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  1. Opportunity - or rather lack of opportunity to breed with same species. Something like those creepy zoo people who interbreed lions with tigers (may they rot in hell). Lions and tigers are sufficiently different genetically that they produce infertile offspring so they are still closer to the generally understood definition of species than dingoes and dogs, which do produce fertile offspring. Dingoes, dogs and wolves would be classified as the same species under the basic definition because they all produce fertile offspring (not sure about dingoes x wolves but chances are they would prod
  2. Hi Christina, why are toy poodles not recommended for agility? I only ask because I'm researching breeds. My boy is a whippet and I guess I'm not really qualified to answer because I didn't choose him for myself and I'm still getting to know the breed. :) I love this kind of discussion though - breed histories and functions. Sorry to go OT and not to add more to the discussion.
  3. Paps are on the maybe list. And I really like the pointers too, but maybe ideally too large? What other gundogs have you lived with/handled SD?
  4. I did speak to a breeder and ran into someone with a Schipp. They didn't think it would be an issue with the usually precautions. Other suggestions - TT - Tibbies, such nice dogs but I worry they would be slightly too independent in temperament? Rascal - Min Pin - Have never met one and don't know too much about them. I remember a DOLer having a couple of them. They were full of energy if I remember correctly. Pondengo - Portuguese Podengo Pequeno- Your gorgeous Ping is one, right? Again, I'd have to look into the breed. Basenji - I don't think a basenji would be ideal for me. Being a pri
  5. Hi Megan, Thanks for the suggestions. Poodles appeal to me, but I'd have to look into the two smaller sizes. And the breeders. I'd be going down the professional grooming route no doubt though... I'm not sure about mini schnauzers, but I've never met one.
  6. Thanks Denali. I'm not sure about the terrier group - obviously I had a stafford and as mentioned before I liked the tentie I've met, but not a good sample size. I quite like the springers and brittany, probably wouldn't have a cocker. I worry about the temperament of the sheltie - lacking in confidence. Plus there is the grooming to consider. I'm happy to brush my dogs but anything more involved and I'd have to look into a groomer and factor that in with costs I think. I'm not very good at hair cuts. I did meet a lovely outgoing Cav pup, I think in general they are not what I'm looking for
  7. Thanks HW. I realised I worded my OP confusingly. In that I know there are no gundogs that fit the bill entirely. I was referring to smaller dogs separately. What kinds of smaller dogs have I considered? Papillon, schipperke maybe (worry about coat up here in NQ), a dog that is lively and confident. I remember really liking the personality of a friend of a friend's Tentie. And then on the other end of the scale I've got the gundogs that I am quite drawn to. Vizsla are certainly one that I have considered, Brittany being another but I think they tend to like to work away from you as that is t
  8. Next year I'd like to add a second dog to our family. For myself and for Mr Whippet. I'm considering all options - breeder/rescue, puppy/adult. Mr Whippet is a sweet, easy going boy. Lovely doggy manners and reserved around others until he warms up to them. He and my old stafford girl didn't interact all that much other than the occasional chat, but they were never playmates. He quite liked my parent's chi x and would attempt to engage in play but she only had eyes for my old girl. They will occasionally run around together though. I would like to get a dog that he could really get on with an
  9. Mr Whippet loves to be around me but doesn't have to be in me or touching me all the time. He's quite happy to get a cuddle and then lay on the bean bag next to me while I have a cuppa for example but he may also decide to take himself up to the couch or bed. If I lay on the couch or bed he wants to be right next to me. Very sweet and very polite. Not in your face but has his moments. He doesn't tend to follow me around everywhere like other dogs have. Which is actually quite nice in itself. I'm not sure if he sees the point in training lol but one could argue that I haven't made the effort t
  10. Thank you for your thoughts, 'tis appreciated
  11. Thanks for the practical training tips Mrs RB. I think I posted while you were posting before. I get the idea of keeping it short and sweet. When he likes a game it's wonderful, but it feels like such a small window of opportunity that I honestly just like to relish the game. A toy he likes one day, he may not like so much the next. He does keep me on my toes lol. I did speak to someone in who was hoping to get lure coursing up and running and Townsville so I'll have to check in with them again. It's not like I need to do training with my dogs and I haven't been competitive with previous d
  12. Snook, he is such a lovely boy. Just so different to what I'm used to but that's not a bad thing at all. I think I could certainly try some training avenues and see how that goes. More to get to know him better. Scottsmum, I think I am used to dogs that are a bit more outgoing so like a rough game. I've definitely had to change the way I play and interact with Locke. I'm much quieter and calmer. If I can find what makes him tick I'd understand him more. I don't want to be doing stuff he dislikes or makes him uncomfortable for my own enjoyment. Sarsaparilla - I don't think I've ever viewed
  13. I'd really like some thoughts and experiences from those of you who have had trouble bonding to a dog. How did the relationship grow? I've had Mr Whippet who is five for about a year now. He was my grandma's boy but when she passed away he came to live with me. At the time I also had my old girl and my seven year old chi x who ended up living with my parents. Since then my almost 14 year old Stafford passed away. Two weeks before she passed a kitten from the pound stole my heart. Completely unintentional, but she has been the perfect cat for me and for Locke. They get along so well and she
  14. Just to let you know, I made the decision to put to sleep Gracie on the 8th August. She seemed to be going really well, then she vomited one morning. I didn't think too much of it because she still was eating and was happy. She vomited the second morning and I knew something was wrong. She wouldn't eat either which is a big thing for this dog. I took her to the vets, they got bloods done and gave her something to help with the nausea. I got the results the next morning and she was really quite unwell. She had pancreatitis, the beginnings of kidney failure and heightened liver enzymes. So
  15. There are several: Standard Poodle - temperament is gun dog like. No surprise - that's what they really are. Curly Coated Retriever. Standard Schnauzer - probably a bit more dog than the others. I like the Giants too. Sorry to butt in,but what kind of gundog do you think the standards are most similar to? I'm curious because I've always fancied some of the gundog breeds, but would also consider the smaller poodle varieties.
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