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  1. I have a double coated breed so hardly ever coat but ever since she's started having muscle aches and more recently injured her illiapsoas, I now coat her at night in winter, mostly with the Back on track coat. It definitely seems to make a difference and has helped her recovery heaps too. Before when I didn't coat she used to curl up into a tight little ball and look positively miserable. Now she doesn't and seems a bit happier but she is a weirdo and will lay in front of the fire for ages.
  2. Ooh yay questionnaire! 1. How many dogs do you have, and what are their names, ages and breeds? One 7 year old Australian Shepherd named "Breeze" 2. Do you have plans for a new addition? Hoping to add one of her granddaughters to my clan, if the breeding takes place *fingers crossed* 3. Did you have dogs growing up? Yes, a Pomeranian and a crossbreed, and later on a Rottie 4. Do you have names saved for any future dogs? Yes, toying around with a few ideas for future puppy, keeping in line with the "Breeze" theme 5. What is your favourite breed? Dalmatian, Pomeranian, Aussie Shepherd (but I love loads of breeds) 6. What is your favourite group? Dont have a fav group but I do like Pastoral and Utility and gun dogs too 7. Is there a breed that you admire, but probably wouldn't own? Dalmatian (because I don't think I'm a capable enough owner for one ), Saluki, Husky, White Swiss Shepherd 8. Do you compete with your dogs in any discipline? Yes, obedience, rally, Dancing With Dogs, Nosework, and also starting out tracking this year. She also has Trick Dog titles and we have dabbled in agility but constant injury prevented us from taking it further. 9. Have you had an achievement, large or small, with a dog that you're particularly proud of? The smallest achievements make me the proudest as my girl was very shy and initially lacking confidence, so simple things like being able to handle walking through a crowd or meeting a stranger makes me very proud. The proudest moment for me is when we were able to overcome ring stress and she was happy and playful in a ring during a trial. 10. What games do your dogs most enjoy playing? Lots and lots! Hide and Seek, bum chasies, blanket monster, playing keep away with toys, etc etc 11. Are you drawn more to male or female dogs? Females, I love them 12. What are your favourite coat patterns or colours? None in particular, I like all colours. I do love my dog's blue Merle colouring 13. What discipline or sport in the dog world do you find most interesting? Scent sports, it's wonderful to watch them do something so instinctively 14. What would be your dream household of dogs? The one I have currently is perfect and I wouldn't change it for the world 15. Where is your favourite walk? Changes all the time but I loved the Great Ocean walk at Apollo bay when we went last year 16. Does your dog have any funny habits? Rolling in poo! Lol! I do wish she wouldn't! 17. Do you have a favourite piece of dog gear? Yes our rope leash made by a horse gear company, so soft and easy to hold 18. What are your goals for your dogs? To live a long, healthy, fulfilled and the most enriched life I can possibly provide 19. Have you had what you consider to be a heart dog? Yes, my current girl Breeze is definitely my once-in-a-lifetime special heart dog. There will be more heart dogs in my future, but there will be none quite like her. I am so blessed. 20. List five things you love about your dog I couldn't possibly list just five! But um, her loyalty, her spirit, her gentleness, her unbridled joy, her complexity And... post a picture of your dog/s
  3. Twice a day here also, RMB in the morning and premade raw in the evening, but the evening meal varies a lot for example if I am training that day the evening meal consists of training food, or portions are lessened if I've trained during the day, etc etc. I've found that mine will throw up bile chucks if I only feed once, so twice a day works better for us.
  4. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see you and Em in action I finally get to meet the crazy Springer!
  5. Most big, black dogs would be enough of a visual deterrent I think. I am a petite female and I used to have a Rottweiler and I felt very safe with her even though she was the loveliest friendliest dog around, simply because people tended to avoid us and would even cross the street on purpose to avoid the dog. It's the perception of the big black dog. I think most dogs would be able to sense when a hostile stranger was intent on causing harm and would at least alert bark if someone tried to break into the house. I don't encourage them to do it but both my super friendly Rottweiler and my current very soft, very sensitive herding bred Aussie have positioned themselves between me and perceived stranger danger before (i.e. at night being approached in a dark street by strange drunks, etc etc).
  6. Also seconding the recommendation for Amanda from Pawsitively Great Pets, she has helped my girl with anxiety issues, she is very good, thorough, and professional, she knows her stuff, and works with you to find a solution to problems.
  7. That's great Tassie! I love her courses. I would really love to do the 4 part Canine Fitness Trainer course someday, when I win the lottery.
  8. Lol nothing less than what I expected from you. Do you have a working spot? I would have liked to tack on Sunday but just can't afford it at the moment as I have to fly again in April. So looking forward to the seminar - I've heard he's brilliant!
  9. I have the Surf Dog robes also. I don't know how I ever lived without one. Breeze goes swimming quite regularly, I just wrap her up in the robe, pop her in the car, and she's dry by the time we get home!
  10. Not currently but I might be looking for a good house sitter in the near future....would you mind PMing me the details of this terrific house sitter please?
  11. Finally got Breeze's pressies...she's being a bit spoilt and will be unwrapping a GoDog Dragon toy, a Jolly Egg, and a Kong wobbler. The cat on the other hand....
  12. Yes, there was a photo shoot with working dogs and service dogs at parliament today in regards to the bill. It is being shown on all news channels tonight and appearing in various newspapers and news sites.
  13. I don't know what to get my girl - she already has every toy under the sun! But I can't deny her the joy of unwrapping something on Christmas morning. What do you get a dog who already has everything?!
  14. Distance work..... what about NADAC?? It is sort of like agility but with different classes, ie. you can do just tunnels, or just hoops, or just jumps, etc etc. The courses are generally fenced in so less chances of a runaway dog, and a lot of the courses involve distance handling. There's even one where the handler has to stand in a designated spot whilst distance handling the dog around the entire course!!!
  15. Our immense love of food and rolling around on the bed. :laugh: On a more serious note, we are both quite shy, we both dislike sudden loud noises, and we both have confidence and abandonment issues. But despite our fears I think we both always tries our hardest for each other. I like to think so. I feel like I can read and understand her very well, and vice versa. Where we differ the most is her love for rolling in poo. I can't say I like to roll in poo in any way, not even in the slightest. :laugh:
  16. So TSD, when will we see you doing NW also?? :D
  17. Have always wanted a Dalmatian, and a Saluki because omg so pretty. Neither will probably ever happen as I don't think I'm a suitable home for those breeds. I'll just stick to Aussies and very happy to do so. :laugh: When I am old and frail I will have Pomeranians as a harken back to my first family dog growing up.
  18. I hardly ever crate mine overnight, but when I do, yes I provide water. I find she rarely drinks it anyway, too busy snoring LOL. That being said OH does get up super early for morning shift work and lets her out to pee then anyway so it's not like she's busting to pee for super long hours throughout the night. I go to bed pretty late also.
  19. This is so interesting! I wonder if they could incorporate some sort of static reduction technology also, as I do believe dogs can sense the static charge buildup with a thunderstorm that makes them scared. If they could I'd be putting my hand up for one! I'd be immensely interested in this product if it works, for my girl who is storm-phobic and fireworks phobic. I've also used loud music to drown out the noise of storms/fireworks and drawn all the blinds and curtains to shut out the visual aspect of lightning flashes - this definitely helps her.
  20. So sorry for your loss MadWoofter He was very loved.
  21. Hahaha I always get told I have a border collie, a koolie, or some weird crossbreed. The best thing is when they argue after I tell them she's an Australian Shepherd. ???? "There's no such thing!!!"
  22. Yes, that's the one. It used to be taught by Denise Fenzi and had two parts, but it has now since been taken over by Laura Waudby. The syllabus looks to be the same however. Not sure if the second part is still on offer but there is a lot to gain even just from the first one. I did it at gold with Denise a long time ago and it still remains a class that I will revisit time and time again with all my future dogs. Just so excellent.
  23. I would recommend the Ring Confidence course with the Fenzi Academy. Perfect for your situation.
  24. Denise Fenzi's blogs has many good articles addressing exactly what you have described. https://denisefenzi.com/ I do a lot of acclimation, engagement and ring confidence work to help my dog who stresses in the ring. It's a key component to our training and we are much happier and work much better because of it.
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