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  1. Importing photos to ON1

    That's the trouble, persephone, it doesn't seem to matter to which destination I import them, when I go to start editing there is no camera roll just a single image
  2. Hello everyone......haven't posted on here for quite a while, but when I have a problem Dolforums are always my go to! I am in the process of resurrecting my photography hobby but am disappointed to find Lightroom now demands a monthly subscription and I don't want to be paying out for the rest of my life! So I have paid a one off fee for ON1 after having read all the reviews about how it is similar to LR and how easy it is to use for a non-pro. However, in spite of studying multiple tutorials and help pages, I just cannot get the damn photos to import from my SD card. I select the photos I want to import, but when I go to find them, there is only one! Sorry, probably not explaining myself very well, but is anyone familiar with this photo editing program and can you help?
  3. After some legal help - Sydney

    You could contact Sally Rogers at Happy Paws Haven, Grafton, for information - she had a lawyer work pro bono for her in her fight against the local council.
  4. Older dog with kidney ssues

    So sorry to read this news, not a great start to retirement, but I'm sure your friend will have many happy memories to comfort her. Sincere condolences.
  5. Older dog with kidney ssues

    From some information provided to me from my holistic vet......but ideally I recommend your friend seek a consultation with a holistic practitioner locally....... For Kidney Disease; Protein; Diets should have high energy density, with a moderate amount of protein of high biologic value (15–20% in dogs and 28% in cats). Aim for 2.2g protein/kg body weight daily Phosphorus; Less than 0.4–0.6% phosphorus (dry-matter basis) Sodium; Less than 0.2–0.4% sodium (dry-matter basis) Calcium; Balanced calcium level and increased levels of water-soluble vitamins, should be included. Calcium binds to phosphorus preventing uptake. 1/2 tsp crushed egg shell per 20kg per day. Fibre; Feeding moderately fermentable fibre can facilitate enteric dialysis and provide a non-renal route of urea excretion. Fats; In advanced renal failure with high BUN and serum phosphorus levels, more energy from fat should be included, 11% protein calories, 1.5gm protein/kg body weight, less than 0.2% phosphorus. Water; Fresh water free choice. Water fountains encourage drinking Meats - Turkey, Cod, Rabbit, Pork, Duck, Egg, Beef, Kidney (esp pork kidney), Sardines. Veggies - Beetroot, Broccoli, Leafy greens, Kale, Celery, Seaweed/Kelp, Chinese Cabbage, Cucumber, Green beans Fruits - Berries, Banana, Persimmon, Tomato, Lychee. Grains/Beans - Adzuki beans, Millet, Barley, Rice, Quinoa - in winter, Sweet potato/yam. Fats - Coconut oil, Ghee, Flaxseed oil, Olive oil Herbs; Chinese Herbs; Xiao Yao San Homotoxicology; Heel Reneel 7 drops TWICE daily - Not needed at this stage Probiotics; Protexin Calcium; Crushed Eggshells daily with meats 1/2 tsp daily Vit B’s - 1/4 human vit B daily Vit E - as above CoQ10 - 30mg every second day (can do daily to start with)
  6. Attention German Shepherd Breeders

    Some lovely candidates here, including older puppies https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/mature/german-shepherd-dog.asp
  7. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Sounds like vestibular to me particularly as she is falling and circling. Does she have a head tilt? Sorry if I seem to be always harping on about acupuncture, but my old Belgian Shepherd who suffered a particularly horrendous vestibular attack in December, is 95% right after two acupuncture sessions (acupuncture is especially good for conditions which affect the nerves). Obviously the only way to really know what is going on is to have a CT scan, but the outcome will make no difference.....so love her every day and just make sure she is content and comfortable
  8. @DesertDobes Rogan was diagnosed at Eastertime, around April, and lasted until August when the mass had become so large he put his tooth through it when chasing a rabbit and the bleeding could not be stopped. In that space of time his face had become quite disfigured, but metastasis had already occurred in the lungs when I first noticed the pea sized lump on his jaw. I have to say from the photograph, this is nothing like what Rogan had, and there are numerous types of oral tumours. Not sure if CavNRot still visits the forum but she is a mine of information on oral tumours. Wishing you both well and looking forward to good news.....
  9. Anxious weeing

    Acupuncture did wonders for my Kelpie who became anxious due to the onset of sudden deafness. We see a great holistic vet here in Canberra who recommended trying a number of things (one at a time) in tandem with acupucture. L-Tryptophan L-Tyrosine Fully active B12 B6 Magnesium FWIW Prozac made our boy shut down completely.
  10. We lost our beloved Rogan to mandibular osteosarcoma when he was about 10 years of age. He was 3/4 Shepherd 1/4 Kelpie.....or so I presume as he came to us from Sydney Dogs Home. It's a bastard of a disease. I fervently hope and have everything crossed that Sniper's report and diagnosis is favourable.
  11. Interested to hear if anyone is using this as a supplement for arthritis......and if so has it helped your dog?
  12. Where do you buy your Protexin?

    I buy the 1kg tubs from my holistic vet for $88. She keeps it in the fridge, as do I, so I know it has been exposed to heat for long periods of time.
  13. Heike Hahner at Braidwood comes to Canberra for one on one consults. You may have heard her on the radio on Sunday mornings? I don't have her new mobile number but if you are on Facebook you could contact her on Messenger.
  14. A dog has killed a woman in Canberra ....

    An uptodate report - no mention of breed. Must have been a horrific attack http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/woman-killed-police-attacked-by-dog-in-watson-overnight-20171024-gz7jx4.html
  15. Vet on Qantas flights ?

    @Kirislin when they shoot horses they use a bolt gun so there are no bullets flying around. A bolt gun is held firmly against the skull and is one of the most humane and quickest methods of euthanasia. I do not know the ins and outs of Markham's case but it is likely if he 'went off' and sustained an injury that was irreparable, eg fractured hock or shoulder and euthanasia was the only option then it may have been safer and quicker to 'shoot' the horse with a bolt gun rather than administer lethabarb. A few years ago now we had a racehorse rupture a tendon in a race in Melbourne.....we live in NSW. The horse would not have been able to stand the lengthy travel back to our property and we couldn't afford the thousands of dollars for him to be treated and rehabilitated in Victoria to come home and be an unrideable pet. We elected to have him euthanised and we told it was by bolt gun. The advantage of bolt gun is the animal can be used for pet food. I know the local zoo in Canberra laments the fact there are no vets in this area who euth large animals with a bolt gun.....they all use letha barb around here. This is how horses fly, by the way! http://www.irt.com/irt-international-transport-of-horses/