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  1. The kelpie will submit to Tank after they have fought (Tank wins every fight)... but wont back down from having a fight. If I am around, Bill (kelpie) will often start the fight. Often it will start too, because Billy wants to play with Tank, and Tank being the cranky serious man that he is- doesnt want to play... so will growl at Bill, but Bill will ignore it, or start rolling around on the floor trying to get Tank to play, but then Tank will snap, and a fight starts.
  2. Hey all, I have a 3yo Shar Pei entire male, and a 12 month old Kelpie entire male. They do not live "together"... the shar pei is an inside dog, allowed to go out to play, and toilet numerous times a day..the kelpie lives completely outside. We are moving soon, and the shar pei will be living outside with the kelpie. As soon as we move, the kelpie will be "chop chopped". Problem is they have been fighting! (DUH!)I sat down with them this evening outside, and just watched. The kelpie sat under my chair, and everytime the pei came within 1 metre of myself, the kelpie "heeled", him, biting at his legs etc When Im walking around outside, the kelpie will often jump on me (he does it alot LOL) and the pei will "barge" him, and a fight MIGHT start. (however, they USUALLY listen to me to cut it out) When Im inside, the pei is my shadow. When they DO fight (unless I can stop it before it starts), the pei always "wins". Basically, from what I have noticed, the fights start over ME.. both seem to be overly protective of my attention, and affection. What do I need to do to get these guys living in relative peace outside together?? CAN it be done??? Cheers in advance!!!
  3. Yep.... be careful what you wish for..lol. I taught my young Kelpie to jump into my arms, and it HAS seemed to encourage his trying to jump up, also it seems like he thinks that in my arms is where he should be, so will often try and launch himself into my lap when I am sitting outside in a chair... lol. I taught him by kneeling on one knee, with my other knee in front for a "step". With a naturally bouncy, jumpy, young Kelpie, he got the idea almost immediently. I then just stood up higher and higher.. but I found it always important to "brace" myself with one foot infront, and one behind. I used the cue of tapping my chest. He's not that hard to catch being so "bouncy", but I cant hold him there for long lol. Its a fun trick tho.
  4. Jett

    Crying Puppy

    OMG, that puppy face is adorable!!
  5. sounds like fun mum......... Not very safe tho!!! It would worry me that if he fell I would run him over....... Dont worry :rolleyes: I think the same thing... so drive very s l o w l y, seriously slower than walking speed!!.... Im sure he thinks "go faster mum"!
  6. guess what he has just "learned" to do... he waits for me at the bottom of the driveway when I go out.. and jumps onto the bonnet of my car while the gate is getting shut, and then "surfs" my cars bonnet all the way up to the house (a good 200m)... just as well I usually drive a beat up old car!! If he decides to do it on the good car, he will be in trouble! lol i will try and get a photo!
  7. Seems to be a working dog thing I wonder if it does have something to do with what Clicking Mad said...
  8. I was wondering what theories may come out of this. I have a young kelpie who is constantly on top of things. I am always seeing him sitting or sleeping on top of the outside table. He always sits on chairs. On top of the barbeque. And now he has taken to jumping on top of my car, and sleeping on the roof! He is like a cat! Any ideas?? Just curious!
  9. This has been great reading this for me! I have a kelpie that jumps...and jumps....and jumps....and jumps too! After the initial jump jump jump every time I go outside, he settles down, but OMG he is terrible with visitors! Its great to hear I am not the only Kelpie owner with this same "problem"...
  10. I just want to say a BIG THANKYOU to all who have posted replies...you have all helped both myself and my young kelpie!! So.. THANKYOU to all!! Every "session" with him seems to be getting better and better...with his ability to focus growing, and his bag of tricks dwindling... I can finally see him becoming well behaved joy!! I will keep you all updated with our progress!!!
  11. WOW...you guys rock!! ... Off the subject of the two dogs together for now.... I just went outside before to work my horses..AND, my boy actually SAT when I walked out the door, and just looked up at me as if to say "is this what you want???"... so, I praised him with a very quiet "good boy", and then he went spastic again... but he SAT!!!!! YAY!! And then when I was working one of my horses, (which he will ALWAYS "chase" while I am riding), he just sat at the edge of the arena, and watched!! I am soooooo proud of him!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!
  12. ERNY- My other dog is a very well adjusted Shar Pei male who is just always on his best behaviour... He is not fearful, aggressive, every thing is fine, but just seems to "put up with it".. occassionally, and I mean occassionally, he will have a snap at the kelpie, who will then submit... but the rest of the time he just puts up with it with this kind of pained expression on his face.
  13. that is wonderful to hear that it is all working!! I will definately hang in there, and am enjoying it all immensely! Cant wait to have a well-adjusted, obedient dog!! One more question tho, will the training that I am doing transfer with him at all onto the way he behaves with my other dog-the jumping, biting etc??
  14. Thankyou so much belijae...very helpful! I will be going thru the links you gave me with relish!! He does the same things to my other dog, who is a very well adjusted, older boy. Jumps all over him, and basically annoys the crap out of him! He just has no sense of the right way to socialise with anyone...
  15. Jett


    For a 10 week old, maybe he needs to go out a couple of times during the night as well....
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