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  1. Having recently had a similar experience....all I can say is I feel for you. Horrible position to be in with little chance of a happy outcome for all. Our situation was a bit different in that we adopted our guy from the pound rather than purchasing him directly from the owner. We opted to return the dog....absolutely heartbreaking for us & still not sure I have done the right thing
  2. How old is the puppy? I'd be hesitant to write off a BT pup's mouth as a baby....as a bull breed with a unique head shape, their mouths can do some pretty funky stuff as they grow, change teeth & that head starts to 'crank over'. I'd definitely agree if the bite is undershot now, it's gone......they rarely improve. Personally, I prefer to see a BT baby a little over rather than a scissor bite.....far more chance of finishing at maturity with a sound mouth. It may mean he is unsuitable for breeding - depends why his mouth is faulty & how bad it is. Were you planning on showing him to
  3. Really unfortunate situation. I see exactly why those who oppose this are agitating for him to be caught - the dog poses an unnecessary risk not just to himself but those around him. Would I be ok with it if he were one of mine? No - I don't think anyone would. I also understand that capturing this dog will probably mean euthanising this dog. I agree that this Maremma has made a choice....if he wanted to be a house dog....he would be. I gather he has owners.....what's their role in this?
  4. After years of owning nothing but Bull Terriers, I too was a wee bit "terriered out" :) So when my kids took an interest in showing, we looked for something a bit more manageable for a young child. Absolutely lovely little dogs - I had not owned a spitz breed before I found these guys very trainable & easy to get along with. Wonderful attitude.....they bounce through life & find the fun in everything :) My eldest had an absolute blast showing.....they are well aware they are gorgeous & more than happy to strut their stuff. They love to be involved in whatever you're doing and a
  5. We live on acreage & the entrance gate is locked if there's nobody home but we still have signs that say: "Livestock Guardian Dogs Loose on Property. Please Sound Horn or Phone xxxx xxx xxx. Do Not Enter Unless Accompanied By Owner" - I carry my mobile at all times for this very reason. That way we have provided instructions as to how to obtain access to the property in the case of Ergon etc. & have also notfied the general public ie. the census guy who freaked out when he ignored the sign & jumped over the locked gate, that the property contains working dogs that don't have much
  6. I've watched this video before & I would agree with some of what the rancher says regarding the differences in working style of some of the breeds ie. 'the Kangal stops chasing when the chase ends' is exactly how my girl is. She would leave her flock to pursue a threat & continue to chase well off her territory. My Maremmas would not leave their flock unattended & could care less about a threat that is rapidly vanishing over the horizon - once it's off their patch. I would argue his point that 'they are like big teddy bears & they are only aggressive to predators, not people'
  7. I too would be interested in what the charges are. After viewing the Facebook footage, I saw maybe not new or super-flash kennels but they were solid, secure, clean & roomy with good light & vision for the dogs - I really liked the drop cloths on the sides for when the weather is bad, neat idea. I saw friendly relaxed dogs in good condition & as someone else pointed out - a heavy coated breed with big grooming requirements, in gorgeous coat - along with lots of bright eyes & waggy tails. I know if someone were to sneak onto my property tonight (assuming they weren't bailed up
  8. http://www.news.com.au/world-news/california-cops-shoot-rottweiler-dead-in-front-of-owner-leon-rosby/story-fndir2ev-1226673433471 DISTURBING video that has now gone viral shows the moment police shot dead a dog as his owner was being arrested. The dog's owner, Leon Rosby, was taking video of police officers in Hawthorne, California, on Sunday evening as they surrounded a house where two people had been robbed at gunpoint in a non-related incident. Police complained about loud music coming from Mr Rosby's car as he was outside the vehicle with his 60-kilogram Rottweiler filming the scene on
  9. My very favourite photo of Luka Close second though :) Bose - very serious, dignified & zero sense of humour Macey - not so much Bryan - sort of wants to be a working dog but worries about the dark & loud noises
  10. I've found similar - they don't need to be born in a paddock with their stock to develop into good workers - I think it was Espinay who pointed out that lots of rescues (who may never have been with stock) also achieve this. It is a pretty individual thing from dog to dog. Most of what I've learned about working LGDs has been through trial & error, as you receive a lot of conflicting advice. I made lots of mistakes with my 1st couple of dogs but we got there in the end - it's a big learning curve and so very different from training a dog for the showring, obedience or herding (which is al
  11. Sorry - I know it's OT but that is gold!
  12. Lets play devils advicate for a minuite. tralee wants the heavy *Italian type* of dog to win in the ring. He also seems to want an OVER PROTECTIVE dog on his lead. Interesting combination this, in my mind. As a breeder, I want nice correct sound dogs with a ballanced outlook. I do hip, elbow, eye and thyriod testing on any I am dreaming of breeding with. If they pass then and only then I breed when it is going to fit in with the rest of my life. So far I have bred 4 litters and have been very happy with the resulting pups. I keep in touch with my poopie buyers and help if needed with adv
  13. You're quite right - the tone was not nice and for that, I do apologise. It was an uncalled for response to your dismissive attitude to others - just because their opinion differs from yours, does not mean they don't have something of value to contribute. Are you saying a dog that works well - performing the same function (sans bears/wolves but add in wild dogs/eagles) - in Australia, rather than Italy, is not "placed into its correct context"? Of course it is your perogative to prefer one type of dog over another - fairly certain nobody said you could not. It is not however, necessary t
  14. If you can't see the point when you look at those dogs then why are you in here? Do you have Maremmas, yourself ? I have Maremmas & I'm struggling to see your point - what, they should be bigger? more coat? cos that's all I see from the pics - nobody here has the chance to put hands on or observe these dogs Well, I see a lot more than that. Bigger yes, but also almond shaped eyes, excellent feathering on the legs and tail, smaller ears, absence of a snippy head, elimination of an undulating lip, and more. My point is very well reinforced by what the Italians are producing a
  15. If you can't see the point when you look at those dogs then why are you in here? Do you have Maremmas, yourself ? I have Maremmas & I'm struggling to see your point - what, they should be bigger? more coat? cos that's all I see from the pics - nobody here has the chance to put hands on or observe these dogs
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