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  1. Rotty Owners

    geez dyz" you got me too as the owner of a 10 year young, congrats on the pending new arrival :)
  2. Rotty Owners

    for anyone that didnt know dharma motto : live life to the fullest. dance like know one is watching . That she did . sympathy to Rakaaz rottweilers (breeder) of this wonderfull bitch
  3. Rotty Owners

    trekky, for years you have made me laugh till i cry i had the honour of running for you in many specialtys and you never gave me reason to fear , your temperement is inspirational, we hope your little brothers will continue this temperement on for you , sympathy to my good friends chris and tony and to polo, fifi, beno and mitch xx edit: carnt spell
  4. Rotty Owners

    Yes they are as far as I know, Berty can you help out here???????? sorry stolz, only just seen this :D minimum age is usally 12- 14 weeks providing the second vac /needle has been done , mr r n nr rotty training starts between 7.30 (check in) and 7.45 pm training till 8.30 pm wed nights m ost stay longer and do other things trial run thrus etc , i take the puppy class at kcc and we have lots of fun with a little bit of obediance thrown in
  5. Rotty Owners

    thats gorgous stolz :D
  6. Grotty Rotty Has Gone

    so sorry to read this , big beautiful boy thinking of you GR
  7. Rotty Owners

    Congrats Trina on v2 That's brilliant :-))
  8. Rotty Owners

    Congrats dyz. Just seen your v4 in results. To u too stolz
  9. Rotty Owners

    thanks stolz for results , and a big thankyou again for helping one of ours (a very excited owner rang me on the weekend and said he couldnt have done it with out you) you do so much for the rottweilers & handlers especialy the new handlers , thanks stolz you are.. one in a million
  10. Rotty Owners

    for the birthday wishes , dyz,hastey,silent c , cavnrott, happy birthday to you to mr r and nr Nekhbet, so sorry to hear about Diesel, you must do what needs to be done and he will thankyou for it in another lifetime edit for spell
  11. Rotty Owners

    thanks grumpete , trina , and griff :D
  12. Rotty Owners

    a dob-in-a-dangerous dog hotline opens this morning, allowing concerned Victorians to report dangerous dogs in their area. this is taken from 3aws website this morning what a worry when the cover picture used (for this story) is a rottweiler we wont be able to take our dogs out in public the way we are going because every d???head will ring up the hotline because thats the picture used > im talking about free roam areas etc !! i have emailed my concern .
  13. Rotty Owners

    hes still a baby (just a big baby) he still has his baby bed, baby blanket, baby toys so if it looks like a baby> smells like a baby then it is a baby silent child > hes always a happy boy
  14. Rotty Owners

    thanks dyz, trina, grumpette, here is the special boy who also was awarded judges choice for the ht round , this is his stacking pic (extreeme fatigue style)
  15. Rotty Owners

    well done grumpette and lou , thats a great achievment for you and the rotty breed