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  1. Been a hectic day, had the labour ward happening this morning plus a general ward with hubby in it, (dying he was ofcourse) First pup was born at approx 2.45 then after that it was just one after the other. Nature called me and while I was away for a short time she had 3 more, lost 2 little boys, not even mouth to mouth would get them going. So we have ended up with 3 boys and 1 girl. Keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't have any more lol but feels empty now.
  2. I have mine in a puppy pen, about three feet square and put the whelping box in there. I like the fact that puppies can't roll away from mum too far.
  3. Personally my bitches stay in with the pups all the time unless I take them out to the toilet. I too would be making sure he was with mum all the time, he obviously needs more sucking time.
  4. lol just read what I wrote,, NEEDLES???? perhaps I meant needless
  5. Id like to but Im on my NEW laptop and my other computer with all the programs has gone down so will have to load programs onto this one, but needles to say she did the same job as Secret did when she whelped. What a mess!!!!!
  6. Lol I hate to put a damper on your plans but not sure about the pet shop either, so many puppies from these places have temperament problems and diseases. Lots of them come from puppy factories! If you are really desperate then the border collie would do under strong supervision but if I was you I would wait until the 24th. I find that males seem to be more tolerant then bitches of puppies.
  7. Not sure the staffy would be a good choice, even if she wanted to play at 10 year old it only takes a second for her to pick him up and shake him breaking his neck, PLEASE be careful they are so fragile at this age. Don't you know of anyone with a small breed puppy for him to play with? Mine plays with our sheltie but only under strict supervision.
  8. Puppies really shouldn't be out and about until they are 12 weeks old and have had their vaccinations so the first one is just right. I always tell my puppy buyers to wait until then before they start puppy training. Even at 13 weeks he is still a baby.
  9. Well looks like puppies today Wont get too excited because I really thought she was going to have them two days ago, but she is nesting again, paper inside whelping box and puppy pen is all shreded!
  10. My bitches all do that, in fact I have a bitch in labour as we speak. Got the whelping box in a puppy pen with newspaper, not only has she scratched up the paper in the whelping box but also the paper in the puppy pen. When she is finished I put down clean paper with a piece of carpet over it, stops the bitch from burying puppies. Ive never been able to use towels or blankets, they just get ripped up.
  11. Only one last suggestion, your house doesn't have a resident spirit does it?
  12. Is there such a thing as "night terrors"? Know Ive heard of them but can't remember if they affect dogs.
  13. So sorry to hear about your bad luck, we just never know with breeding, horrible things happen when we least expect it. Hope Mina comes home soon.
  14. Try to express some milk of her and rub it on pup
  15. My sister uses it on her beagle who is terrified of storms, heavy rain or visitors. Amazing the difference it makes I wouldnt have believed it if I hadn't seen it for myself.
  16. We made it into Feb as well lol Didn't think we would but she decided it was too hot yesterday to have babies so still waiting.
  17. My bitch has gone off her food, always first sign with her. Hope she waits until tonight to whelp, supposed to be 38 here today already 29. Have the fan on her now so she can get used to it. Day 59 today, she's hung onto them longer then usual which is good.
  18. I saw one of her silky pups once, still not sure if it was crossed with a yorkie but it came with papers!! And to think she once tried to buy one of my pups, so glad I looked into her, saw how many breeds she had and told her no way!! As for health problems, how does she look after so many dogs when she is sick.
  19. My whelping box is in the spare room with a puppy pen around it with enough room for the bitch to get out. Must admit I have very good mums and usually have to physically take them out so they can go to the toilet. I'm with them when they whelp then take myself off to bed. Bitches wont leave their pups for at least two weeks unless they go to the toilet. At about 4 weeks I move them into the kitchen area but still in a puppy pen as I have other dogs/cats inside. My bitches get very protective of their pups and heaven help if one of the other dogs even pokes their head into the spare room.
  20. Really can't help you with that Deltoid, never come across a problem like that. Perhaps the sound of running water makes him want to go then again it might just be a coincidence
  21. Very nice They look a good size too, I just love baby paps, so cute.
  22. LOL now I will admit that I've never had that problem before. Hehehe ask Shilo (you did get the puppy from her?) You could try not to let him into the bathroom with you. Mine are all used to going to toilet on paper, now I only have mine left I must remember DONT LEAVE THE TV PAPER ON THE FLOOR!!! Oh well tomorrows paper will have the telly guide in it lol.
  23. Good luck Paps!!! Fingers crossed for a smooth whelping for you! Ummmm I'm out of this thread now! We're not quite done, shouldn't be too long though. Done yet? Waiting for update.
  24. And people can't understand why I wont export my puppies, I didn't watch it but what I read was bad enough.
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