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  1. We have Labrador puppies and they are really self exercising and self amusing but we play tug-a -war with them, they wrestle with us, we hide food and they have to find it - this helps to train them to retrieve when we go shooting, They love to play chasings around the yard and the house, sqeaky toys are great for chasing and retrieving -alwasy a reward when it is retrieved. We take our lead from the older dogs when they play with the pups - if the pack does it why cant we?
  2. Visit your local horse or stock feeds place and buy one of the products they use to stop horses biting everything. ZI think the stuff we used is called Crib Stop but its pretty old. In fact I'm going to give the Aeroguard a try
  3. Miranda I have taken my lead from my puppies also. Even though they are only 9 weeks I find they are not all that interested in their lunchtime feed. So I have cut that back to a small meal that they get fed separately so I can tell who's eating ans whi isnt. They're not ready yet to quite go without it but they get a good breakfast and then are fed at about 6 ready for the night. Then they get a little something to go to bed with. And they get a bone each everyday - a lamb flap or similar.
  4. I can only agree with all the others re your vet: go with your gut feeling - if you feel your vet got her degree from the lucky dip as the school fete then she probably did. Get a second opinion and NOW. Speak to the breeder NOW - ask him/her to recommend thier vet if you are geographically close or perhaps she/he or another breeder could assist you in finding a better vet in your area. Good Luck and keep us all informed
  5. We mix mince and vegies and push it into the Kong, fill the ends with peanut butter and freeze it. In summer its a great way to keep a Lab occupied adn cool :D
  6. Hi littlered07 COngratualtions on your new puppy I know you must be very excited but dont worry the 7 weeks will fly past so quick. ANd of course when he/she arrives we would all love you to post some photos becasue DOLers love puppy photos dont we guys I have PMed re crates CHeers
  7. Go the ramp idea :D But I would think about some setup where it actually looks like the agility ramp with crossbars every so often so the pup can actually stop and rest if it wants to. They only have to be a few mm high and made of off- cuts but make sure they are sanded so pup doesn't get splinters. JMO
  8. Yep sign me up too OH says he has a yellow lab that bowls him over and does all the things we are all raving about. And yes he is gorgeous and I love him heaps. BUT HE'S NOT BLACK!!! This is our very pregnant black lab - but she is the princess of black labs
  9. Kylie Are you in town or a more rural location? We have labradors and our home backs onto natural bush land but we are actually in town. There is a corridor of bush that runs right through the middle of town and our dogs used to bark for seemingly no reason. Then one night we heard the kangaroos and now we know when the roos are around - the labs tell us. :D Just a thought!
  10. Rooster78 - Just pat OH on the head and tell him about all the wonderful bonding he's doing. ;) Of course while you are away he is getting spoilt by your black baby and you'll have to play catch up when you get home. Which means you get to spend heaps more time with him ;) The lab that is I read something recently that was written by a reputable Labrador breeder :D where he said he prefers Black bitches and Yellow dogs. Well of course a black lab is just the bees knees I could spend all day doing the and she spends all day treating me like a :D I love our yellow boy as well but I think there is something special about a black labrador girl ;) :D And next week we will extra black labs because her pups are due on Wednesday :p
  11. Kylie I've just got home from work and I'm with my black lab now :D She's very pregnant and very hot but its great to be home with my two labs and away from the classroom. You'll love your lab even more when you get home.
  12. I'm with Bonz Nothing better than sitting down to a hot cup of tea and two SOFT boiled eggs and toast :D and sharing with your best mate. We give our labs a whole egg at least 3 times a week ;) and while our bitch is pregnant she's had an extra one here or there. She loves it! If you would like to introduce whole eggs to your pup then try the baby approach and coddle it for the first two or three times. I'm sure pup will get used to it. IMO its what they'd eat in the wild. I gave our boy an egg to see what he would do with it. Just handed him an egg, he took it up the yard and ate it, shell and all. Then I gave him his dinner and he was a happy chappy Perhaps you pup just doesn't like eggs I know a chi that doesn't eats anything unless its been near rice ;) I would do what seems right for your pup - go with your gut instinct.
  13. Roo meat wont hurt your dogs. If they were in the wild they would eat what ever they could catch. In fact roo meat, as with all game is better for you and your dogs because it has no cholesterol in it and is very very lean. As for the bad breath, plenty of water (for the dog) and you'll get used to it - its the unusual smell that you are noticing but it passes.
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