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  1. Dee Dee Duster - until we meet again

    Sorry to hear about your beautiful girl
  2. Lulu

    Brought her ashes home yesterday, picking them up was very hard They didn’t give me the box I wanted either so I might try and get one from Toowoomba when I’m up there next so she has the same as Zen.
  3. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thank you @Papillon Kisses
  4. Lulu

    Thank you @stellnme yes she will always be there <3
  5. Lulu

    Thank you @Scottsmum and @SarasMum
  6. Lulu

    Thank you @Animal House that is very true.
  7. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thank you @animallover99
  8. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thank you @animallover99. I took her to get hamburgers and chicken nuggets today before the vet. She was very drowsy and went to sleep peacefully. It was so very hard to say goodbye.
  9. Lulu

    Thanks @Dame Danny's Darling and @mackiemad it’s good to share with people who understand.
  10. Lulu

    Thank you Pers, I think she was ready to go but it was so hard to say goodbye
  11. Lulu

    I don’t usually do these but Lulu was originally a DOL dog she came from the rescue pages here. I didn’t know much about Swedish vallhunds but soon learned with Lulu! Never ending energy and drive, such a fun loving, always happy and hardy little dog, she will be very sadly missed Run free beautiful girl <3
  12. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    I’ve booked it at the vets tomorrow and now I’m freaking out I made the decision yesterday when I realised that I couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had wagged her little bobtail I remember the last time she seemed excited about dinner and that was months ago. I always tell people that when you start thinking about it that’s when it’s your brain preparing you so you already know it’s time on some level and so I still feel it’s right but it also feels wrong
  13. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thanks she is a beautiful girl this is her in happier/healthier days
  14. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thanks guys I’ll see if there is one here but I think the decision has pretty much been made, at this point it just feels like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic She has been circling and getting stuck in corners and getting lost for a while now because of the dementia. She only started the falling and the lopsidedness since the teeth were done. I was looking at her last night and I think that a stroke is more likely as her left eye is a bit droopy as well.
  15. Anyone had a dog have a stroke?

    Thanks everyone. She is eating well enough at the moment but I don’t think she is going to be back to her old self unfortunately