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    Owner & ex breeder of Brittanys. I was involved in agility, tracking, obedience and showing but now my dogs are seniors and we are more involved in dog walks and dog friendly cafes.

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  1. So many puppies go through this stage :-) Sometimes the best thing is some carpet ends until you get past the bed destroying stage :-)
  2. Lol Denali. Coconut milk is my secret ingredient
  3. That is great, my niece wanted to try felting so got a kit for Christmas, I am sharing this with her :-)
  4. A blender would be my first thought too. You could add things to it too :-). I know my dogs come running when I am making myself a smoothie :-)
  5. I know that my old girl warms up a bit after some exercise, so that has to be a good thing. I think that you just need to learn your dogs limits which isn't too hard to do
  6. My dogs went through a terrible bed destroying stage. They sleep inside but for a while they had carpet offcuts to sleep on outside which did the job. They also had trampoline beds. Chazer had a thing where he would drop a toy through the hole in the corner than play with it through the hole so he even managed to destroy a trampoline bed
  7. Beautiful sunset Scottsmum. Chazer definitely likes to create his own poses, the opposite of his mother who would do anything I asked. Most photos of him have got his artistic flair
  8. wow, some great photos. Lots of people seem to have hit the beach and got some great shots. I had a challenge to do a sleep photo this week, Chazer wouldn't sleep and I took a couple while I was waiting for him to close his eyes. I straightened up his curled ear and he stormed off in a huff
  9. Sure is :) She is going pretty well considering. Still has the border collies under control haha. Although I nearly lost her to a bone that got caught in her throat yesterday... That was scary and no more bones for her! Glad she is OK. I had to pull a pigs ear out from Tillys throat years ago and I haven't fed them to my dogs since
  10. You're not an idiot :-) have a great day
  11. Showdog doesn't need to mean untrained or can't do anything, although it seems to be a perception :-) My old girl who has passed away now had CD and agility titles. The only time she sat was when I asked her to, her natural thing was to either stand or drop, some dogs just don't like it. There was nothing physically stopping her from doing it
  12. Thanks Setterspan. I would love it if you could send me an email to [email protected]
  13. 16 is a great age Deltacharlie
  14. Hi, just wondering how you find English Setters in general and what they are like to train. Also do you show and how much work is required for the coat
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