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  1. 52/2017

    Welcome back lol. Those roses are gorgeous, their colour is so vivid! I went to an orchid and succulent sale and this is one of two orchids I came home with. I was told to soak them once a week and so far they're growing, buds are still opening and they're still alive! Orchid by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr
  2. 52/2017

    I love it when you find a flower in a flower flower within flower by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr
  3. Yet another dog attack

    double up sorry
  4. Yet another dog attack

    Arrrrgh it's so annoying. Why do so many people put so little effort in to training and respectful interaction?
  5. Yet another dog attack

    These stories give me chills. The worst thing is in an effort to protect your dogs safety and nice nature you end up appearing over the top in your reaction to get the other dog away. I had my first off lead incident recently and it really shook me. I think I reacted the wrong way but sometimes there's only seconds to make a decision and then the adrenaline starts pumping. I was in an area opposite showgrounds which is over a km in length but not that wide. Its grassy and mown and just lovely when no one else is around. Unfortunately more people are started to take their dogs there and beside the idiots leaving their dogs poo insitu, there are now plenty of off lead dogs. I keep Poppy on lead (a lunge line so she still gets plenty of running) because we're still working on a reliable recall under distraction So I'm on my way back to the car with Poppy's at the end of the line and a ute pulls up about 50 metes away. They take a mini bike off the back and two large cattle dogs are let out. They immediately start running flat stick for Poppy and I and my heart sunk. I'd just finished reading an article on dog body language so to me it seemed they're weren't running and bouncing in a friendly way, they were running with intent. I called Poppy and she immediately recalled God love 'er so I scooped her up, my first instinct with two of them almost on us. One of the two leapt in the air and air snapped at her on the way past! He then kept jumping trying to grab her as I turned circles and tries to walk on. I'm sure if he was deadly serious contact would have been made but still it was scary. I yelled out can you put your dogs on lead please until I get past please and the guy yells back I didn't bring them. I said well can you call them to you or hold their collar so I can put my dog down and get past? He yells out to them and of course they completely ignore him. He starts ambling over yelling out just put your dog down you're making it worse. I'm looking at this circling, jumping red cattle dog and I say no thanks, this one has its hackles up, he's jumping up and I don't feel safe. He still trying to call his dogs as he gets closer and telling me to put Poppy down so then I get mad and say I deliberately come here to avoid dogs rushing us and now you're dogs are doing just that. If you had control over your dogs I'd put her down but you don't so I don't trust them. That definitely annoyed him because he yells back whateva and turns and walks back to his car. Arrrgh. They eventually leave me alone as I get past them but I'm almost at my car when he does a drive by on the on the bike and the red dog jumps and air snaps at me from behind!! Totally deliberately because he could have gone the other direction up the park. Now I'm too scared to go back there because of him and his dogs I still don't know if I should have left Poppy on the ground and I know what I yelled didn't help, but I was so mad at him!!
  6. 52/2017

    Almost forgot last weeks photo myself! I found one of my frangipani's has produced two different coloured flowers which I thought was quite unusual. https
  7. 52/2017

    Great update. Wow 11 days over due! Your oven must have been very comfortable indeed lol Kudos for taking any photos at all with a new baby and have fun with your new DSL too, what a lovely gift.
  8. 52/2017

    Omg you win best photo of the year!! Congratulations you clever thing. Can you tell us more about your beautiful bub?
  9. Puppy diet

    Agree with everything above. There is a certain percentage of meat, bone, offal, muscle and sinew which should be provided based on age and weight etc. Portions don't have to be perfect each day but I think over the course of a week. I second Big Dog being a great brand, the ingredient list is fantastic and yes, very convenient. Thanks for looking out for your friend. Maybe the breeder needs the same education?
  10. Copied to an ongoing thread but not sure how to delete this one.
  11. 52/2017

    I just love this time of year in the garden, although I end up with masses of plant photos I don't really need!
  12. 52/2017

    Poor widdle rabbit, I know they're a pest but it must be a terrible illness ☹️ Love your swallow shots! Takes me back to my childhood when I used to ride my horse to a friends along rail road tracks. I'd always see swallows building huge banks of nests in the big concrete drains.
  13. 52/2017

    I've been busy helping my Dad who has Dementia and other health issues. My siblings and I had to move over 1000 mechanical engineering items from Dad's shed\shop out to a front paddock for a massive auction. Hardest I've ever worked! This picture is a small glimpse of the setup which is the same distance running behind me and out of sight on the right. We had 50 trestle tables and when they ran out items were put on the ground. We had as much as possible under tarps because of the constant threat of rain - 20171025_185816 by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr An interesting tree in a park we found. I manged to lose my phone in the park and had it conveniently set to silent so couldn't ring it. I spent two hours that night and driving back the following morning trying to find it again.. and did, thank GOD! 2017-11-15_05-07-58 by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr My favourite bird Keeko. She's a crimson belly conure and after breakfast she likes snoozing in the sun while she warms up. 2017-11-15_05-09-01 by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr Some nasturtiums which have popped up in the garden. I haven't planted them for years but they keep coming back. Im pretty sure I planted one colour but there's five different ones I counted this year. Not quite sure how that happens! 2017-11-15_05-09-23 by Rachel Wallis, on Flickr These are all taken on my phone because my big camera has been sadly neglected. I hope they don't enlarge to blurry.
  14. 52/2017

    Great looking dogs everyone! I've missed I think four weeks due to family stuff. Has it been too long or can I do catch up pretty please?
  15. How long have you waited?

    Sorry to hear what you had to go through TSD. Four weeks would have been especially tough. I think I waited 18 months or so for my border terrier. I spent quite a while researching both the breed and breeders then once I found who I liked I waited 12 months for a litter. The breeder was two states away and I was going to leave it to her to choose a puppy for me based on what she knew I was after but as fate has it, I actually got to see the litter at 6 weeks old. I loved the puppy she had chosen for me so felt 100% better knowing this and have been happy ever since. Good luck in your search!