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  1. Well done TeamSnag,. Being naughty in the ring at least shows she has attitude and is enjoying herself which is what it has to be about for these youngsters. I've found the judges are all happy to let Spice be a puppy instead of a cardboard cutout to this stage but there will come a time when better behaviour is expected so we need to find the balance of getting them to do it right without squashing their natural showmanship. I agree.. I never push babies or thu minor...She always has fun out there and that's what I like.. No point showing a dog who hates it so much...
  2. Sorry I been a bit slack.. My puppy is now 7 months and doing so well.. Shes even beating her mother so that's great... We had a great win a few weeks now.. first weekend up in minor and she wins minor in show!!! mind u shes so norti and barks as shes going around the ring lol.. oh well.. but im really happy with her
  3. So I couldn't find one so thought id start one... My rising star for 2015 is Naekota Its All About Me aka MeeMee!! Last litter and my first was nearly 5 years ago and I have a Supreme and a Grand (brother & Sister) So meet MeeMee.. Shes 4 and half month old.. We haven't had many shows due to it being to hot!
  4. I have fed nutro for years and puppies never had an issie with it
  5. Hahaha.. the little girl has been getting me up at 4am for toilet run.. I don't mind.. but then its back to bed! and I will ignore the crying barking telling me off lol it isn't play time its back to bed till sun comes up.. She thought it was fun time out there pulling on my pants at 4am lol . But she has started with the barking and im trying to ignore it as im not going to give in, attention seeking .. shes very demanding even when im getting their lunch ready lol.. Little miss thinks shes queen lol
  6. My boy goes next weekend... to show home with a friend.. will run him thru baby puppy and will see how he goes after that... The girl is staying... will be showen too.. Yes 2 is easy .. Mine are really good going to toilet outside and they are holding on at night. no poo's in puppy pen when I wake in morning.. plus they scream at me when they need to go out or go sit at the door and tell me off they need to go out lol
  7. So Whats everyone been upto? Mine are 9 weeks and still here lol..
  8. Such beautiful kids Allerzeit I dunno how u tell them apart lol Mine are 6 weeks this Saturday.. Slowly started to ween.. They love chicken mince so ill start to add some soaked dry into it and yogurt over next few days.. Still drinking on mum at times.. wont drink water well they will have a lap but that's about it lol..mums milk is so much better.. Duke has been slow I dunno if that's just the boys been 4 years since my last litter and iv forgotten everything lol.. He was slow to get up on his feet.. the girl its full steam ahead lol shes great.. Heres a pic of the ripped paper I came home too lol.. Butter wouldn't melt...
  9. Oh so very cute! 4 weeks and 4 days Duke MeeMee
  10. I'm going to leave it other week I think. .
  11. Yeah very annoying lol.. they have it to good with whole milk bar...laynee comes out for couple hours then I go I with milk or mince but they are asleep lol I put it in front of them and they walk away.. I dunno what to do lol think I'll just leave mum in there
  12. 4 Weeks now.. been trying for few days to start soilds.. so painful lol they are not into it at all
  13. Ok told me to stick the dry lol Oh well we will try again tomorrow lol
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