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  1. Yes EA has been a wreck for many years now, as asal says its surprising it took this long to hit rock bottom. I don't know about comparisons to ANKC as much of EAs problem was that members are not in fact EA members but state branch members, and only the state boards have any say in how EA is run, not the lowly individuals who simply finance it all. But certainly any club no matter whether it is local, state or national is only as good as it's grassroots membership, neglect the masses at your peril, sooner or later viable alternatives will present themselves (see ARC in Vic) and the cash cow runs dry. Interesting times ahead.
  2. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Thanks guys will look into the anitol, its good that it's a tablet I can administer because it's virtually impossible to use any of the powders he just refuses to eat anything with powder in it now no matter how cleverly I think I have disguised it lol
  3. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Just a quick update and another little video, not much change in the paces but he's still pretty happy in himself so that's good, he actually pings off at a fair pace at the start that's why his rug goes a bit wonky lol. Checked in at the vets the other day, he's lost a little more weight, still in a safe range for a husky but not a good trend when he's eating well so we decided to send some blood away as the in house panel from December was normal so a full panel might show more. Unfortunately his veins were very uncooperative and we could only squeeze a few drops so going to have another try next week. Will update if anything interesting comes of it.
  4. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Hi everyone thought I'd post a bit of an update on Sonny. His movement has been improving I have gone without the harness now, as he's gotten older he doesn't pull as much and less likely to wriggle out of the collar these days lol! Thanks for reminding me about the nails @DogsAndTheMob I always struggle with those he has long blood vessels so can be hard to keep them at a good length, he is due for another injection next week so will get the vet nurse to help me trim them again. He has lost a little weight which is concerning, still in a safe weight range but considering he is still eating well it is a worry that he is dropping weight so will ask the vet about that next week too. He was not a fan of the bag idea lol so will have to see about a harness but his back end has been getting stronger so he doesn't seem to be having as many issues. He will be 14 in September so I'm pretty happy with how he is going all things considered, he is still very bright and gets very excited when its time for a walk. His coat doesn't seem to know if it's Arthur or Martha at the moment, probably my fault as I've been leaving the light on for him later as he has been barking of a night so I think his coat decided it was summer! So he was getting a bit cold for the first time ever so I got him a cute panda rug which he hates lol. Anyway here's a bit of video from the other day and a pic
  5. Studies About Dogs

    This is a really interesting one, research is starting to look at breed relevant traits and how they impact their lives as pets https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168159119301443 Separation-related behaviour indicates the effect of functional breed selection in dogs (Canis familiaris) lPéterPongráczSara AlvarezGómezRitaLenkei Abstract The domestication of dogs resulted in several fundamental behavioural changes as compared to their closest wild living relative, the wolf. While these characteristics are considered to be fairly robust across dogs, dog breeds themselves manifest apparently strong behavioural differences. Thus far the functional roots of breed-specific behaviours are still less understood and supported by empirical research. We hypothesized that historical selection for the level of working interaction intimacy with their handlers, may have resulted in the fundamental differences between the main working dog types and their behavioural reactions when separated from their owner. In our study, dogs from breeds that were originally selected for either cooperative or independent work tasks, were tested in a short outdoor separation test. We included dogs with and without owner-reported separation-related disorder (SRD) to both groups. We found that SRD-status and the breed type were in significant association with various stress related behaviours during separation from the owner. Dogs from cooperative working breeds with SRD barked more frequently, meanwhile barking was less prevalent in independent breeds and also in cooperative breeds without owner-reported SRD symptoms. General movement (showing the dogs’ intention to follow or find the disappearing, then absent owner) was uniformly strongest in cooperative dogs with SRD. Whining appeared most frequently in dogs with SRD, regardless to the breed type. These are the first results that support a functional evolutionary framework behind the association of particular dog breeds with the extent of their stressful reactions to separation from their owner.
  6. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Thanks @Deeds sounds similar to the protocol by boy is on, he gets the anti-inflammatory (carprofen) daily and the neurontin (gabapentin) 3x 100mg of a night and 2x 100mg tabs in the morning (been having trouble getting them into him of a morning as he is usually half asleep and doesn't want to eat anything). He has been quite bouncy on walks the last week or so so I'm pretty happy about that, he loves the cooler weather
  7. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Sadly no vet acupuncturist here (I’m in Armidale NSW) I have a human massage pad here I might see if he will lay on it he might get some benefit, helps me sometimes. Great idea about using a bag I might even try some horse gear and see if it would do the trick, I would love one of those help em up harnesses they look perfect but none of the suppliers seem to do Afterpay so I’m stuck till I can scrape up enough dough for that. I should be able to get some booties on payday though and the vet is coming out to the horses and give him his synovan so I’ll ask her about tramadol for him.
  8. Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

    Awesome thanks for the great ideas everyone I will follow up
  9. Hi everyone been a while since I've been around just hoping to get some outside opinions re lameness in my old boy. Sorry it's a bit of a long story! He has generally been sound although had some intermittent back problems causing weakness in the hind legs, always resolved quickly and probably only an issue a few times over his life. He has been declining the past 6 Months or so, he developed lupus a few years back and it wasn't affecting him much so he wasn't medicated until a few months ago as he had developed persistent inflammation in his gums causing his teeth to deteriorate more quickly than normal. So he is taking imuran (immune suppressant) for that. He had been on loxicom (meloxicam) for a couple of years or so prior to this for arthritis and the vet said there was an issue with the loxicom being given at the same time as the imuran, so he was weaned off of that a few months ago, didn't seem to be a drama the first few weeks he was off it and his appetite improved. He then had an incident where it appears he has slipped a disc and lost the hind end for a few weeks, needed help getting up and generally unhappy. At the same time he had an anal gland abscess so not sure if he threw the back out from trying to lick or scoot, or if reduced mobility contributed to the anal gland issue. At any rate it was obvious he needed anti-inflammatories again so he has been on carprofen for about a month which has helped a lot however he hasn't really bounced back well and is still struggling although his general demeanour is good and he is still happy to go for his little walks, we don't go far just to the end of our little road and back as he gets worn out pretty quick. He has been getting synovan injections monthly for i think about 18 months and responded very well to them much more than he did to the meloxicam. He also gets neurontin pain relief at night, sometimes in the morning too if I can get them into him but he gets annoyed when I poke too many tablets down his neck. I've tried adding some oral supplements to his food (turmeric, rosehip vital etc) but he is not really food motivated so will leave his food if he isn't keen on the taste. I realise there aren't a lot of options left but while he's still happy enough in himself I'm trying to keep him as comfortable as possible so just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas we haven't thought of. I will link a couple of videos from our walks he finds the uneven ground tricky and sometimes loses his footing even with the front legs but I am just wondering if I have missed anything here. TL,DR: lameness in husky, history of back problems, just looking for opinions/ideas, current meds: carprofen, imuran (for lupus), neurontin and synovan.
  10. Amber is 10 today!

    That is amazing @JulesP !! A testament to your careful management that she has remained so healthy and happy despite the shunts
  11. Joint Supplements

    Just wanted to drop in here and thank @Boronia for this bit of advice, I’d been trawling the forum looking for things to help my husky as he has slowed down a lot with age and arthritis, he hadn’t been getting much relief from pain meds and anti-inflammatories. Started him on the Synovan a few months ago and he is doing much better! Not perfect but he’s much happier and much more comfortable
  12. HELP!

    You need to see a behaviourist and get some assistance with this. If you let us know which town/city you are in people can recommend good professionals in your area.
  13. Help with breeds please

    Swedish vallhunds are super little dogs, very active and intelligent, they are a spitz though so can be a bit independent! The fellow in the pic looks very much like a terrier so certainly snake chasing is a risk but some are more driven than others, breeders will be able to tell you more about their lines though.
  14. Studies About Dogs

  15. How to cool down your dog???

    I read somewhere that freezing treats in ice cubes is a good idea to cool dogs down. Tried that the last couple of days for my husky but he just lets the ice melt and apparently soggy liver treats aren’t very enticing as they are still there. He has water and shade and seems to think the concrete floor in the sunroom is nicer than the shady grass outside which is weird as I find the sunroom to stuffy but who am I to argue. I used to provide a clam shell pool which he absolutely loved but I had to take it away as he kept getting ear infections from the moisture