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  1. A Raw / Vets All Natural Diet

    the diet stated gives plenty of calcium, it doesn't need a supplement. It can't hurt to make someone aware if a product that may be useful. You need to back off or reword your input because you are pissing me off.
  2. A Raw / Vets All Natural Diet

    Amino cal plus do a google search, can be used just to make sure your puppy is getting everything
  3. And More Fleas...

    Oooooooh if you have a bagless and do that, pleaaaaaaase wash your filters out after! Working for electrolux has given me a whole new set of nightmares and that just makes my skin crawl! :laugh: I understand , but you only need a small amount like a teaspoon full and it's not being done every time u vacuum, just when it is required
  4. Awesome thank you, the greenslopes vet is only 25 min drive
  5. Or even a vet that does not insist that yearly vaccinations are a must do, or a vet that believes in probiotics,or a vet that believes in alternative treatments, etc or even a vet that is experienced with Douge De Bourdeux
  6. Inner Health Plus

    Awesome thank for the link
  7. And More Fleas...

    If you have carpet in your house and dogs are inside dogs, then you need to use paper bag in the vacuum and throw the bag into your wheely bin as soon as u finish. Or if u have a bagless u need to empty it into your wheely bin and then suck up some flea powder with the vacuum. If you don't do the previous mentioned the fleas will just get back out of the vacuum and into your house.
  8. Fleas!

    Ok thanks, I'm not sure how sensitive they are, but a friend of mine who is also a pest tech uses frontline on his collies and permethrin on their bedding etc. with no issues. And again thanks for the heads up!
  9. Fleas!

    Flea bombs are a marketing product they are not really worth the $. Buy a liquid permethrin treatment and spray that around on carpet, dog beds, even the dogs, if you have nothing else to kill the fleas with, it is a synthetic pyre thyroid and is one of the safest cheaper chemicals available, It will only stay in the dog/human/mammal system for a max of 7 days if you accidentally get some on you, but it is very safe but not a safe as frontline. Permethrin is removed from system thru sweat, urination. .
  10. Fleas!

    Just use frontline it is very safe. To explain in laymen terms - ok fleas go thru various stages of development to get from being a egg to becoming a adult flea, and frontline works by stoping fleas changing from stage to stage. Dogs and humans and cats, horses etc do not go thru metamorphism and therefore are not effected by the active ingredient and this is why frontline is very safe to use. There are many chemicals for sale that I would never ever ever use on my pets because they are carsonegenic are can cause cancer! There are even very popular human head lice treatments that have carsonegenic chemicals in them yes u read correctly! P.s Warning follow the instruction for frontline 100% do not do anything different, 100% or expect it to fail.
  11. And More Fleas...

    Ok just a little info I am a qualified pest manager, I hold a cert 4 which is the highest level of formal qualifications in Australia, ok now to talk about Frontline, it will work and work extremely well. now this is the thing you absolutely need to follow the instruction 100% or you will cause the fleas to become immune to it or cause a failed treatment and your dog will still have a ongoing flea problem. I use frontline and have done so since it came out and I follow the instruction 100% and I have never ever had a failed treatment, so if frontline is not working for you, then you have either failed to follow the instructions correctly or you have a large infestation that requires additional treatment of the surrounding environment to speed up the flea kill. But frontline will in time kill all the fleas, it is just like termites, roaches, etc if there is a large infestation it is going to take longer to get rid of them all. So just persist with frontline and please please follow the instructions 100%. Please feel free to ask me anything relating to fleas or ticks, I can advise you of what to use and how to use it!.
  12. Can anyone recommend a Holistic vet in Brisbane on the bayside near wynnum
  13. Blackmores Intestinal Health

    ;) could have saved yourself by asking for recommendations on here Good idea
  14. Blackmores Intestinal Health

    That's good the AVA have that rec just a shame I had to ring 4 vets before I found one with out the old school train of thought, of vacination every year and only prescribed meds will work.
  15. Blackmores Intestinal Health

    Totally agree it will not prevent parvovirus BUT why would you think it would?