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    Dogs, my grandchildren and reading.
  1. They leave a hole in our hearts that are never really filled again. My heart goes out to you in your loss.
  2. So sorry to hear of your loss, it's heart breaking when we lose our babies.
  3. I usually pay about $55 for a consultation and no payment if it's a follow up or ongoing problem. My vet is excellent, but I have been seeing him for 25 years. I can go in and get a script or for ongoing meds and he doesn't charge me, only for the meds.
  4. Sadly I have been asked not to go there any more, they didn't like the complaints i made to Council and when I loudly complained about how they let a cat die in agony, organ failure, and how I rang the council again for them to do something. I will not shut up though, what they are doing is wrong and the RSPCA is my next port of cal
  5. lolol.....My Kiska used to destroy all her toys like that too, little bugger :)
  6. You are so right in saying they have NFI!!! Bella is a pure Dogue and yes, I got them to ring Jo at DDB rescue, she was unable to help so she sent someone else, we had two a male and female, but he sent bella back Thanks for the info Hazy Wal :)
  7. I don't know what their agenda is, but it most certainly is not ok and of course now no one will foster any dogs or cats from them. Thanks for the info :) The greyhound wasn't 12, but I do know the one you mean, she was fostered out by DRN I think it was. They also have a Dougue in there that has been there for about 2 months, poor thing is going mad and she is very dog aggressive.
  8. Ok so DRN more or less muscled in and took over, now that makes sense and in itself answers a lot of questions. Problem is, now the animals are not being fostered out, some of them have been there for months and are getting kennel mad So did DRN completely take over SoCares or they separate? No other rescue groups will help out at all now and it's heart breaking watching the animals.
  9. Really, no one can help me? It's like a conspiracy
  10. What a cutie :) Where did you get her from?
  11. Could somebody please tell me why no body will foster animals under the Socares umbrella? This is not an idle question, but one I really need to know the answer to. If you feel you can't answer on here, please PM me. Any information at all could be helpful.
  12. Last Wednesday I lost the sunshine in my life, Kiska. We rescued her from Julie Grey through BCRA nearly 11 years ago when she was 3 years old, she was the most hyperactive Border I have ever had and had been taught no boundaries. Julie started teaching her manners and I continued when I brought her home. It was hard work and many was the time I was tempted to send her back, but she became the love of my life and soon learnt manners and that you don’t lay on top of children when they fall over :) She loved her kids, my grand children and her face would light up when she saw them come for a visit, but the kids tired out before she ever did :) Age slowed her down and arthritis in both her bag legs along with cruciate ligament problems, so our lovely long walks gradually became shorter walks down to the lake where she would plod a long at her own pace.Three months ago she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and we knew there was nothing we could do for her, but she has put up a grand fight, but it finally won and the decision was made.It will be dark for a long time and we will miss my beloved girl for ever. Rest in Peace now my Angel and play with Hamish again and know that I will always love you to the moon and back.
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