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  1. Hi guys, It's been awhile. Hope everyone is doing well. Caesar embarrasses me every time we go to the dog park. He likes to pee on EVERYTHING. When he sees another dog marking a spot, he rushes over and pees on it. He sees a water bowl, he pees inches away from it. Heck, he sometimes even pees on other dogs for good measure. It's probably because I don't allow him to mark at home so he just lets himself loose at the dog park, but still, super embarrassing.
  2. Thanks Leah82. I tried to make an appointment with them but they're booked out and will only be available next week. I kinda have to do it within the next couple of days as I'm selling my car this weekend.
  3. Hi guys, It's been awhile. Time flies when you're having fun and by the end of January, I'll be back in Singapore with Caesar! So I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a groomer who knows how to groom a cocker spaniel. For example, giving Caesar a "cocker cut". TIA Andrew
  4. $3.89 here So roughly how many necks come in a KG?
  5. I'm living in Malvern East, about 15 mins south east of Melbourne.
  6. I tried my local Coles but they only have chicken necks and only once in a blue moon. I don't usually go to Woolies, as I prefer to get petrol from Shell and Coles provide petrol discounts. LOL. I might go take a look at my nearest Woolies and hopefully they do carry it.
  7. Hi guys, I used to feed Caesar chicken necks but after seeing how he just swallows them whole, I've decided to stop. I've been snooping around the forum, casually reading and I realised many people feed their dogs turkey necks instead. I managed to get 1 for free from a butcher in QV market but he told me it's not easy to find turkey necks there. Caesar enjoys his turkey neck very much so I was wondering if anyone living around Melbourne knows where to get them? I live just SE of Melbourne but I don't mind driving 30-45 mins one way to get them. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  8. I'm driving up to the pinnacle tomorrow and I'm wondering if dogs are allowed up there. I hate laeving Caesar home alone all day.
  9. You can try ourpetworld.net Cheapest I've seen so far. It's based in Singapore so it'll take about 2 weeks to arrive. It's free shipping, but you can ask for registered mail if you want peace of mind. Got something from them once, went through customs no problem.
  10. +1 Toilet training should start now. When I got Caesar from his breeder, he is already paper trained. It makes it so much easier for me when I brought him home. Fake grass with newspapers lined underneath it, away from their sleeping and playing areas would be helpful.
  11. I was taking my usual route to school when I noticed a border collie wandering on the walkway. I ignored it and kept walking. It leaned in to sniff at me and grabbed my knee! Thank god I was wearing jeans and it couldn't get a grip on me. I shouted at it and backed away while eyeing it. It started scratching at a door and someone opened the door to allow it in. I went to school to check out the damage and realise it was worse than I thought. There were puncture wounds and bleeding . I called the council and they said a Ranger will go take a look. What will the Ranger do to the dog? I feel kinda bad now going straight to the council without speaking to the owner first.
  12. Caesar gets his nails cut every time I bathe him. He hates bathing and having his nails cut, so I reckon I'll just squeeze all his hated activities into one day. He can therefore be happy for 2-3 weeks, have the worst day of his life, and back to be happy for another 2-3 weeks.
  13. Hey guys, Have anyone tried the boarding mentioned above? I'll be flying off to Hobart for a week at the end of the year and I think I might be boarding Caesar during that time. Their pricing seems very reasonable, too good in fact. So I was just wondering if anyone has any dirt on them. I also welcome any recommendations around Malvern area + 1 hour drive radius. Thanks guys.
  14. Where abouts in VIC are you? I just joined the Dog Obedience Club in Knox and they seem very good, they're all about the quick reward system and finding out what works best for your dog. I'm located in Malvern East, Knox seem a little bit far but I really don't mind looking into it if they're really good.
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