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  1. I have a double coated breed so hardly ever coat but ever since she's started having muscle aches and more recently injured her illiapsoas, I now coat her at night in winter, mostly with the Back on track coat. It definitely seems to make a difference and has helped her recovery heaps too. Before when I didn't coat she used to curl up into a tight little ball and look positively miserable. Now she doesn't and seems a bit happier but she is a weirdo and will lay in front of the fire for ages.
  2. Ooh yay questionnaire! 1. How many dogs do you have, and what are their names, ages and breeds? One 7 year old Australian Shepherd named "Breeze" 2. Do you have plans for a new addition? Hoping to add one of her granddaughters to my clan, if the breeding takes place *fingers crossed* 3. Did you have dogs growing up? Yes, a Pomeranian and a crossbreed, and later on a Rottie 4. Do you have names saved for any future dogs? Yes, toying around with a few ideas for future puppy, keeping in line wi
  3. Twice a day here also, RMB in the morning and premade raw in the evening, but the evening meal varies a lot for example if I am training that day the evening meal consists of training food, or portions are lessened if I've trained during the day, etc etc. I've found that mine will throw up bile chucks if I only feed once, so twice a day works better for us.
  4. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see you and Em in action I finally get to meet the crazy Springer!
  5. Most big, black dogs would be enough of a visual deterrent I think. I am a petite female and I used to have a Rottweiler and I felt very safe with her even though she was the loveliest friendliest dog around, simply because people tended to avoid us and would even cross the street on purpose to avoid the dog. It's the perception of the big black dog. I think most dogs would be able to sense when a hostile stranger was intent on causing harm and would at least alert bark if someone tried to break into the house. I don't encourage them to do it but both my super friendly Rottweiler and my curren
  6. Also seconding the recommendation for Amanda from Pawsitively Great Pets, she has helped my girl with anxiety issues, she is very good, thorough, and professional, she knows her stuff, and works with you to find a solution to problems.
  7. That's great Tassie! I love her courses. I would really love to do the 4 part Canine Fitness Trainer course someday, when I win the lottery.
  8. Lol nothing less than what I expected from you. Do you have a working spot? I would have liked to tack on Sunday but just can't afford it at the moment as I have to fly again in April. So looking forward to the seminar - I've heard he's brilliant!
  9. I have the Surf Dog robes also. I don't know how I ever lived without one. Breeze goes swimming quite regularly, I just wrap her up in the robe, pop her in the car, and she's dry by the time we get home!
  10. Not currently but I might be looking for a good house sitter in the near future....would you mind PMing me the details of this terrific house sitter please?
  11. Finally got Breeze's pressies...she's being a bit spoilt and will be unwrapping a GoDog Dragon toy, a Jolly Egg, and a Kong wobbler. The cat on the other hand....
  12. Yes, there was a photo shoot with working dogs and service dogs at parliament today in regards to the bill. It is being shown on all news channels tonight and appearing in various newspapers and news sites.
  13. I don't know what to get my girl - she already has every toy under the sun! But I can't deny her the joy of unwrapping something on Christmas morning. What do you get a dog who already has everything?!
  14. Distance work..... what about NADAC?? It is sort of like agility but with different classes, ie. you can do just tunnels, or just hoops, or just jumps, etc etc. The courses are generally fenced in so less chances of a runaway dog, and a lot of the courses involve distance handling. There's even one where the handler has to stand in a designated spot whilst distance handling the dog around the entire course!!!
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