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  1. Can only hope lol! If she could have waited another season I would have fully supported her choice (if she hadn't come into season quite this early again she could have even had them this time around with my approval, seems she is a every 4.5 months girl!)
  2. All I can figure is somehow she (or he lol, won't rule him out as the culprit) got a nail in the gap between door and edge and forced it!
  3. Can I put up my hands tentatively for 2 litters on June 24, while I was busy with the planned mating a certain little tart actually broke a sliding door lock to get to the other boy!!!! Not impressed at all! When I can figure out how will upload the photo of the broken lock so everyone can scold me and remind me how blasted determined dogs in heat can be!
  4. sadly we lost one little girl yesterday So sorry woodys RIP little girl
  5. And for reference, progesterone levels 18/4 2.29 20/4 8.78 23/4 45.47 Mating dates late 23/4 Noon 24/4 Litter of 7 :) Hope that info comes in handy for someone
  6. Arrived today, litter of 7 Gold girl Gold boy Gold roan boy 2 black boys Black and Tan boy Black and Tan girl All are doing well, as is Mum:) Human caretaker is however a little bit tired lol
  7. Cocker spaniel litter due end of June (estimates ranging from 24 th to 27th lol, and I thought progesterone tests would make things easier!)
  8. I was researching timing of breeding with given progesterone levels in nmols and I found the following link Breeding timing pdf I guess since Meg decided to stand and flag on day 1 even though her progesterone levels were definitely low, (checked by blood test) she must be a nymphomaniac :) I hope someone else gets a giggle out of it too!
  9. What about character names from the movie Frozen? Or you can just add frozen or ice to just about anything. Eg:- Frozen delight Ice divine Etc
  10. Our beautiful Meg gave us a litter of 5 on November 8, cocker spaniels 4 girls and one lonesome boy.
  11. Can I join this thread late? We had a litter of blue roan cocker spaniels join us on Feb 26, 3 girls and 2 boys, all healthy and well!
  12. Lots of song titles here http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=439096 Some of my faves would be All I wanted All that you dream Simply the best
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