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  1. Okay, I Finally Snapped And Was Rude

    Jed, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  2. Dog Killed With Capsicum Spray- Melbourne

    Mita, my thoughts exactly ...my sister's beautiful shepherd that is so friendly often has people cross the road rather than walk past him while on lead and walking with my sister. It's more than likely if ever he ended up in someones yard(not that this is likely to happen) the council could be contacted, declaring a dangerous dog is in their yard. Enter, police, rangers, cornering, catching poles...who know'show a frighten dog would react... and why are they refusing to hand over reports and not allowing the ranger to be interviewed ?
  3. Baby Labs 5 Weeks Old

    :D What gorgeous babies .
  4. Traumatic Experience

    So agree with you malsrock...
  5. Warm Fuzzies From A You Tube Viewer

    What can you say :D .... it just break's your heart doesn't it?? .. so glad he is with loving people now, just look how good he is looking now.
  6. Warm Fuzzies From A You Tube Viewer

    That just made me cry buckets of tears :D God some people are beyond anything to do with humanity, cruel, callous bastards Thank heavens he is safe and learning that not all human's are such a disgrace.
  7. Wondering If Its The Same

    Thanks Amstaff4me... I was just wondering as they a different breed.. although very similar if it was acceptable in the American Staff.... I have noticed a few litter adds stating , Aust Champ.. etc as sire of a litter claiming he is blue.. and different notices saying the bitch is blue...I guess what I am wondering is , that judges must have place them and awarded them to obtain their Ch title I met a man with a blue dog at the dog park the other day, he said he was an Australian Champion.... lovely dog but couldn't help but wonder.
  8. I know how frowned upon blue Stafford pups are.... just wondering if it is the same for American staffy pups or is this an acceptable colour in this breed.... as I said just wondering.
  9. If the pup is as bad as first stated, then how the hell is she going to present a sweet , loving, timid puppy to a new owner.... particularly if its biting and growling at all and everyone.... Maybe, pup isn't aggressive at all and she just doesn't want it for what ever reason..... after all how can you believe anything she is saying.... she has gone from one extreme to another.... I wonder how she will explain the LARGE lump on its head..... poor puppy
  10. Could the large lump on the puppy's head have anything to do with how it is acting.... taking it to the vet would be the best wouldn't it.?
  11. I think Erny, who posts on this forum, had leads that sound very similar to what you have just described... then again I could be wrong.. maybe PM her. I am sure she will help if she can
  12. Prices Of Pedigree Puppies.

    Good point Galek, but most breeders don't like you to enquire about the price of the puppy when first contacting them ..why is that?.. I think its very relevent, how else do you decide if its with in your budget.....I like you, would much prefer to see breeders advertise what they are selling their puppies for... it would save a lot of time wasting on both sides.
  13. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    Just an observation .... I always look in on the dane thread for serious dane talk and dane info.. not many breeders anymore... as I said just a observation.
  14. The Great Dane Thread (part 2)

    well , at least its a pic of a dane... not sausages..