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  1. I am only slightly younger than you and also have three dogs...Keeshond 6 months, German Spitz 1 year and Lulu our 6 year old Jap .Spitz. We are full on but really love them all. Thinking Ollie the GS would fit your requirements.Hes intelligent ,active but not crazily .,obedient and very loveable and affectionate. The other two are Kees too big ,lots of grooming,but adorable,Lulu ,a real princess but not very active.The Spitz breeds are often overlooked as they are not that common in Au , Nz .Good luck with whatever you choose. :)
  2. 5 Yrs ago we took our female JS for vaccines and checkup. Vet said she had such bad LP it should be operated on asap. We were still reeling from losing our male during a. small op.when his heart stopped.We left believing there was nothing wrong with her ....Anyway 5 years later no problems at all. We changed vets and have never had this advice again.
  3. Ollie is entire and just occasionly he smells of wee.Usually a quick wash of the area does the trick.I will get him neutered next month as Bella will be coming into season soon. :)
  4. I wish I had you for a friend!! I agree the friend should be told...but gently ... I can relate with her as I am somewhat soft with the dogs...It will mean so much for her to get away for a break ,so I would not burst her bubble . Is there a way you could help her with training her dog? There are many good training vids on you tube etc . I do one with an online NZ. Trainer ,recommended to me on DF. It's really helpful and not too expensive. :)
  5. Thoughts with you, Darien ....it is so very hard ,but better a day early ,than a day too late x Hugs ,Alex.
  6. :) Ollie is 9 months and a very sweet affectionate German Spitz.Loves Bella.
  7. Thank you for your kind comments.....Yes ,it's great to be happy again ,after the heartbreak of losing my Jesse.I still miss him terribly but these three are all such happy bundles of fluff ,it's hard to be down ...I will go to the photo blog and have a go at posting some more...hopefully not upside down. :)
  8. Thank you ,SG ,yes she is a great addition to the family. :)
  9. Sorry, I just can't get the photos up properly.When I touch photo it comes up the right way..... :)
  10. I have not posted much lately as I seem to be forever working....no ,not complaining,I'm actually enjoying it. Bella the Keeshond puppy is now 20 weeks ,Ollie is 8 months and lulu is6 Years. Bella has settled in really well ,with very few problems...crate trained ,house trained etc. Like most Kees she has a very sweet nature ,and very much a Velcro pup...never leaves my side.O H thinks she may. be part mountain goat ,as she's a real climber ...up the sheer clay banks , jumps fences etc.Fortunately we were able to put chicken wire on top of existing fences ,so all good. Ollie,the GS and Bella are inseparable, which is great ,as we were concerned he would be jealous.Hes doing well and never any trouble.Lulu is her usual Princess self and is very aloof .She has actually been really good ,considering how her life has changed. I will try to post some photos of them x
  11. So very sorry, Huski.Hugs and thoughts coming to you....we never have them long enough.
  12. Night Ma....gosh that brings back memories ...Beautiful photo x
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