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  1. Great to hear you have had some success with your little guy! You are doing well keep up the training and he will only improve
  2. A husky will not guard you nor will they curl up on the couch with you (unless you keep your internal house temperature below 0 degrees C). They are independent and extremely challenging for first time dog owners. Not to mention they shed a LOT of hair, they cannot be offlead and while they are smart and trainable that doesn't mean they are biddable, they do what suits them not you. When looking at breeds think about their working origins. Huskies were bred to pull sleds in the harshest of conditions. They want to run and if they are off lead they will run and run and never come ba
  3. My boy has had this for some years. Initially when I asked the vet in Qld they didn't know. When I moved to NSW I got it looked at again and we got a diagnosis. He went on steroids initially then moved to an immune suppressant drug (imuran) and he has been on it for about 2-3 years now and it has helped a lot. His nose is a bit damaged from being untreated. Put him on the immune suppressant as he was starting to get severe gum inflammation as well, and he has improved out of sight. Nose and gums improved and nails are not as brittle. Doesn't seem to have had much in the way of side effects. No
  4. Yes it's funny isn't it? The OP can evidently sense that papers are worth *something* (which is why they are thinking more $ per pup) but still can't work out WHY.
  5. I suspect the nuances of registration and regulatory bodies and genetic verification etc are lost on the OP who is simply looking to make some $.
  6. Thanks all, happy for every day we get Some days are better than others but usually he is way ahead of me and waiting for me to hurry up!
  7. I can't believe it's been more than a year since I started this thread and the old boy is still ticking along! So happy with him, just a short clip since my internet is taking ages to upload anything. He is about the same gait-wise but he is still pretty happy and keen to go for walks so that is the main thing. I tried to convince him to let me pull him along in a cart but that was not happening. Likewise my attempt to convince him to wear boots was a battle that I am sad to say I did not win, you would think I was trying to cut his feet off the way he carri
  8. The main issue with breeding animals that have been registered with *other* registers is that there is no way to verify the pedigree is a true record of lineage. The reason a pedigree has inherent value is because it verifies that a dog is what the breeder/seller says it is. If another registry will register a dog that isn't verified then the pedigree is virtually meaningless. If another register is not rigorous with their parentage verification and record keeping then buyers don't really know what they are buying. As a result the inherent value of papers is not only compromised for that regis
  9. There are some breeds where shunts are more common (yorkies for example) and some breeders are starting to run tests on pups prior to homing. While it is likely in those breeds to have a hereditary component, In most instances it is thought to occur spontaneously, I have a husky who had one. Legally there are currently no requirements to test for this condition, there is no genetic test it is a matter of blood testing when pups are old enough. The only way you would have any legal recourse is if you had evidence that the breeder knew the pup was sick, or that they knowingly bred from lines whi
  10. I may be able to get the full text I'll have a look when I'm back on the computer. Don't be put off by paywalls though, just email the authors or message them on researchgate and most likely they will send you the full text, they don't get any $ from paywalls. Individual studies are rarely likely to provide a definitive answer, they just add to the existing body of knowledge to help inform. Sometimes media grabs leave out all the caveats that the scientists discuss in the paper.
  11. @SarasMum what a great age for your girl! My Sonny is almost 14yo now and he has been very fussy as he's gotten older. I have to rotate because he goes off stuff if he has it too many days in a row. He likes to have a range of options although he has pretty consistently hated the barf patties lol! Such an adventure with the oldies
  12. The thing I find most crazy about the anti-purebreed mentality in the wider community is that even owners of heinz 57 dogs want to know what breeds are in their dog. They don't follow that thought to it's logical conclusion: if they want to know what's in it it's because they want an idea of what traits make the dog what it is. Those traits that were refined by selective breeding. It's a cognitive dissonance that plays out continually, the whole point of purpose breeding is to know the traits and know what to expect. At some level people who are anti-breeder/anti-purebred know this but don't f
  13. Absolutely it is a factor in considering whether to breed, everyone has their own reasons for breeding. I think the OP is really talking to those who limit their programs on the basis of the perception of "overbreeding" which has pervaded both the dog world and the wider public.
  14. Totally agree with this post. I think pure breds have an image problem that has been exploited by cross breeders and byb. The pure breed community is too divided to present a united and clear alternative narrative to combat the inbred and elitist perception. As someone who is not an active part of the dog world, I see exactly 0 information outside of very specific internet searches and DOL. No info at the vets, pet stores etc about purebred dogs and breeders. Living in a regional rural area there is even less opportunity to find out more, no show displays or field days, I couldn't tell y
  15. Thanks for the link that's really interesting! I usually have to get nails done at the vets as he's too wriggly for me to do myself especially now ny back is so bad. You can hear in the video he drags that inside hind, I am guessing it's a nerve problem coming from his back but it's only recently it's become more pronounced.
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