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  1. This is an awful thread to read through, very frustrating and what should have been avoidable. The owners need to be charged - imagine if there were children playing in the backyard at the time... Really tacky to make someone feel like crap after witnessing the death of their dog - just reading through it I could sense they were not in a position to help the dog or it would have been worded very differently including words like "received horrible injuries trying to save the dog".. Not everyone is that dog savvy, lets face it - the dog was attacked in the "safety" of it's own back yard and the owner would have been in an awful state of shock and fear..while we all like to think we would act - unless under the pressure perhaps not all could. As a kid I broke up a fight between our GSD and a Dobermann, not sure I would have the guts to do it again - my parents went nuts at me telling me just what they could have done to me in that state of mind. Yes dogs will be dogs and that is the reason I will never allow a dog with an aggressive temperament to live in my home and I sure as hell would never rehome one either. Sympathy to the poster for the loss of their dog in such an awful situation.
  2. My Pug is hands down the most energetic dog Ive ever had. And I've had Staffords and Rotties! Don't be lulled in to thinking you are getting an easy house dog :laugh: Alvin is three and not showing any signs of slowing down. He scares me - he's mental :laugh: I agree Clyde - Pugs are great little dogs but have to admit my Rottweilers are easier to live with
  3. He started off like any normal enquiry but I didn't like something he said so I had to suck him in a bit more finding out what he was after...didn't take long but I wasn't expecting his full intentions. It still sickens me to this day..
  4. Here's one for you :D eta: Actually the worst puppy enquiry was for this dog when he was 5 months old, some prick tried to buy him after he told me he was going to hack off his tail and lock him in a yard where no one would see him. It wasn't the only horrible enquiry I had but it was the ugliest one because he contacted me for 3 days trying to convince me to sell him - pushing for a sale and offering more cash in hand, he was told to where to shove it and if he called back again I would go to the police.
  5. Thanks for the kind words about Lizzy, I shouldn't have mentioned her loss, it was sudden and we are still adjusting. I don't want to side track from the OP. Silentchild, I am still researching a suitable mate, so fingers crossed all goes well - so make sure you stay in touch with me :)
  6. Fingers crossed if all goes well they will be here before we know it, if not then the wait will be longer.. I have plenty more pics to show you if you like - including newborn puppies. I posted the above because they are at the best stage and ready for mischief :laugh: My dogs are easy enough to handle, but it's days like I am having now when my back lets me down it's hard to do what I want. It's more their size than strength for me now, while they are able to assist in/out of the car for vet trips it's all good but I worry about how I can manage them when I have to physically move them myself. I have stopped grooming large dogs now for the same reason. Mine are easy to manage but not all large dogs are. Hamish jumped on the bed last night and had me pinned while licking my face. I couldn't move my arms up to push him away but he did listen when I told him to go away. They never live long enough - it's so hard losing them. We lost Lizzy only last week . Danny's Darling - I have the right one for you here now and she is a gem :D
  7. Gorgeous photos! But I was curious, why will you not be breeding (or even keeping?) Rotts anymore? Are you just specializing in the one breed or are there other reasons? Sorry if this is a personal question, please disregard it in that case. As I said, just curious :) No, that's fine. I just can't do what I want with the Rottweilers any more and feel it's not fair on them. I have injuries (back and shoulder are my worst) from when I was younger, now at almost 48 I am not up to the exercise they deserve. If I do have another one later on I would be after an ex show or breeding dog who would be happy for a more sedate life style. I was also put off the breeding side due to some very horrible puppy enquiries - I would rather not have another litter than have to deal with those types of people again. Also I find it easier and better for me to stick with the smaller breeds and Pugs stole my heart when I was just a kid. I grew up with and have always had large dogs so it's always possible I will have another Rottweiler down the track but he/she would need to be suitable for us. My current Rottweilers are now 9 and 5 yrs old. This was taken earlier this year.
  8. Christmas time is not my favorite time for puppies but timing depends on when the girls come in season. My Pugs don't seem to have normal seasons, they have been every 8 - 10 months. There really is something very special about Pug babies - they are way too gorgeous :D This has always been one of my favorites I am very lucky to have so many of these beautiful pic. I treasure them, I won't have this pack structure again, it was very special to me. Think she was trying to join in with this one :) Oh and some Pug babies :) My current Pugs annoy the crap out of the Rotties so I don't make them put up with it - not fair on them. They look at me as if to say "deal with them" :laugh: .
  9. Silentchild - I love both breeds, had Rotties before the Pugs but won't be breeding another litter of Rotties, once my current dogs go to heaven that could be it for me. I am planning a Pug litter for early to mid next year, if you would like to stay in touch with me I am sure we could work something out for a play date or two :D . My first Pug had a lovely cheeky nature and she grew up in the whelping box with my Rottie pups - she must have thought she was one of them. She was a tough little bugger and ruled the roost here and at her new home - YES dogs can be rehomed and still maintain a close bond with their previous homes without any problems...or none that we had anyway. Lizzy was only 9 weeks old when we got her and Piper was just 2 weeks from having her first litter. It was love at first sight for these two - they shared a wonderful bond.
  10. Is this for the Seymour area - I can ask in a groomers group if anyone would be able to help you out if you like.
  11. You can find it easily online - Clipperworld sell it. Would be much cheaper to do it yourselves though.
  12. A lot of groomers are doing it now...personally I am not a fan so don't offer it. If you get it done or do it yourself please make sure you place more priority on short nails than just making them pretty.
  13. Any Pug breeders able to help/advise with hand raising Pug puppies in Penrith please contact me asap. eta: Or any one with small breeds. eta :: Sadly they didn't make it
  14. I have had two different vets from two different clinics tell me that Pugs are prone to MCT's. Not that I'm saying their word is gospel, but they've told me they see a lot of it. Not the first time I have heard this either. My first Pug (living with friends) had a low grade MCT removed earlier this year. All went well and will have to see how she goes. My current dogs are not related to her.
  15. Not the fist time and won't be the last unfortunately. This story will get interesting, the owner was interviewed this morning and seemed upset about the dog being alive. The owner paid for a dog to be PTS and it should have been. She said they signed a statement explaining why it was to be PTS and wants to know where that went. The death certificate was shown on TV and signed by a vet - nothing else should matter. I have no respect for any vet who would sign something and straight out lie to save their arse - they are paid to do a service and honesty is expected. Happens more than most people know..
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