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  1. Also on that note can anyone recommend a good vet with after hours emergency around Central Coast NSW? I live near Gosford but will be prepared to travel a safe distance to get the best possible service for my poms - I am feeling really scared about the changes happening here - My vet is great but they have since ceased afterhours/emergency - I really don't like the sound of these new afterhours clinic!
  2. As my friend said, its never about the money - you just want what is best for your girl and if possible her puppies..... for that price what are your thoughts about the fact they did not send the bitch away with antibiotics, telling my friend she will need to arrange this with her regular vet, and no follow up appointment to check on bitch and have her stitches out?? I have never gone to an A/H vet that purely specialises in that a lone so maybe it is different - they just do what they can A/H and the rest is up to the regular vet?? is that right - still for that amount of money paid I would expect a course of AB's and a follow up consult - I know most probably take their own stitches out but still???
  3. Thanks SparkyTansy - I am glad you can see the error too in this situation - it really just does not add up does it? In more ways then one! My friend is very lucky to still have her bitch and her puppy, but yes it could have been a lot worse
  4. Hi there, My friend has just had a litter of black and gold puppies. I think they are around 2 weeks old. MY friend is a registered breeder, usually breeds poms but also cockers, she has a black and tan female and a black female both are fully registered. Her kennel name is Pramoda. The mother of the pups is a lovely solid black girl and the sire was used from another breeder up around Newcastle I think - I am not very knowledgeable of of the cocker spaniel community so don't know the bloodlines or kennel name of the stud that was use but I can certainly find out any details for you. I believe there is both sex available in the gold. Puppies will be registered/ have papers. Pups are based in Central Coast of NSW.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to get some advice and some of your opinions on what should be correct service provided by a vet? Firstly this happened to a friend of mine, not me, so I apologise if I cannot answer some of your questions regarding the situation that unfolded - however the reason I ask is because my vet is no longer doing after hours/emergency so I would almost be forced to attend this new afterhours vet clinic, and as it is I have a bitch soon to whelp so I need some sort of guidance as I am very worried! My friend and I exhibit and breed Pomeranians. The story is.... In the early hours of the evening my friends bitch goes into labour - She calls this vet and notifies them that her bitch is in labour. I am not sure the exact time she let her bitch try and whelp but it was only a matter of an hour and a half of intense pushing with no progress that she decided to call the vet and tell them she was on the way. She informed them over the phone that she would be there in 30 mins and to expect an emergency c-section so they can get prepared. My friend checked heart beats of puppies and all seemed fine, she also noted that her bitch was stable and not starting to stress. She turns up to the vet and was served by the vet on duty who she described as being a little unorganised, she wastes time with the paper work and kept ringing her "boss" to try and find out information and fees on the procedure. My friend points out to the vet the urgency of the matter and that no time should be wasted as the bitch really needs to be taken in for the best chance possible for her and her pups! The vet explains that there is not enough staff on to undergo such a procedure as apparently they have other emergencies that need attention and at this point my friend is getting very anxious about her bitch! There is much discussion and argument over the risk of holding off too long but the vet doesn’t want to hear it - eventually they take the bitch in and virtually kick my friend out of the clinic - my friend obviously wanted to stay and wait with her bitch. She eventually gets a phone call to come pick up her girl and her pup. There was a total of 3 pups but only one survived. My friend learns that her bitch was taken in and put on a drip and then waited a further 2-3 hours before they eventually did the c-section on her..... for me I would be extremely angry with this as you should never wait so long for a c-section, especially on a toy breed and any other breed for that matter. They then proceed to charge my friend a cracking $1,990 for the emergency c-section, on the paperwork the c-section alone cost $800, there was a consultation fee, and theatre fees?? But surely that would not add up to nearly $2000!!!...... Yet no antibiotics were given on discharge!!! and no they don't cover taking the stitches out in 10 days - My friends was told to contact her usual vet to organise the AB's and to book an appointment with them to take her stitches out!!! Sorry but not only does this sound hugely expensive for an emergency c-sections, but what about all the missing extras??? I just had a bitch c-sectioned and it did not cost me anywhere near this, fair enough it was during trading hours, but in the past it cost me around $1,100 at the most for an emergency c-section after hours, and I have also had one performed in Sydney which you can expect to be a bit on the higher side yet that still cost around $1,300. BUT AB'S were given on discharge, and the price covered a 10 day follow up appointment to check on the bitch and remove her stitches.... My poor friend has ended up paying close to $2,200 as having to book two appointments with another vet to get AB'S and to get stiches out! And sadly lost two puppies that night – BUT it could have been worse..... waiting that long and they could have lost the lot!!! What are your thoughts on this??
  6. Thank you - good advise will investigate this. Sorry I did forget to mention the girls were swabbed aswell and all was good - a lot of my breeder friends put their girls on a course of AB's and this has been something I follow too. Thank you :)
  7. Thank you Lappiemum - yes agreed that is my only problem... I would in this case not know whether they reabsorbed or not as we never confirmed pregnancy in the first place. This has been the first time I have ever carried out progesterone testing.. We tested 3 times, and 2 times, so I guess it would only estimate when ovulation would occur - but this was what was advised to me. We mated during all of which time the girls were receptive - so I can see this would not be a complete guarantee - but nevertheless in the past we left things pretty natural and never worried about progesterone tests and managed pretty well - funny how the more you interfer and worry the more unsuccessful you can be. But anyway we will see how we go! I appreciate the feed back :) do you have any other thoughts about why all of a sudden we are missing girls - someone mentioned the herpes virus which kind of scared me hence why I have come on here for more views?
  8. Hi all, just wanted to get some ideas of how to go about our situation and what direction I should take. Long story short.... Just bred my two girls to my new UK import boy and so far things look no good firstly we have had his sperm checked and all is good. He is 15 months old and has not been bred before. The two girls have both had a litter each, one has had a c-section and this particular girl we missed on her previous cycle, so are now wondering if maybe there is some underlying issue which is preventing her to conceive?? Both these girls have cycled together for 2 years and have been right on time. Last year they were 2 months late, and again were due in season back in November but again came in season mid January. Because both these litters were very important to me we got both girls progesterone tested so not to miss them and even did AI on the first girl because at first our import boy had no idea due to inexperience and we certainly did not want to miss her.... He finally worked out whey he was doing and continued on to do natural matings with this girl and the next. I have not done an ultrasound on the girls as a few times I have had to cancel due to work. Girls should be due in 2-3 weeks but given the lack of belly etc I am very doubtful they are pregnant. What avenues should I be exploring!? I know this happens but it seems odd to have missed 2 girls especially given we have done progesterone tests and fertility tests on the male?? For the girl who has now missed twice to two separate studs, should I be checking things out with her?? Possible scarring from previous c-section or health issues etc??? Thank you in advance.
  9. Thanks guys - yes we made copies but ANKC want originals - anyway must thank you again for your help - spoke to my good friend Tom Couchman today and he has given me all the info needed - just have to hope the new papers from the UKC arrive in the coming days as this is all that we are waiting on, everything else is processed. Thank you again
  10. Hello all.... Just wanted to get some help with re-registering my import into the ANKC. Last year I underwent re-registering an import from NZ successfully into the ANKC, knowing that this is a lot easier but providing all necessary documents like export pedigree, airway bill, airport quarantine clearance invoices/paperwork, animal identification using microchip details and proof of ownership being clearly stated on his pedigree certificate and microchip details. The re-registrations forms look no different (unless they have updated them over the past weeks?) to that of the ones I used last year, so went through the list and supplied the same as above - however after 2 weeks of sending my form off with paperwork and having the $90 odd dollars taken from my account I get a phone call stating I need to also supply the "owner registration certificate" which I knew straight away what they were referring to as I had this arrive in the letterbox some days early sent direct from the UKC. This certificate provided nothing more then the dogs details, the sire and dam, breeder and owner details, all the information that the pedigree certificate provides but much more simplistic..... I send this and unfortunately it has been misplaced or lost in transit - have traced it through post but have no idea what has happened and whether it was received or not I am wondering if this paperwork is absolutely necessary for the registration of my boy as there is sufficient enough evidence that I am the new owner and no where does it state on the re-registration form that this paperwork is needed??? I never needed this last time so I am very confused and getting quite upset as my boy arrived back in September and I sent the form and paperwork to dogs nsw end of october, they have taken payment and now I have had to contact the UKC and pay out more money to have them replace and send out a new owners registration certificate which I have now been waiting for a month and hoping they arrive any day now!! Just upsetting as I am hanging out to show him and not to mention I have girls coming in season any day now, so time is of the essence!!! Hoping someone can shed some light Thank you in advance.
  11. Thanks Becks - yes been very busy unfortunately!! but always come back when I have the time spare to catch up with everyone and learn something new
  12. Thank you so much everyone for your comments - very interesting how things change so quickly - always new tips everytime I have another litter - which really is only 1-2 times per year if that Great to hear others experiences with this product. Thank you again jess
  13. hello all I have not been on here for a while and just wanted to catch up to date with what supplements, food etc people are using now for pregnant girls - it just seems to change every time i have a litter - LOL - This particular pending litter is very very special to me so I want to really make sure I do everything right. I also thought it might be a good topic to start for new breeders to this forum seeking similar advise as well as most of these similar post are out dated or have disappeared.... I also wanted to find out more specifically about raspberry leaf on pregnant bitches? Is it the tablets that you buy from the health store/chemist? If so how do you prepare and how much for a pomeranian girl weighing 2.5 kilo? When do you start? My girl has just come into season now - day 4. Any other supplements people use or advise etc would be greatly appreciated - I am always interested to learn what others are doing these days. Thank you in advance
  14. Congratulations Redkidsmum on the arrival of your litters - I hope this your new litters makes you smile a little and warms your heart after all the devastation you have experienced - thinking of you and hope that things will only get better soon. Jess xoxo
  15. and China - Partipaws Lil China Doll couldn't resist adding this pic
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