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  1. OT because mine is a cat but he looks so much like his mother. my boy: Mother:
  2. If it comes to that or feeding kibble, I would definitely ensure my dog gets what's required and not get a deficiency in minerals and nutrients. If that means I have to stick food down my dog's throat, just like I do pills, that's what I'll do. Perhaps pills are not appropriate for dogs too and we should never give any dog medication? Many people feed what they think their dog does best on and jeopardise his health later down the path. Any dog can survive on Pedigree or even mince and rice and appear healthy. If OP wants to feed a proper raw diet, there are some components that cannot be nego
  3. The sardines you feed are the raw kind or the tinned ones? If they're raw, at least you're getting some organs. If they're tinned, eat them yourself. DTDO - If your dogs eat tinned fish, they are not exclusively raw fed. As for organ, have you tried mixing it in mince, searing the outside, sticking it down his throat, doling it out as a treat/reward, freezing them, hiding it in half a chicken, trying different protein sources, accidentally dropping them, practising tough love (i.e. no other food unless he eats his organs)? Personally I would not feed my lot any of the stuff you feed your old
  4. Having lived in several countries, I can tell you that raw meat in Australia is really very cheap compared to many places, and feeding PMR in Australia cost me less than top quality kibble (back then I tried brands like Artemis, Nutro, Canidae, Natural Balance, Holistic Select, Earthborn Holistic etc). Who's to say what those dogs with rickets in the Tudor period were fed exactly? Sure, some might have rickets, others might have died of starvation or of old age. Others might prefere to feed their dogs cheaper foods like aforementioned grain gruel, while the humans feast on meats. We're not t
  5. Disagree. I've known quite a few giant breed puppies raised wonderfully on PMR.
  6. Saw this on Facebook. Not a news article but worth sharing. Dog has now had tumours removed and has been neutered. For updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Canine-Solutions-Staffordshire/309843302469516
  7. My boys are 100% prey model but there's still staining around the eye , mouth/jaw and paws.
  8. I have tried ACV in water but my Maltese x didn't like the taste. It worked but so did pure distilled water as drinking water. There's also a natural formula of Angel Eyes that's said to be effective. I've tried the non-natural formula and that works too but now that I know what's in it I'll never use it again.
  9. I woudn't take him off raw, but for alternative sources of calcium, what about ground eggshell?
  10. cosmolo, would like the recall program too if it's ok? thank you!
  11. 10% of expected adult weight is way too much. 2% of expected adult weight is the way to go, and work up from there - usually 3-4% is for smaller breed puppies. If you have a mutt and don't know how big he will grow to, feed 10% of current weight.
  12. I have to admit I thought that with my first puppy and he never did become a devil - much to my disappointment. He just seemed like an old dog, just laying there and being so calm. I thought he was broken. Probably was Haha, no wonder! I'm not in Australia but in Europe ;) She's very timid compared to my other girl Mikan, who's more curious and bold. This little one (Yuza) is still scared of everything and did not handle the stress of traveling as well as Mikan did. Glad she's settled in now, and will probably be naughtier as she grows older. She's older than the puppy (Diamond) but seems m
  13. Jules: Thank you! Miah is just gorgeous as well Yeah she is quite okay, I think the worst months are from 4 or 5 months onwards.. that's the kitty terror period :laugh: sujo: Yes she is! Why is it strange for a SF to be from Russia? There are hardly any in Scotland :laugh: Also, perhaps you struck puppy lottery with Flynn (who is just beautiful btw)!
  14. Now I have finally gotten my kitten from Russia and also, unexpectedly, a foster failure puppy. So things are pretty crazy around here at the moment :laugh: This little guy has evolved from a placid cuddlebum to a full-on crazy puppy. If I hadn't seen his littermates I would really have thought he was an oversized JRT! & my little w61 33 girl
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