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  1. Tacrolimus 0.02% eye drops

    Tacrolimus is an expensive but amazing drug. It is very expensive to buy (a box of the capsules used to make the drops is over $1000). There are certainly other compounding chemists that can make the drug but I actually think the price you have been given is extremely reasonable! I work at an animal eye specialist and we have heard of clients paying over $200 per bottle... How often are you using the drops? A 15ml bottle should last you a few months at least. The compounding pharmacy will tell you to throw it out after 4 weeks but that is not necessary with animals. They tell people to dispose of drops after 4 weeks because humans are extremely susceptible to bacterial infections in the eyes. Dogs don't tend to et bacterial eye infections so you can keep using them until they run out.
  2. Heather Healy Sues Rspca

    DogsVic are their own organisation and can make their own rules. I don't understand when people say they have no power. They should say 'we are here to inspect your property - if you refuse, you will be banned/suspended from the group'. Simple! They make the rules and they need to bloody well enforce them. I know of a few puppy farmers that are also DogsVic members - why are they still members?? They might noy have police powers but they can ban people if the want to.
  3. Internal Stitches

    Depending on the type of sutures, they can take months to dissolve. So the internal bumps don't worry me. The exterior wounds should be pretty much healed by now but if he is older it may take longer. Is there any redness or discharge from the wounds?
  4. Sighthounds

    This is the hound family at work - Jolie the IG, Boris the Borzoi, and my colleague's two Ibizans Alice and Maisie. :) And Boris' sister Dascha was adopted a few weeks ago. Here she is with her new brother Dmitri. :)
  5. Victorian Gov To Introduce New Breeding Laws

    Isn't that just for the new FB marketplace?
  6. Most Effective Cat Detterent

    It's probably my fave video on the net lol. I love the names he gives the cats haha.
  7. Most Effective Cat Detterent

    Are you a handy person??
  8. Root Canals For Dogs

    My boss's dog is having a root canal next week so if anyone is interested, I can let you know how it goes.
  9. Water Container For Crazy Dogs

    What about an old bath? You can usually get them free or very cheap and they are too heavy for most dogs to tip over, especially when filled.
  10. Costco Kibble

    My concern is the cats really. The dogs do well on most stuff (except Pia) but I have two cats that have blocked in the past. They don't block on Advance but they did when I tried Black Hawk.
  11. Costco Kibble

    Thanks Steph! :) I called my local store and I can go in and have a look around and can then sign up if I want to. If the cat food is good the membership will pay for itself in two bags of food!
  12. You can get a letter from your vet to say she can't be desexed yet because she is too small.
  13. The "want" List

    Her previous Ibizan was very aloof but not at all skittish.
  14. The "want" List

    what your want/wish list should be is more time, to enjoy them fully. Then you could take your sighthound team coursing. At this stage it would have to be to NSW or SA but how much fun would that be! I'd love to see you walking the whole team. I often take all the hounds out walking. :) Not hugely interested in lure coursing at this stage, maybe one day.
  15. I found an old thread where a few people said they were using the Kirkland kibble. Are people still using it? Thoughts? It is made by the same company that makes Taste of The Wild but is about $60 for 18kg apparently. It is grain free and they also do a cat food. Would like to try it but wondering if any others have tried it.