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  1. she is beautiful! hows the toilet training going? are you getting much sleep?
  2. More pics of Laffi please! :D
  3. What a little cutie! she has a sweet face :rolleyes:
  4. He looks absolutely gorgeous! How did you pick him form his litter mates? Just lucky! There were three males in the litter and the breeder was keeping one, so she got first choice, then another buyer had 2nd choice (but the breeder convinced him to take a particular pup coz she wanted us to have max) but if you do get a choice, go for one that is very active, alert and playful, not shy or scared. max was the most outgoing male in the litter and although he can be a handful he is a wonderful dog! hes off to obedience school in two weeks ( he already passed puppy preschool but we just to help him to become his best!)
  5. She is going to be light gold. How about yours? Max is suppose to be mid gold once he gets older. when he got him he was much creamier but as hes gotten older his ears, back and tail have a nice golden colour developing. This is max at 8 weeks the first day we bought him home. This is max now. hes going through that dorky stage where his body needs to catch up with the growth of his legs! Very funny stage!
  6. Hello Mel, She is going to be called Laffi and I am getting her from Shogold retrievers (Brisbane). I will definitely post the pics as soon as possible. Cant wait for the pics! what colour is she? cream, light gold, mid gold, dark gold? i love all colours!
  7. Hi Maria Check out the Golden Retriever thread in the Photos section. There are heaps of gorgeous golden retriever photos posted there! Make sure you post pics of your new pup when you get her, cant wait to see her! What are you going to call her? I got my Golden ("Max") at xmas time and we started house training straight away. basically take her outside as often as possible and praise her lots and lots when she goes in the right place. Its amazing how quickly they get the hang of it!
  8. My pup has just finished puppy preschool. he doesn't really bite us anymore, but he was biting the other puppies at preschool. as soon as its play time, he bares his teeth and wants to play by biting. sometimes he would bite too hard and the other pup would cry out, but our pup would just bite even harder instead of letting go. he doesnt understand thats he hurting them. we were told to pick him up and take him away from playing if he does this so that he learns if he does that, he wont get to play. we also did this technique with him biting us. if he bites us, we give him a warning- like "dont bite" in a stern voice. then if he continues to do so, we put him in "time out"- (we put him in his play pen- but it can be a laundry, bathroom etc) you must tell him "dont bite" then completely ignore him and walk away from him. after a while once he has calmed down, let him out again and repeat if he bites again. he'll soon get the idea that if he wants to play, he has to play nice!
  9. Very cute! Lily just loves that toy! Love the pink bed!
  10. Just letting you know, Max's eye is back to normal already! YAY! It's gone completely black again.
  11. Thanks LilyW! Your pup is gorgeous too! she is so big now! do you know how much she weighs?
  12. I know, he cracks me up! sometimes he does actually bring it back, but he loves the grass so much, he'd rather just flop onto it and chew the ball instead of coming back to me! he he! Little rascal he is!
  13. Mel_c

    Bath Time...

    We will wash our 10 week old pup about every 2-3 weeks. We have washed him twice in the 3 weeks we have had him. we want him to get really used to being washed at a young age so there will be no problems when hes older. basically once hes smelly or dirty enough we wash him. especially if we have visitors coming to see him! there's nothing like a clean fluffy puppy that smells good!!
  14. My pup bites too and its really hard to get him to stop. we tried yelping, saying "no", growling etc but he just gets more excited and thinks youre playing with him. we give him a toy when he bites us to encourage him to eat that instead of us, but it doesnt always work. we tried water spray too, but he loves the water. he also thinks thats a game too and tries to attack the water spray bottle! so i cant offer any advice, but would like to hear advice from others to help me out too!!
  15. Hi Jen That's a relief! i thought that he'd just scratched it, but i wasnt sure if the rim would go black again. i was worried our little guy would have the pink bit all his life! i will get the vet to look at it when we're there just to make sure. i'll post some new pics in the photos section. Mel
  16. We have noticed that our 10 week old puppy's (golden retriever) eye rim has changed colour. His right eye, which used to be completely black around the rim, has now got a pink patch (about half of the bottom rim). There is no evidence of a cut or any injury to the eye, so i was wondering what could cause this change in the pigment. Could he have scratched his eye and removed the pigment? Will it go back to black again?
  17. Thanks everyone for the great advice, its really helpfull! i really want my pup to be well socialised, but i also dont want to endanger him either, so your tips are very useful. Thanks!! we are also planning on staying with my brother (and the staffy) for New Years, so i was hoping that the xmas visit will be a test to see how they are together, coz i dont want to have to leave my pup with a babysiter (ie my parents) coz i'll miss him too much!!!
  18. I am picking up my Golden pup on Saturday. My brother is coming to visit at xmas time (a week later). He has a full grown Staffy who is very boisterous, solid and strong (he ran into my leg and i got a huge lump). He does seem to calm down after the initial excitement of meeting new people though. i am a little worried that he is too rough to play with the pup, and i dont want him to get hurt. i have heard that older dogs can sense when another dog is only a pup, so they are more gentle with them. is this true? the pup will also be playing with another golden, who i know will be gentle, and also a rotti, who i think will be ok too. I was thinking of tieing up the Staffy, so that the pup can still play with him, but can also run off and its too much for him. We will only let them play under supervision of course too. So what do you think? what are your experiences with this situation?
  19. He is SO cute!!!! i bet you spoil him rotten!!! i know i would!
  20. LilyW, thanks for your fantastic post! i am getting my pup in 2 weeks time and was a little worried about leaving my pup home alone. i leave to go to work at 8am and my boyfriend gets home at 3-4pm, so on average, my pup will be home for about 7 hours by himself monday to friday. my breeder says this is quite ok too. she even feeds her pups twice a day. as she knows that for a lot of people it just isnt possible to feed them 3 times a day (ie the middle of the day), so she gets them used to the meal times before they are picked up by their new owners. i hate the thought of leaving him alone, but we have a huge pen in the backyard for him and i will get him lots of toys. The first week i have him i will be working, but my mum will be able to come around and check on him and play with him. Then i will be home for 2 weeks over xmas so i can spend heaps of time with him. I wish i could spend more time with him during the weekdays, but unforunatly we have to make a living, if i could, i would quit my job in a second to stay all day with my pup, but wheres that going to get me! Everyones positive advice has been very helpful! I guess the thing some people have to remember is that they are dogs, not humans. we cant have maternity leave to stay home with them!! (i wish we could) hehe! we just have to do the best we can and love them to bits!!!!!
  21. Bonbon, we are getting a golden retriever pup soon! hopefully xmas week or maybe early next year. do you have any pics of yours? what are their names? i just love goldens, they're SO gorgeous! :rolleyes:
  22. Thanks to everyone for the great advice!! i think a sand pit, wading pool and fencing off the gardens sound like good ideas. hopefully they will work as my partner loves his new turf and would hate to see it too dug up!! as for me... the digging doesn't worry me as much, i just want my pup to be happy and not too bored while we are at work everyday!!
  23. We are buying a golden retriever pup soon and every time i tell someone we are getting a golden, they say that they will ruin our garden and say they are really destructive. i am a little worried as quite a few people have said this to me. we have just laid new turf in our backyard, but have no plants as yet (but we will have soon). what can i do to stop the new pup from digging and destroying our backyard?? Thanks!!
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