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  1. Sighthounds

    Zacpud, where did your pharaoh come from, terrible to see that there was another in rescue!! They are a standoffish breed but when they bond are unseperable. Sighthounder, Have a mating going now, the import Falconine Kestrel to A fudeta bitch who has skiska lines and the neice of Gr Ch Skiska rock till ya drop [iNCA] So you may have a bubba by Christmas!!! I recieved your email but have been flat out at work, 55 hrs a week and shows, dogs you name it this is my first free Weekend!! Heres a picture of Jayde, [ramses sister]
  2. Sighthounds

    For those who know about the Aammon /Dragos, thread. Heres aammon as a buby with his sister alli and with his siblings and mum....Gee who is that ring in?
  3. Sighthounds

    oh here are a couple more Cleo in the cairns bed? Hers is the big one and Cleo doing agility. Oh and not forgetting Nubit [pronounced Nubi] as a bub in Czech Republic, she comes out next year. And yep I added RAH from Nth Qld Cleos brother who lives with Jason and Melissa Field, he has set a great record, 7 baby in groups, 2 baby in shows and a sweepes win and place, all this in 10 shows.. and a movement pic as a bubba
  4. Sighthounds

    Thought id send in some pharaoh pics for you, the first is my special girl Jayde, a top show winner already on 95pts at 9mths, multi in group winner. Pictured 3 weeks ago in the snow. Then theres Cleo out of the last litter I bred she is coowned with liz in WA.
  5. Farting!

    give her flaxseed oil...olive oil.. or mix in sardines into the food.... oil at least once a week is a good idea..also wet the food down that helps... but gee...pedigree has always been fart food...LOL