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  1. Hahaha cute! Not sure whats on the right but it looks like he's giving someone a back massage
  2. Nearly forgot to post. Dropped in to check out mermaid beach this morning. The sand was warm and crisp and every time I'm there I think why don't I come more often?
  3. Welcome. I love Brodie's big happy smile, I think he was as happy with his family as you guys were with him.
  4. Oh poor kid Teekay. His arm looks so tiny! Hope he's out soon and ok.
  5. That definitely doesn't seem right and I imagine it was pretty expensive too! You definitely want to be able to put private things in there which bring back lovely memories when you want to look through them. How odd its so large yet screwed shut!
  6. SM I'm so sorry your gorgeous boy is gone. I just dread this part of loving our dogs. Ive really enjoyed looking at his photos and hearing of his antics , he was an awesome little dog. I'm really sorry for your loss.
  7. How about shade cloth? Its pretty thick while still allowing for drainage and should be easy to lay on top without damaging boards underneath?
  8. A nice outing on what looks a lovely day. The black kelpie is gorgeous, so shiny!
  9. Just wow! What an incredible shot!! Mine is a bull ant nest I nearly walked face first in to whilst doing some gardening this morning. Sooo close Edited to say sorry I didn't realise the photo would be so huge!
  10. Sounds like a tough situation to be in, Im sorry you were left high and dry by the rescue. They should have been giving you advice and management help from day one. I suspect your dog goes nuts at other dogs in an attempt to keep them away through fear more than aggression. The problem is every time he's put in a situation where he feels he has to behave this way the more he gets to practice it and the harder it will be for you to build his confidence again. At the beginning he probably displayed subtle body language letting his person know he was feeling uncomfortable and wanted more space (think of this as whispering) but where this was ignored or missed he's had to revert to really obvious body language to be heard (yelling). Definitely don't growl at him for showing you how he feels, it's the quickest way to have a dog which goes straight for a bite. Re a behaviourist my suggestion is to find someone who practices force free training. I found a trainer in Melbourne who is part of an awesome guild of force free trainers - fingers crossed they're somewhere near you. There's also a great facebook page called Reactive dogs UK which is amazing for advice on reactivity. This is also a great page on dealing with fearful dogs. It has great resources for learning how to counter condition, operant conditioning and de-sensitisation to help with different degrees of fearfulness or anxiety to help them feel safe and learn. I wish you luck, thanks for caring enough to seek help.
  11. Wow nice capture! Cameras on phones are just getting better and better aren't they (and a lot easier to go on walks with).
  12. Looks great!
  13. Looks like she's living a cats dream life out there. Your view looks amazing!
  14. Lovely colours and relaxed feel!
  15. Cool photos!! Love the planes, great shot. Mine is from a walk Poppy and I took today. The canal water was quite smooth so the reflections caught my eye.