and Danny, nothing worse than a sick dog You mentioned putting the food in a different dish and he ate some. While back I mated my bitch and she just wouldn't eat anything. I know this isn't your situation but thought what I did might work. When I had finished my tea I put Abby's food (just the normal stuff) on my unwashed plate. She didn't eat it all but at least every night got some down which was a relief. Turned out she wasn't pregnant so who knows what the idea was lol. Good luck and I hope the New Year brings lots of improvement.
  12. Do Your Dogs Stress Your Relationship?

    Oh boy, could write a book on this lol. We were separated for some years and it was great, just the dogs and me. Being kind hearted (read - stupid) he moved back in. Constant fights over the dogs, won't listen when I say don't share your food with them (and he's always snacking) so dogs' weight is an issue. He lets them get away with murder so there's the occasional dog fight as Mick is a bit food aggressive. Being told I'm always putting the dogs first (well that's one thing he has right lol) Not good with gates etc. Oh for the peace again!!!
  13. Is Neutering At 8 Value For Money

    IMO desexing wont fix the problem it's more a training issue. HMD - just curious re your statement that many of your undesexed rescues have had health issues. Do you perhaps feel that this may be related to their previous living conditions? Nutrition, stress, etc. Why I ask is I've been involved in the show world for over 50yrs, know a lot of breeders/owners and I've never had either of the problems (never had a dog desexed) and find it's pretty rare in the show world. Have you any thoughts on this?
  14. Nail Biting.

    Since I've put this post up I don't think Abby has nibbled her nails again - maybe I embarrassed her lol. Just an annoying habit I guess.
  15. Nail Biting.

    Abby, Silky Terrier, bites at her nails. There's never any damage, just a bit of spit around the foot. Never seems to be any trigger to this, doesn't matter if her nails have got a bit long or just cut. I think it annoys me more than her, hearing the click, click as she nibbles them. Anyone else have this happening and any idea why?