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  1. Gloves vet wrap tape muzzle Syringe scissors tweezers etc etc we use kids phenergan /polaramine liquid absorbs quicker betadine The list can go on depending on what the requirements for the outing is ,mind you alot is also in the human first aid kit too i always carry anti histamines/prednil
  2. I would not send your dog to someone else's place considering your other posts about your dogs naughty behaviours until you have sorted those issues out . i would say going into kennels was a rude awakening for a pup that is in control of the household . Some dogs dog board well ,others do very well .Hard to judge on a one night stay as many dogs are unsettled first day until they have a routine . Did you ask the kennels how he was ,good kennels will happily inform owners on how there dog settled and any issues.
  3. Personally change nothing just give her time but above you need to give her confidence that all is good. So don't over do the spoiling just keep it plan and simple
  4. This isn't separation anxiety so my advice is don't turn into something it isn't . You now need to resume normal life for the dogs sake & go about things as you plan them to be . You need to turn her daily routine into one you plan to keep not just change for the present . Do you take her for walks.? Does she play with toys ?
  5. Yep with the above I tend to find the very lay pups stay that way which makes it hard for dog sports . My advice don't over train anything and don't make a big deal but encourage personality in daily life
  6. We use the tender care ,doggyman(i think thats the name is great too.) Shear magic slickers are good to We never use ball pins no need to if the ball pins aren't right there terrible on the coat . You should be able to run the slicker up your arm without it breaking skin,there still has to be some firmness there to work . \Mind you its not to say tendercare have changed its been awhile since we needed a new one & the pet stock ones are great & we get them for our puppy owners as the quality & price is fine
  7. Actually toilet training and other issues often have things in common. I would do short walks with more fun/learning . Walks can be boring or they can be fun . All my showdogs at that age get short walks but it's all about fun,focus ,reward and pleasing not just going for a walk
  8. I guess the first question is what access to outside will the Corgi have ,why does the GSD have to live outside only .What activities will the GSD be getting and what are your expectations for a guard dog .
  9. You obviously have not rung many kennels because $35 is NOT the normal price charged in Perth . Having said that it depends on what you want to pay . Maybe contact the breeder of your dog & see if they board them or can suggest someone . Maybe a family or friend can look after the dog for 4 weeks then board the other 4 weeks. You will need a current vaccination card . You will not have alot of options pet care isn't cheap & nor should it be ,very few people would work for just $35 a day less GST & other expenses so its not steep . Plenty of excellent kennels charge less just depends which ones you have called & what side of the river
  10. The general going rate in Perth for that size dog is around $25/28 .That time period isn't considered long term & if you are covering any school holidays you will need to book in a hurry . Most pet sitters charge more just to pop in feed & leave it on its own .
  11. Pup is no different to a toddler starting to crawl ,you make it safe ,your pup has no idea it's wrong ,it's simply an item at its level . it sounds like pup is in control and you need to go back to basics with training . yes it's teething so will chew and some teeth worse than others so you need to supply good teething chew options . If pup is free range and going to chew then put it in a safe area ,puppy pens are great for this period
  12. My decision would be based on the vet that provides the best honest care and listens to me as a client . Your pup may hate your new vet too after awhile or if that vet isn't on Not likethe other vets so not a reason I would base a change on solely . We are very pedantic about a vets ,we base our decision on quality care,realible service,we use two clinics both privately owned and those vets are full time ,great surgeons,have farm backgrounds and common sense,we don't use chained owned clinics where the vets come and go like you change your undies and there all about selling package deals . Price is a factor and our vets are way cheaper than the chained owned clinics and both offer superior knowledge and consistency. you don't need to to tell your vet anything ,you can use who you want but ask about after hr care ,if dogs need overnight care what is there system(most vets in WA for example are clinics only and send dogs to Murdoch uni overnight ,a place we would never ever use) Also ask vets about hidden costs ,some give a base price for spaying and then when you drop off suddenly inform you of optional extras .
  13. Depends if she even comes in before 12 months . If you work then you need to decide how your going to house her whilst your out , Your breeder if local may board her back during the main stage of her cycle . Some come bleed everywhere others very little,keeping her pants clean during this time is more time consuming . Know the that live close by & what the chances of them being fence jumpers are ,also keep in mind during this time any males that live close by may be affected by your girl so be prepared if your neighbours own boys Currently having a bitch in heat & dealing with my poor boys it isn't fun on them even though she is hidden away & on chlorophyll . We don't use the pants either but we are a tiled house so the drips are easy to deal with & we will crate our girls during this time if need be
  14. I believe any good bred advocate should inform anyone of the cons of a breed ,no breed is perfect . Just because one person has a 12 month old that sits home for many hrs happily doesn't mean thats true to the breed . I own Gundogs have friends who show Curlies . I am very up front about the cons of our breed & the issues the wrong home can face if the breed isn't in the right home. This does not mean the breed is not the right fit for you ,it just means learning about all that can make the breed(any breed the wrong fit is just as important) They are a powerful breed ,i have handled a couple varying from the most boring ,no personality dog to the over the top powerful ,fun loving male .I am use to strong dogs so the power did not worry me . My advice find a breeder who is very honest about selling to a i gather a suburban household,picking a puppy that will best fit living to that lifestyle is a must ,many who breed them live on properties with space,dams & birds so the dogs fit well. The same advice would apply to the other breeds just as much . I live on a property so know my dogs can enjoy a very free running life ,when i lived in the burbs it did require alot more effort which did not worry me . A must is making sure the breeder health tests for hips/elbows & PRA in Curlies ( i have no doubt there are other tests ) Wait for the right breeder .
  15. Besides some toys what do you do outside that makes the backyard fun ?? Also what toys many buy are boring ,heavy,hard & no fun . We don't bribe ours with food to be outside ,outside is a requirement ,fun outside is toilet training ,playing with toys . If your are being your dogs soul fun then you are the toy . We own a breed that is very like minded in being a people dog but that doesn't mean they need us every minute of the day ,they are treated like a dog first & foremost ,there happy confident dogs that cope well . Is the puppy a petshop puppy??