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  1. Hi, have been buying Stay Loyal now for about a year. I buy the Chicken, Lamb & Fish (large kibble) which lasts me 4.5 weeks for 2 large dogs, one is 11 and the other 2. I’ve always fed grain free kibble but I’m not anal about it so they do get grains and other bits and bobs but less than say a grain filled kibble. They only sell through their website which i initially thought was sussy but had great reviews on the pet food review site so after an email exchange (and a return if the dogs didn’t like it) I started purchasing. I’m super happy with their service, a few times I’ve needed an emergent bag and it only takes them a few days to arrange delivery. They stay in touch on email, have only a few varieties to choose from but I actually feel like I’m supporting a real small business company, run by 2 guys and their team. The kibble has always been consistent, the price is good and includes the delivery service (which so far has always been spot on time) and my boys are very happy to eat this, especially mr fussy 11 year old.
  2. Surprised no one has mentioned Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers! Such a perfect fun loving dog. We had 2 males who loved each other dearly. Lost one sadly but now on the hunt for another.
  3. Hi, I'm an Adelaide dog owner and would consider having a dog stay short term but as stated it would depend on the type of dog, behaviour, care level required, social abilities, etc. Hubby & I live quiet lives with our lay back 8 year old Wheaten. He's an inside dog & sleeps in our bedroom, lies on the couch with us, and is a little sensitive to loud noises. We had 2 Wheatens, sadly lost one 2 years ago. If you're not having much luck, send me a message and we could at least meet and talk about it. We we live in Glenelg. Sue
  4. Thank you GrufLife, was hoping you'd answer :D And I will speak with our groomer who has always done the boys, hopefully this is just a temporary spot we're in and the big boy will heal up and I can resume them both to their regular grooming schedule. I think I'm being a little ambitious in thinking I could groom my terrors, they've got me worked out I'm afraid. I'll get a mobile person in first and take it from there. Cheers
  5. . My 30kg is on max 100mg and at the moment I give him a 50 mg around midnight so he gets a good sleep and have tapered off to 25mg after lunch if I think he needs it. He's not taking tramadol for arthritic pain though and I hope he won't be on them permanently. Initially I wasn't sure if the pain relief was actually working, he seemed spaced out and not really relaxing with relief. Speaking with our vet we added Metacam (anti inflammatory) and they seem to work better together. (I did read somewhere that tramadol works better with something else thrown in). To be honest though I worry the tramadol is messing with his head a bit, he's been on them for about 40 days now. Good luck with Denny's Dog, I'm sure heaps of people will give you some good answers :)
  6. Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting one of these small trimmers too and need some advice please. I have 2 dogs, always gone to groomers every 6 weeks for 7 & 4 years. The 7 year old is too ill to go and the 4 year old will die of fear if I send him on his own. I need to give a hygiene cut to the 4yo. Should I put him on the table to do this or could I just let him stand on ground while I'm bending over backwards shaving him? I don't have a grooming table, would the dining table do with a grip mat? And is it like using a number 1 or 2 buzz cut on guys? Do I use it with dry hair and wash later? Or, should I just try and find a good mobile service groomer to come for the time being. They're both 30kg each and wheaten terrors Thanks :D
  7. Sas, your question on whether I'd eat food with dye in it was a reality slap (in the nicest way). Of corse I wouldn't and I love my 2 Wheaten terrorists way too much to even take a small risk with their health. Just a quick google of these food dyes, green & blue can cause allergies and who knows what else with long term use, that and my initial instinct when I discovered it in the beef.....your question above......they're not getting it anymore. Back to supermarket beef for them and i won't have to think twice about it. Thanks
  8. Stressmagnet, I too occasionally buy the discounted Coles (expensive) beef steaks and we eat it and sometimes it's so yummy our tails wag :laugh:
  9. Thanks all, you're all pretty spot on. And thanks for the reassurance that it's harmless, as the store guy had assured me. I'm going to stock up with the fresh meat again and hope I don't accidentally use it in our curry, it could happen.....I've got menopausal brains happening
  10. Yeah Yonjur, it really surprised me too. He said it wouldnt harm the dog and they get it from a specific supplier for this purpose but I don't really want to give it to them any more with the added dye. The meat still looks and feels fresh (unfrozen ones) so it's not a slime bucket - he wouldn't get any business if it was. Their prices are less than the butcher prices and it's very clear it's for dogs. They've got huge T-bone steaks with a decent amount of meat left on them, might get one and zap it to see what happens. The dye doesn't go on things like chicken necks but the diced beef I get looks just like the supermarket rump, chopped up for stews but of corse for dogs. Maybe he only needs to do it on meat that could end up being confused as a human meal. "Honey I cooked us a beef curry tonight, oh, that green stuff is just the kafari leaves that got stuck on the beef - enjoy"! I buy Coles stuff too, and more than once those packed chicken wings were rank. Buy them loose now and bag them up so I know they're fresh. And now I think of it, I have never seen a butcher shop put any food out cheaper because of expiry dates....the only logical thing I can think they do with those leftovers is sell them off to the dog shops for on selling.
  11. The local pet food shop near me sells all sorts of cooked and raw meat meals for dogs. He tells me he gets all the raw from butchers when the use by date has passed. That's ok, I believe him and the shop is spotless and they seem dedicated, hard workers and are proud of their successful business. I get chunky diced beef from them and the other day when I over defrosted it and it started cooking a bright green colour appeared on the top layer of the beef. When I asked about it he explained that health regulations (SA) require him to spray an invisible green dye on the meat that will appear if the raw is cooked. This is to make it clear the meat is no longer suitable for human consumption. He said he hates doing it but the health department do check up on it. Anyone else hear of this?
  12. I'll also pick some up tomorrow. The cyst seems to still be there but smaller (cherry size), there's no wound or scab though...? the vet nurse said she enjoyed every moment of squeezing it out....and I could hear the poor boy crying....I thought they would have made a small incision but I think they only used a needle and some squeezing which surprises me as it was large. My regular vet is back next week so may need to take him back, poor boy
  13. Thanks dancinbcs, took him to the vet who lanced it & took out as much puss as they could. I decided to give him the antibiotic injection anyway just in case. The problem is, I can't squeeze my own zits let alone this one which was the size of a small apricot, He's now good, not struggling or in pain but there's still a lump so they didn't extract it all by the looks of it. Hopefully it will sort itself out but I'll keep an eye on it. I'm sure others will be interested in your suggestion of treating puss buckets though, ta :D
  14. Thanks cavNrott, was hoping on your experienced recommendations.
  15. I agree with perse and others, mine always get a late night snack half hour before bedtime and they no longer get upset tummies in the morning. I use what ever treat I have and as a last resort a ham sandwich does the job.
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