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  1. Loraine

    Four Years

    Jed am hoping that your physical hurts are better. We will never forget our loved dogs and I am sure yours will all be waiting on the Bridge when it is your time. I always appreciated your help with my various questions and now, from the other side of the world, (with a DOL breeder's rehome ex-champ boy by my side) I wish you well and want you to know I will never forget you.
  2. I am still waiting for info from Eastern Creek as to their charges, but reading the above it is going to be scary. IF I do return to Aus (Perth) with my dog I want him properly looked after as he is an Aussie champ. Given all the airfares and shipper fees - LHR to SYD then SYD to PER + quarantine fees it is going to be bloody exxy for anyone brining an animal into Australia.
  3. be coming back to Perth and would want to bring my dog back with me. I have just found out ath he cannot fly into Perth but must go to either Sydney or Melbourne for 10 daya and then I must make arrangements for his transport to Perth. It will cost more to ply him to the Eastern seaboard, and then more again to fly him from there to Perth. There really should be a station in WA. When I left last year I knew that plans were afoot to shut down somne of the Q stations, but this is stupid.
  4. My son's much loved Weimaraner Alfie went to the Bridge yesterday. His poor heart just could not cope with pumping enough fluid around his body so my son sadly gave him his wings. He was 9 years old and had travelled from Perth WA to Devon UK with his family. He will be sadly missed by us all.
  5. Thanks everyone for your input for this. Ball park cost= I have had quotes of between $3700-4000 for one way from Melb to Lond. I doubt I've ever paid that much for myself to fly- gives an indication of how spoilt Cook is!! Loraine- I too haven't heard that they can get out of their crates?- every company I've spoken to says they are not allowed out at all in transit becasue of quarentine. I'd love to know if this has changed for Dubai? However jetpets told me they are now only using the qantas flight through Dubai to get to London (as Qantas has now joined up with Emirates, so the previous Singapore/HK routes are no longer an option as they were BA codeshares). She told me they definitely didn't get out of the crate in Dubai.. but I might check again with them to be certain, as I'd love him to be able to get out for a pee. Coming back costwise, I've been told to allow 'at least double' and then quarentine kennels is about $40/day for a month on top of that.. I am so massively saving up at the moment! If anyone had any views on the new plastic big crates over the wooden ones, I'd love to hear? I've heard wooden maybe more sturdy for the bigger dogs (our choc lab is about 1m long)- however from our perspective, if the plastic ones can halve into 2 sections, then would be SO much easier to get into the car at the other end... Dogtainers told me they would use plastic, but jetpets wooden. Any thoughts on that?? Cheers all. Iggy is an Affenpinscher and weighs 9 kilos. Travelling in a plastic crate and the whole thing is costing me $3080.00 Perth to LHR. My sons' big Wei cost $10,000.00 as he had to have a big crate made specially for him ($5K) and his fare was $5K. I think the Wei's crate was wooden. Rule is they have to be able to stand freely, turn around and snooze, my PP32 was considered too small for an inernational flight. UK say it is OK for dogs to be off-loaded in Dubai as they are in a special area and not mixing with any other dogs.
  6. I have uzsed Jetpets only for dogs coming from the eastern states to western australia. I currently have booked my dog (Iggy) via Dogtainers Perth to London (door to door service). Great service so far. My son took his Weimaraner last year Perth to London with Dogtainers and was very happy with the service. Small change to the itinery - as qantas to longer fly Singapore to London my Iggy has to go with Emirates and they demand that Iggy is off-loaded in Dubai for 6 hours so that he can come out of his crate and have a wander round. As he is very shy of new people, good luck on them getting him out of his crate. When he arrived here from Melbourne it took me 2 hours to persuade him to come out (he didn't know me from a bar of soap).
  7. My story is very similar to yours. I took on a desexed, es Aus Champ, aged 4yrs old. He kept his tail down for weeks, but I left him to find his own levels in the house. I live alone but have lots of friends with dogs. Gradually I introduced him to local dogs (one by one). He arrived May 2011 and he is shy, almost scared looking around men in particular. He is only just keepig his tail up and actually greeting my male neighbour. I too cannot get a response from his previus owner, who is a breeder and a judge! Oh and I am returning permentently to the UK mid year or thereabours and he is coming with me!
  8. Iggy is on a BARF diet. Minced meats plus sweet potato plus porridge oats. I am following a grain free, low stach veggies and fruits (ala Mark Sissons and Robb Wolff)
  9. Caz this is so sad and horrible for you. Good travels to the Buddy, no way for a beautiful lad to go.
  10. Didn't know that. Thanks. I got a list of acreditted vets from Dogtainers (they have been very helpful and shipped my son's Weimaraner last May). I am very aware around where I live, that vets charge different prices for the same thing, hence why I called the three nearest to me, and got the conflicting info. I have re-checked with Dogtainers, and all I have to have done is a Rabies shot before we go, so that makes life easier just knowing what exactly is required. My own vet is not able to do the rabies shot. Iggy is indeed the dog's name :laugh: He is a retired Aus Champ from Victoria, now neutered and living in luxury with a retired me :) Thank you all for your responses.
  11. I am returning permanently to the UK mid this year. Have been in touch with Dogtainers about shipping my Affenpinshcer Iggy. I phoned a few local vets about the rabies shot and got very different info from each vet. All said how much they charge for the rabies shot (varying prices) BUT each had a different add on requirement 1. 24/48 hours before shipping dog must have flea and tick bath at the vet, also very exxy. 2. No dog does not need F and T bath, but does need a blood test and then a heartworm vaccination, again very exxy. I got back to Dongtainers (really great service) and was told "all the dog needs is the Rabies shot, NOTHING else". When dog arrives at the airport AQIS vet checks him, gives him a heartworm pill and signs off on the paperwork. I do wish vets would not try to add on stuff that is not a requirement and charge like a rabid bull.
  12. In May I purchased Iggy (Aus Ch.) Affenpinscher to spendhis days in happy retirement with me. His previous owner lives in VIC and Iggy has a microchip from VIC. I would like to change the details to WA and don't know how and I am having truble contacting his last owner. Does anyone know how I need to go about this??? I transferred Zedley from NSW to WA, but the previous owner in tht situation sent me a parially filled out form which I just had to complete and sign. I am reluctant to have a second m/chip put in the young man so if anyone can give me a headup on what to do next I would be much appreciative.
  13. Loraine


    Just poked my head in here and am gobsmacked. I am so sorry Teebs, Atlas is one of the first dogs I remember from DOL, and I always love reading about him. Run free boy. Happy birthday Teebs.
  14. I watched in horror. If they can take proceeds of drug 'business' from those found guilty or drug pushing, why can they not take the massive proceeds of sale of poor pups from these ratbags???? And they should have been banned for life from keeping ANY pets.
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