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  1. Not sure if this is allowed to post here - please delete or move elsewhere if not! I am selling my trusty ute which is nicely set up for dog transporting. I have it advertised for $5800 elsewhere but if a reputable rescue group is interested I am willing to reduce the price considerably. It's a Mazda Bravo Freestyle Cab with "suicide doors", i.e. the back doors open the opposite way (see photos) Year 2004 2WD petrol manual 250,000km NSW rego til September 2016 new windscreen new battery runs absolutely fine, no problems with it Please pm if interested. Thanks!
  2. Yes, I know of a fair few who are doing it and I have done so myself. It's so easy! If there was a serious ban on importing meds then it would be no problem for customs to track the sellers down and fine them. Many of them are openly advertising that they ship world wide. Could they really do that if it was illegal?!
  3. Hmm, maybe! I missed that sentence! So how do other overseas sellers get around that? Are they all illegal??!
  4. I can only assume so if the medication is registered with the AVPMA and it is listed in their database?!
  5. Thanks minimax! If I read that document correctly then a medication can be imported as long as it is registered with the APVMA. I have checked their website and the spot-on that I am trying to buy is indeed listed and totally legal, doesn't require a prescription either. Be that as it may, the seller claims that there is a general ban on all pet medications to come into Australia. I find that very hard to believe!
  6. Hi all! I am just wondering if anyone had any issues lately with buying any pet meds from overseas. I have done so several times in the past without any problems. Now I had found a new website where they were selling my preferred tick spot-on a fair bit cheaper. I ordered but then got a message with a cancellation of my order saying that Australian customs have imposed a general blockage on all pet meds sent to Australia! I can not find anything on the Oz customs website saying this and not with a general search either. Has anyone had similar experiences? Or might it be just this seller being overly cautious? Thanks for any input!
  7. Sorted - thank you to Omar!
  8. Hi all! I am looking for a kind hearted soul who can pick up and temp care an elderly, very friendly Great Dane x for me. He is currently at DAS in Canberra, has been held over once already and will have to be out of the pound by Saturday at the latest. Unfortunately I can't take him before Thursday next week. If anyone can help, please get in touch with me as soon as possible as I need to confirm with the pound! Thanks so much!
  9. Info Sought Please

    Oh of course Anne! I am so silly! Totally forgot that you are around there too! Will pass all this info on. Thanks everyone!
  10. Info Sought Please

    I found there are RSPCA and AWL Shoalhaven Branches there. Are there any smaller groups in that area?
  11. Info Sought Please

    Sorry, I have no idea. It's one of these " a friend of a friend of a friend" cases. I just know there are 4 dogs of an original 16!
  12. Would anyone know which rescue group(s) are covering the Nowra region please. Someone is needing help rehoming some dogs. Thanks!
  13. Looks like an indoors dog to me, lounging on an armchair!! Fingers crossed for beautiful Pluto!