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  1. Blog Post On Buying Pedigree Dog - Link Wanted

    PETA 'nuff said Thanks Oso :) I'd already found that one which is useful, but the one I'm after was written this year. I might pm the photographers....95% sure it was on one of their pages.
  2. This is quite tenuous, but within the last few months one of the Aussie dog photographers I follow on fb posted a link to a recent, well written article, about why buying a pure bred from a registered breeder would not result in a shelter dog dying.... Don't suppose anyone knows of the blog or has a link to it? :laugh: Cheers :)
  3. The Crestie Gang

    She's 'progressed' from rolling in it, to eating sheep poop...... and then vomiting it up in the car - oh the smell!! The Crestie Crew drop some tunes - warning contains howling :laugh:
  4. Justice Doing His Modelling Thing

    Gorgeous as always and he wears the collar so well Love the 'pretty smile' :laugh:
  5. My Innocent House Guest

    Lol, watch your back Arkey, those chooks look sinister! So true! :laugh:
  6. The Crestie Gang

    Thanks Kristin, it's great isn't it :) Oh dear, I see showers are going to be a regular event now after walks for miss Pops
  7. Busted!

    Oh Justice, what a face :laugh: Lol Roova, no shame!
  8. Ping!

    Love this little guy! He reminds me of my Poppy with the same cheeky, full of life, attitude 😊
  9. The Crestie Gang

    Poppy has been missing her beach runs, but we found a park yesterday that I think she is happy with :laugh: it also contained sheep poo which made her extra happy!
  10. Jolie Is Going To Be A Mum...

    Nawww they are so grown up now, just totally gorgeous! I'm a member of the WA iggy group and see so many iggy puppy pics that I'm hooked!
  11. The Crestie Gang

    Thanks Snook :) The first one just sums up little miss cheeky pants :laugh: The last ones of Louis are pretty much as they were shot, he was standing inside but in a ray of evening sun
  12. Macro Photo's

    Thanks Roova :) That's just beautiful teekay - such delicate, pretty colours :) I don't know that bumble bee song, tell me more :laugh:
  13. Landscapes, Sunsets And Sunrise

    The sky looks like it is on fire! Cracking shot Canetoad. Thanks guys, the telephoto really accentuates the sun, these were over the other side of the valley from where we are staying. The colours are pretty much as captured, it was such a gorgeous evening :)
  14. Macro Photo's

    I got my macro lens out for some pics in the garden, not my finest macros as it was windy and these guys didn't sit still for a second, but thought I'd pop them up :) I'd forgotten how big bumble bees are, and how pretty the butterflies are back in the UK, we only got the cabbage white in Perth :laugh:
  15. The Crestie Gang

    Cresties hit the UK! They have settled in well and have enjoyed getting some evening rays :) (I have a new tablet which I haven't calibrated yet, so pleased let me know if the colours are awful :laugh: )