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  1. Pandi Gundogs but also do full time grooming. I would suggest making feet touch training not a part of her grooming .If the dog will lay upside down on your lap then make the most of touching the feet ,if the dog is very happy to have you do this then it doesn't have a feet touch issue but a grooming issue If you are not serious & don't make the dog feel confident it will play up ,grooming is one area we stress to our clients has to be trained as even for a groomer a dog that is a nightmare has a higher risk of injury or groomers refusing to do it .There is no joy in battling a coated breed for 12 plus yrs & it doesn't get better without hard work & then no one wants to brush the dog & it goes down hill from there . Most go with the softly approach which is fine providing you are educating at the same time & the dogs we see highly food rewarded for grooming are the worse because owners don't reward at the right time & just reward full stop so the dog is being taught bad behaviour is correct as it is rewarded . Most groomers use a grooming arm although mine are taught to stand ,getting on the grooming table means quality touch time & this is taught from a baby on the table is cuddle time ,chill out time & they learn those values first & foremost ,brushing the top coats is all about pleasure & enjoyment & they learn straight away that being groomed is a high value pleasure . Plus it takes me many hrs to prep my dogs so i have no plans of it being a fight,hardwork & hard on the body . Karen you don't need an area just a non slip mat & benchtop ,fold up grooming tables are easy to fold away & makes grooming so much easier & don't wobble but for most dogs the couch is about a different quality time & people brush them whilst they lay down ,problem is they need to stand for a groomer so again a confusing behaviour is taught ,dogs taught to do both is fine .We can tell the dogs brushed on laps etc etc because we have to retrain them to stand & they often get overwhelmed by this until they learn its okay
  2. If she is happy to be groomed with the lead then keep going ,don't pander and turn it into a bribe session . i have coated show dogs ,they are never given treats ,they learn very early about calm behaviour on the table .Reward for my dogs is touch time never food If your dog is good for the groomer ask them to show the technique they use . Keep in mind the tools you use can affect grooming so depending on what brush you are using that can make the dog not want to be brushed . Grooming here is only done on the table or designated groom spot that is the neutral spot for that job
  3. I would consider a Bedlington or whippet but they are onleash dogs
  4. What you need to factor is your new pup not only has to deal with your kids but there friends (which would need managing anyway which im sure you know ) 5kg is a BIG pap
  5. Paps aren't low energy ,they are awesome at agility and dog sports real go getters and great kids dogs but I don't think this pup is the right fit for your kids
  6. We get calls all the time from parents saying there under 5 want a dog and reality is they don't care whether they have a dog and there input into the dog is minimal so reality is do you want a dog right now especially when you say your busy and still teaching a toddler . Intelligience in any dog is all about the effort you put in ,what you need to decide is the type of temperament you want,the grooming requirements you want to deal with,inside/outside dog . Working from home comes with added training because your dog needs to learn you being home a lot isn't a given so you will need to put the hard work of training dog to be independent and able to cope when your not home or in its own area whilst you work . The breeds you have listed are all so very different and if your plan is to let the dog off leash then consider which breeds may be better suited Beagles whilst trainable are not the best offleash once they start setting , Go to a dog show and see the breeds ,see the sizes,the coat and the natures in public and do a list of things that are a must
  7. Keep in mind there still needs to be some bulk as roo is so low in fat maintaining weight can become an issue.. Our first mini I had an attack after stealing some meat due to our mistake but we didn't change her diet greatly we just had to be aware off all treats and her daily intake
  8. If the dog has already had attacks then they need to be very careful,fat is all the foods together . Minis are highly predisposed to it but issues only occur due to a crap diet or often having a party and the guests feeding it the fat of the food etc etc Lean meat aka roo is generally suggested and a veggie mix and a good dry can still be feed . There other lean meats but depends on how easy it is for them to source and how much they want to spend keeping in mind the vet bills are no cheap and a. Bad attack can kill the dog . Is the dog fat ?.
  9. Bowen works on muscles so they can do alot & many of the top show ,performance dogs are treated in this manner same as a chiro but if your not a believer than the advice is useless to you ,one treatment will do nothing if there is an issue but yes there are same crappy ones at there the good ones worth every penny . Stomach muscles play a massive role & if strand do cause the runs & if the dog is sore in there rear can turn a front foot out & for me i always make sure there is no issues like this before i change a diet & risk creating a bigger issue .Could simply be your dog has a crap front but that is something you should be able to tell by movement etc etc
  10. if it was my dog I would be at my Bowen person ,stomach muscles which are sore can cause the runs and if the dog is sore turn a foot out but I would also be assessing what I was feeding and options for that dog .
  11. I will be honest and say Beagles are some of the dirtiest dogs that come into boarding but we also board plenty of clean ones . Go back to basics ,make sure outside isn't just about toileting but a fun area to want to go out too, I gather the dog is reliant on you to take it outside aka the door is normally shut unless you decide to leave it open ?If the pup has been trained to rely on you to take it out and you do so on such a rigid schedule your not allowing pup to tell you when it needs to go so it has no concept on what it should do if the door is shut because your doing all the work ,if the door is left open it would have no idea that door open means go outside on your own so it's important to teach outside for the loo but you need to teach the cue to open the door or that going in/out by it self is the right thing too . What is the plan Lo g term for toilet training ,free access to the door,doggy door ?.. What fun activities does your puppy get to enjoy ?How much outside time does pup get Is it going for small walks or outside social outings
  12. Dontt under estimate a cavie ,there not lazy but a very functional sporting spaniel and great climbers the issue you will have is the cavie is going to crave activity ,it's at an age of wanting to be a dog and run,play,hunt birds etc etc . Cavies need just the same stimulation as a Poodle if not more A sheet pegged to the pen will not stop a cavie you need a secure roof so the dogs will be safe whilst unattended
  13. The throats are clipped just like Setters,spaniels (have been for over the 30 yrs ive shown) You don't need double sided thinners ,your single sided do a better job at blending . Buy a slick n easy stone to stripe the dad coat of the legs & feet ,i always use the stone prior to trimming feet . Seriously spending $$$$ does not make the finish any better ,Yes cheap crappy ones wont work but it all comes down to how you use the tools so you can spend mega bucks & still do a crappy job . I use the wahl thinners approx $50 ish ,use the small wahl to do feet although i clip out the pads ,i do spend more on my long scissors for sculpting & the fact some resharpen better but you can do everything on a budget
  14. Is she truly under weight or just light on at present. The issue i would have at present feeding a nervous Basset up is she is at the right age where bloat becomes an increased risk ,i would certainly be looking at options to give her some comfort & minimize the stress that sadly does increase the bloat factor. What are you feeding ,how many meals,is the dogs vision good,hearing good??
  15. Nothing & we don't change there diet except to feed more