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  1. Hey Nekhbet, It sounds a lot less strict here that what I heard from people in NSW. Can easily say my dog is reasonably obedience, he does the basics :) I would love to catch up with you if possible to go through some training techniques and tips and hints. I used to do obedience for quite some years with an older bitch I had, was a trialling stage and level 6 at Obedience club, but never went for it. Whilst I do know how to train a dog, I did used to train with a correction collar, I now have to move on to flat and even though I know the concept is the same, I could probably use some pointers. Also a third unbiased opinion, so I am not just looking through rose coloured glassed so to speak! lol
  2. His obedience is basic, he has never been formally trained. I have watched the video on the website, which is why I am searching for a delta accredited trainer so that I can just brush up on things etc, nothing other than that. My dog isn't food oriented, so I doubt leaving food alone with be much of an issue for him, he knows the "leave" command, but we will of course brush up on this also. I bred him, I put him through the riggers from the time he was born, sounds strange but pulling ears, pulling his tail, rough handling, standing over him is all stuff I did when he was growing up, so he sees it all as completely normal behavior! lol... Have enlisted some people he doesn't know to help with the stranger things like staggering, yelling loudly, waving arms etc, which he has en-counted before, but again just a re-hash :) From the moment he was born he was and always has been just a calm, very relaxed easy going dog that just adores attention from anyone he can get it from, will sit at peoples feet all day getting pats and cuddles if he could :) The main thing I think we need work on is his out of sight stay whilst someone else holds him, I am not sure how much of a mummy's boy he is! hehehe
  3. Really Megan? I definitely know my boy has the temperament for it, he's such a special soul.
  4. Hi Cleo From the information on the website there are classes that can be taken that prepare you for entry as a pet therapy team :-) just hoping there was one closer to home :-)
  5. Haha that's great to know. I briefly ran my boy through his manners tonight, he's never had formal obedience training, he's always just been so easy to live with, not over the top.... Sit, Drop, Stay, Stay with me out of sight, recall...and heeling.....be surprised me, though I should never be surprised with him as hes such a special soul
  6. I have emailed a local branch nearest me, the trainers listed on the website are a little far, but if that's it I will happily travel :-) Hopefully I hear back from the local branch in the next few days. Our assessment is not until June, so I have quite a good amount of time prepare. Though I would like to do some formal training and assessment with an accredited Delta Trainer :-)
  7. Thank you so much for the luck and support :-) I hope we do make the grade. I have wanted to do this for some time, I love seeing how dogs can enrich the lives of others or provide them with some joy, even if it is just once a week. I bred Leo and I feel he is the right dog to do this with, his sister also frequents a nursing home in QLD on a weekly basis, they were a very special litter :-)
  8. Hi All I am in the process of hopefully becoming a Delta Pets Therapy partner with my boy "Leo", I live in the Werribee area and am wanting to source an accredited Delta Therapy trainer to assist me with preparing for the upcoming assessment. I have searched some trainers through the Delta Webpage, however the trainers are all a fair distance from me and was wanting to find something closer. However if these ones listed are the only available, I will make the travel to these ones. Any information anyone could provide would be fantastic. Who knows maybe there is an accredited trainer on DOL :) even better.
  9. Im in Werribee, so if not too far perfect :)
  10. Hi Leah I just want her feet trimmed, legs trimmed, head etc, just to have her all neat and tidy. I just don't want her body shaved like the pet groomers do, as I prefer the look of the show cockers :) No my girl is not desexed :-)
  11. Hi Guys I have a lovely little 9 month old Cocker Spaniel that needs a good groom. However I dont want her clipped, I just want her trimmed and neatened up, particularly head, feet etc...more like the "Show" look I guess. Can anyone recommend a good groomer in the Geelong OR Werribee area that would be able to do this. I know there are lots of groomers about, however I want to make sure I go to one that will do what I want and not just shave her Thanks in advance :)
  12. I am really sorry it didnt work out if I hear anything I will def let you know... As said above, dont stress too much we have all been there...I slipped lost my shoe in Best in Show line up with my shepherd....I also took 2 seperate dives into mud under the same judge...its all fun!! dont stress too much :) and gooooodluck
  13. My up and coming baby girl "Izaya" Freevale Crazier In Pink
  14. I will friend you on Facebook and pass on the details for you :)
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