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  1. I have signed up for a second year. I only did IYC and Collar grab game last year and haven't started any games this year. I can't do any of the games that require more than one person. Honestly I find the videos too long and get too overwhelmed with it all. I don't know why I signed up for another year.
  2. Tibetan Mastiff

    Beautiful dogs!
  3. What a lovely family video! And lucky Vontae to be part of your family!
  4. I have used Sunshine Coast Pet Resort with no problems.
  5. Dog Runs

    I'm the same. I bought a chainmesh dog run from Vebopet. If I did it again I would use weldmesh panels. Easier to pull apart, move and store too.
  6. Most Effective Cat Detterent

    I will try this too. I am going away in a week and having a house sitter come in. I really don't want to have to subject him to the cat poo. This is hilarious and works a bit like the scarecrow sensor water sprayer Perse posted. I would really love to set something like this up but with either fluorescent animal friendly dye or paint or something sticky that is hard for the owner to get off! (Obviously something that doesn't harm the animal!) I just want to send it home with a reminder for the owner. I have stooped to throwing all the cat poo and rocks it is stuck to in their driveway so they have to clean it up
  7. Chronicles Of Jonah

    They've got their spots sorted
  8. Run Free Harry

    Ohh so sorry for your loss RIP Harry
  9. Most Effective Cat Detterent

    I did think of that but they are usually too far away when I do see them and they usually poo in the gravel overnight
  10. Most Effective Cat Detterent

    Thanks Perse! I always forget to look on Ebay. If the water spray fails, I'll try the fake snake and eucalyptus spray. Do you still constantly use the spray Thistle?
  11. For The Moon Watchers

    Cool! Hoping for a clear night.
  12. Most Effective Cat Detterent

    Thanks perse, I was thinking about the water repellers but was loathe to spend that much. I have told the owners that I have spoken to the council and I can report them as stray cats or get a cat cage. I won't be able to do the cat cage for a few weeks. I am hesitant to use the cat cage as I fear retaliation and I have two dogs and work full-time.
  13. Could anyone please advise the best cat deterrents they have used? My neighbours have 4 cats and they poo in my gravel carpark in my front yard and under my front stairs. Everyday I am picking up one or more poos. The cats have also been on the bonnet and roof of my car. I have spoken to them 3 times and left two notes, one including the council legislation about cats remaining in their owners yard. I am at my wits end. This has been going on for longer than 6 months. :cry:
  14. Bosley - My Beloved Idiot Dog

    So sorry :cry: RIP Bosley <3
  15. Tick Preventor

    Hi Angelsun, is the nexguard not an option for your breeding dogs that are female or all of your breeding dogs? Cheers