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  1. Hello! yes all good, dogs well, I've moved back to South Australia into a crap house so have to fix it up . xxx hope you're all well and happy and healthy. xxx
  2. OMG guess where I am now! WynnVale! will have to visit you. xxxx
  3. This. Also, fences, kids, working hours, the usual stuff to consider for fostering. As far as I know, there aren't really any other breed rescues for dogs near Launceston. I can think of only one other and I'd be very wary of them (won't mention the group name on here but it's a working breed). On the other hand, if they like cats, Just Cats is a huge group near Longford and they always need foster carers for cats. I've heard some questionable things about the woman who runs it but by all accounts, she's a bit hard to get along with so it's no surprise people have complaints. Only other loc
  4. thank you for all the information. I will make sure they are informed. xx
  5. Hi, I haven't been on for a while, a few years! I have a relative who has recently moved to Tasmania, an hour from Launceston, and they are very interested in fostering . Are there any breed rescues or working dog rescues who need fosterers? or indeed any organisation , Thank you. xx
  6. I am tentatively thinking of having a boarding kennels, although I have no idea what this entails regarding regulations, business planning, expenses, building requirements, any auditing etc. If anyone can assist me to make an informed decision, I would be very grateful. THANKYOU..xxx :)
  7. Wow, thanks everyone. and thankyou for link to Wayrod. I have had a quote from dogtainers for the two inc. crates, one nights boarding, vet check.. Brisbane, singapore, heathrow.. $5200. I thought that was good, much lower than I expected. Considering the girls are 28kg and 35kg.. I am awaiting a quote from Jetpets and will ask a couple of breeders I know, who they use as they regularly send dogs OS for shows and breeding purposes. Of course my main worry is the girl's comfort, safety etc.. Jerojath.. :D Not sure yet, :) simply making enquiries, I've been seriously thinking of goi
  8. Any ideas how to get hold of him? I think his inbox muxt be full
  9. Mine LOVE their crates..LOL. Who is Wayrod? I don't think I've seen that before.. Thanks.
  10. I know of dogtainers and jet pets, and I have applied for quotes from both. Can anyone with experiences of taking their dogs overseas tell me about both of these businesses and who they prefer and why? I know many breeders often send dogs overseas for showing/breeding etc. and would like to know how the dogs cope (and humans) and how well they travel.. (dogs! :) ) If there are any other animal transport options I would also be interested, and in any details at all that I can get re the journey. I am investigating Heathrow as the destination. Thanks.. :D
  11. :laugh: a fellow doler lives around the corner!! Lovely Bullmastiffs....
  12. I haven't been here for a long time. Just sharing my darling girlies.. Yacht racing!.... Fishing.. bums...
  13. Hey gorgeous,have PM you..xxxxxxxxxxx :D
  14. thanks, I have registered on the housesitter page..thanyou!xxx
  15. OK, been let down quite badly by a person who was housesitting for a few days for me as a trial..so am now after a person who is very responsible, dog loving of course.. :laugh: and available for this time period. I have a couple of options..kennels etc. of which I am not keen on doing re stress on dogs.. so just putting it out there..in case. ;) I can pm my phone number if anyone has any ideas. xxx
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