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  1. I wasn’t meaning to single out your post Boronia I’ve seen it mentioned heaps of times that people should go to shows to meet breeders, I think more breed clubs should have fun days where people can meet the breed and chat in a setting that is less formal and less stressful.
  2. I find it odd that people advise buyers to go to a dog show to get a breeder to talk to them. In my experience shows are busy places, if you’re not used to them you won’t know when to approach people, most of the time they are sitting watching their friends go round even if they’re not actively prepping to go in themselves so it’s not really a conductive environment to be having a chat and expressing interest in a pup. I’ve wandered over to the dog arena a number of times when I’m at shows, I’ve got no idea how they run the things it is all a bit confusing, and it’s rare to get a polite response to a “hello” in my experience. I know myself showing I’m either getting the horse prepped and ready, taking it in the ring, having a short break and then packing up to go home. It’s a nice idea to get buyers to go chat to a bunch of breeders in the one place but it only works if everyone is on the same page. If breeders really want to do it this way at least let people know when would be the best time to approach people, eg lunchtime or something like that. I have also been seeing an increase in generally rude behaviour from people I would normally consider “professional” people, business owners or individuals that you would expect to return a call or answer a message, people just don’t seem to want to bother anymore. It’s really not that hard to generate a polite generic reply either to ask for more info or inform people you don’t have any suitable pups at the moment, then just copy and paste it each time. Getting a new pup should be a great experience, it shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth without anaesthetic.
  3. Sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy
  4. I second the suggestion of going with an organisation that trains both dog and owners for this particular specialisation, you need specialist guidance to ensure that the match is good and works well for both child and dog. Chances are there is funding available if you choose an accredited organisation as well. Problem with Labradoodles (aside from the dumb name) is they don’t breed to type, some are nice and reflect what is claimed re temperament, coat etc and some don’t, and the breeders appear to have largely given up (those few that were actually trying) trying to set the type because, you know, genetics is hard.
  5. So sorry for your loss another beautiful soul at rest but it’s so very hard for us to let them go It’s a beautiful tree ❤️
  6. Lulu

    Thanks guys, it is getting easier but some days it just hits like a ton of bricks. I wish I had made more time to play with her when she wanted instead of thinking I was too busy and we could play another time.
  7. Puppy + Mum backyard breeder

    Sad but true. It is very hard to resist when you’ve already seen and made a connection with the animal, it takes strength to walk away and leave it to an unknown fate. Of course people are judgemental about it, you’re fitting the stereotype to a T. Having an attitude of “I want it therefore I’ll do it no matter how many experienced people tell me it’s a bad idea” and then getting shitty when they get frustrated at having wasted their time trying to educate someone YET again... It is pretty rude to waste peoples time asking for advice you never had any intention of following, although I’m betting you thought you could, you know the advice is correct and factual but you can’t get the dog out of your head. It’s convenient, it’s right there and it was so happy to see you and your kids... I get it. I also get everyone else here, it’s hard to battle the con artists when you’ve got the disadvantage of not being able to produce the perfect goods on demand. And of course on demand is not how companion animals should be produced, they’re not eggs, they should be produced with love and care and experience, and people should be ok with waiting for that. As a society we’ve grown used to having everything on demand because we can, hot chook for under $10, fruit out of season, everything under the sun when you want it and the price you want to pay. But there IS a price, if we don’t pay it someone else does, whether it’s the 9 week old overgrown chicken getting baled up in a machine which is quicker and cheaper and far more brutal than a human hand: or the imported fruit that people whinge about being imported and risking our local crops but they whinge when it’s not available. Consumer demand drives markets and consumers continue to demand and someone, somewhere always pays.
  8. Sarah's gone...

    So sorry for your loss @westiemum
  9. Hope it’s ok to cross post this from general as I thought rescue peeps might be interested as well Just putting the word out for anyone looking for dog rugs Horseland Richmond is having a big warehouse sale at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds with 50% off weatherbeeta dog rugs. Ends Sunday 11th March. Happy shopping peeps
  10. Just putting the word out for anyone looking for dog rugs Horseland Richmond is having a big warehouse sale at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds with 50% off weatherbeeta dog rugs. Ends Sunday 11th March. Happy shopping peeps
  11. 7month Amstaff

    Lol I wonder if it ever filled out
  12. Old age and how do you cope?

    It is very hard. Lulu got old before I knew it, I always thought I’d have more time to play fetch with her, then by the time I realised we were running out of time she couldn’t play fetch anymore. I didn’t realise that the last time we played fetch would be THE last time Enjoy the time you have and treat every opportunity to play and have fun with her as if it’s the last time.
  13. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    Sorry to hear about your beautiful girl
  14. Lulu

    Brought her ashes home yesterday, picking them up was very hard They didn’t give me the box I wanted either so I might try and get one from Toowoomba when I’m up there next so she has the same as Zen.
  15. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thank you @Papillon Kisses