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    Rottweilers dogs
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    Siamese Cats , Deerhounds, Borzois, BloodHounds, Whippets ...Horses ~ (Appaloosa & Palouse)

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  1. walk your dog at a different time to the staffy, go for a walk with out your dog have a talk to staffy owner over your concerns , find another safe walking area , It is up to you to make the first move with keeping your rotty safe ,because to me it sounds like all hell / can / will just might break loose. !
  2. Thank you for the kind word's I was lucky to have spent 15 of her 16 years with my little love '' it is never easy to give our old , frail , sick fur kids there wings, it breaks my heart
  3. Today again I had the hardest decision to make but the kindest for her and sent my Precious, my ohlala , my little love, my silly old moo (so many nick names ) to Rainbow Bridge I so miss her , love her so much ,, my heart is broken I know that she will be reunited with her pals Sinna , Ryan and also Tinka cat who will be waiting for her . Rest in Peace Si'rena , know I love you and will miss you deeply. 5 / 9 / 00 -- 30 / 12 / 16
  4. http://www.productsafety.gov.au/recall/vanilla-sugar-dggx16-tough-play-mighty-dumbbell-tug-rope-dggx16-tough-play-toss-n-fetch-tug-a-rope
  5. Congrats to you and to George , he is handsome
  6. My Si'rena siamese had two vestibular turns the first was bad the 2nd only mild since then she has been ok just walks with a bit of a wobble . Hope Sarah mends soon and has no more 'turns'
  7. Wishing handsome Zeph happy birthday and many more to come .
  8. I Had a secrect she was a Sibe Husky I do like that name but Inky is OK as when she's naughty you know you will call her stinky :laugh:
  9. You both are stars , Seven looked a million dollars :) well done
  10. OMG I need tissues every time I watch a dog or horse movie must be the music !
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