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  1. I just bought the Selsun Blue shampoo from Coles tonight. I can't wait to try it out this weekend. I've heard of using Dawn for washing dogs but will give Fairy a try if the shampoo doesn't work. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks again!
  2. Replacement Doors For Pp40 Dog Crates

    Thanks for that! I wasn't sure what to search for.
  3. I've been helping out with our local rescue group and I'm trying to find a way to wash a Shih-Tzu x Maltese that has a dirty oily coat. When he was rescued, his fur has clumped together with dirt and body oil and it was really hard to wash him and we ended up having to shave him. What's the best shampoo to break down the dirt and cut through the grease so to speak? He is currently on Prednil to help with his skin conditions and allergies which can get quite smelly at times. We don't have a dedicated hydrobath so some volunteers have been washing him at the local "DIY" dog wash.
  4. Hi guys, Is it possible to replace the doors for the PP40 dog crates? I have a few doors that are rusted but the crates itself is still in great conditions. Also, where can I find the replacement clips that holds the crates together? They are much easier to use than wing nuts :)
  5. Hi guys, Can someone recommend a good anti-bark collar for under $100? Thanks for your help! ::EDIT:: I don't mind buying one online.
  6. Spitz Breeds

    Does anyone know of a pet friendly accommodation in the Sydney CBD area like near the Darling Harbour or Ultimo? I will be travelling from Perth to Sydney to pick up my Japanese Spitz puppy next month.
  7. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Thanks SmoothieGirl. I thought so too. I will speak to the breeder today. I am so excited. I need to start getting everything ready for the puppy.
  8. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Hey guys, My breeder just emailed me two days ago to say that she have a show potential puppy ready for me in 2-3 weeks time. Previously, I had to wait until June for the next litter. Anyway, the breeder emailed me today with the receipt outlining what I need to pay including the cost breakdown. I noticed that I will be charged for boarding the pup from yesterday until I am ready to pick them up (which is two weeks after the pup is ready to go to his new home). Is that a normal practice? My understanding is that I should be charged for when the pup is ready to be sent to his new home until I can come and collect them. Am I correct? I just want to run it through you guys before I speak to the breeder today.
  9. Dog Door

    Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a suitable dog door for a Japanese Spitz. I will be getting one in March '11. I read that you can get one from Bunnings. What size should I get?
  10. Toilet Training

    Thanks *fingers crossed* How long did it take you to toilet train your JS? I think I'm gonna take a few days off work to spend time with the puppy. What do you think?
  11. Toilet Training

    I was going for a girl at first but then changed to a boy... now I don't know. Haha but I'm hoping getting a show potential pup. I've been reading everything and anything I can to prepare myself. Did you get a pen for your pup?
  12. Toilet Training

    Haha. No, the first one in March and then the second in June/July? The one I am getting in March, the Mum is a Daesdaemar/Mannerking JS and the Dad is a Syide/Napaj JS. The second one I'm not sure yet..
  13. Toilet Training

    Hey guys, I'm getting two JS - one from Mikalori Kennel and the other from Morioka Kennel. Can't wait until March next year!!
  14. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tango62/50662...57625047859592/ like this? Too cute!
  15. Spitz Breeds

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