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  1. Is Cabanossi Good For Dogs?

    I have not met one dog who doesn't nearly turn themselves inside out when I have those Chunkers :cool: Mel xx
  2. Skinny Dogs

    One of our adopted greyhounds we found out was fed on fruit, because she liked it, not only was she a skeleton and she had some bleeding from the gut... Chicken Mince and Mutton Mince have a good amount of fat, and you can also include lard and Canola oil to their meals... Mel xx
  3. Please Help! Greyhound Puppy Won't Eat Much

    Can you cook me up some? Mel xx
  4. Please Help! Greyhound Puppy Won't Eat Much

    Sounds like a stressed little puppy - which is normal... As long as she is drinking and seems happy, I wouldn't worry too much... One chicken neck for her size and age probably is okay, also with the fact that she had worms, yep give it a few days to start clearing up... Mel xx
  5. Cartrophan

    Tia has been stiff and sore all summer She has arthritis in her spine I'm just about to start on the fortnightly injections - fingers crossed for her... Sending healing white light to Tyler... Mel xx
  6. Cartrophan

    Hmm think I might do mine fortnightly for a couple of months... Mel xx
  7. Perthies....

    Sarah in charge Mel xx
  8. Perthies....

    I was just on K9's website thinking damn why is he never in Perth - and then I found this thread, spooky indeed I will be there and can put the word out amongst adopters etc Mel xx
  9. Cartrophan

    She was on injections every week for a month as well and now once a month... She is also on metacam every day... I'm waiting for the Sasha's blend to come through... She just seems so frail and does limp Mel xx
  10. Cartrophan

    How often do you have to have the injections? I had to inject Tia quite often at first and now I do it once per month... Maybe I need to up her dose? Mel xx
  11. Cartrophan

    I guess like humans all dogs are different... I haven't noticed any great changes in Tia and she has been on Cartrophen for many months now... Mel xx
  12. Sweet Little Pippin Found His Wings...

    I am bawling my eyes out sitting here reading his story How remarkable that he chose your son to be with when he passed on... Run free sweet Pippin Mel xx
  13. Tia Given Her Wings

    17 wow, what an amazing life she lived... Run free sweet Tia Our thoughts are with you GDG Mel xx
  14. Pet Food Survey - For Colledge ;)

    Natural Balance is my choice of dry food