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  1. No blood, but he is limping a bit. I couldn't see anything in it just a little flap (match head size on 55kg dogs foot) which is on the front of the big pad and I think it rubs against the others. Wondering if it feels like a paper cut on a finger which usually sting like crazy. Sadly no vets open at this time on a Sunday. If he's still limping in the morning it's off to the vet.
  2. Thanks. Will do it now then take him for a drive (rather than his arvo walk) to take his mind off licking it.
  3. Thank you. PS. Love your avatar.
  4. Spud seems to have a small nick on one of his pads - walked on something sharpish, somewhere I guess. I'd like to wash it before putting some neocort on it - however, I only have betadine and dettol in the house, nothing animal specific. What should I use or is there something I can get from the chemist that would be better?
  5. Collar Cam

    Good Lord...I just Googled it up on another site....hope my sister didn't pay this much for them - I think I'm going to feint. Cool things
  6. Collar Cam

    Yes, they're called Uncle Milton's Pets Eye View Camera.
  7. Collar Cam

    Spud and Beanie each got a 'Collar Camera' for Christmas from my sister. So we put them on and took the dogs for a walk. Apart from mainly taking pictures of his own tongue... ...Spud managed to take a picture of Beanie while we were waiting to cross the road
  8. Candidates for the Darwin Awards ;) Good dog
  9. Favorite Photos Of Your Dog...

    That face is priceless
  10. Proban Use And Removing Ticks

    With Proban, I thought I read somewhere to start 2 weeks before and continue for two weeks after visiting a tick infested area.
  11. Poodles' Coat Poor On Nutro

    When the original US Nutro (adult Lamb & Rice) was no longer available in Australia in switched my two to Pro Plan Sensitive (salmon). They loved it but over the months their coats lost all their shine and felt quite dry. When Nutro (made in Australia) became available I switched them back to the Lamb and Rice and their coats are now lovely, shiny and healthy again. I also feed sardines and raw eggs a couple of time a week which I think helps but I was also feeding those with the Pro Plan so I put the healthy coats down to the Nutro Lamb and Rice. What variety of Nutro were you feeding?
  12. Spike in Parvo Virus cases
  13. Asher

    Such a beautiful boy - I still think of him from time to time and it still makes me , like now. RIP Asher.
  14. Surprise Puppy...help

    Any updates on the little (or, perhaps not so little) surprise puppy?