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  1. Be careful with honey as it "can" take the breath away. The best way to give honey is to buy the honey in the squirty pump packs and write 'dog' on it, they way you wont get it mixed up with your honey and get slobber on your toast. With the dog laying on it's side, lift the flew and pour the honey in the side of the mouth on the top gums, this way it wont take your dogs breath away. For kennel cough, the "usually" need OAB's and soft foods (even soaking the biscuits in some cases). Benadryl (cough mixture) can be brought over the counter at most good chemists and pharmacies, it's "usually" what the vets prescribe inconjunction with OAB's anyway. Good Luck, Elise
  2. Put boracic acid powder in the ears. It absorbs the water.
  3. Dear Inspector Rex, May you always treasure your fond memories of Fergie. Thinking of you in your time of mourning. ((HUGS)) Elise
  4. I am so very sorry for your double loss
  5. Elise

    Rip Max.

    Jintanut, I am so very sorry for your sad loss of Max. I, too lost one on the table during a routine spey. Please know that I am thinking of you in your time of grief. Deepest Sympathies Elise
  6. The "main" cause for hot spots is fleas. Another cause for hot spots is when the dog is wet (not being dried properly after a bath). We find Mylanta works well on hot spots, it dries them out pretty quick. If you've got the diet sorted out and you're bathing her in medicated shampoo another couple of possibilities to look at could be:- * thyroid * hormones (is she coming into season) * some dogs have an allergy to a certain bush/tree/plant/grass in the yard. This can make them itch and scratch and lead to a hot spot. * over-washing can irritate the skin Apart from the OAB's, did your vet prescribe a very low dose of steroid? Good Luck, Elise
  7. Did the vet look at her throat by any chance? I had a dog a couple of years back and she had this "funny" cough and she was hungry but couldnt' eat, poor thing had tonsilitis.
  8. My dogs prefer certain flavours over others (of Supercoat). We have that many different coloured bags going at once at the moment, it's not funny.
  9. So very sorry for your loss, Poodle girl........seems it's a rotten month for DOL'ers to have their hearts broken. Thinking of you, Elise
  10. Elise

    For Abby

    Dear Foxy, That is beautiful. May you always cherish Abby's memories forever.
  11. Elise


    I'm so very sorry, Rozzie. What a double blow losing Josey and now, Sasha and on your birthday, too. RIP Sasha.
  12. Elise


    Rozzie, I am so very, very sorry for your sad loss. I have walked a mile in your shoes and share your pain. Please know that we are thinking of you in your time of grief, sadness and sorrow. Deepest Sympathies & ((HUGS)) for your loss of Josey. RIP Josey. Elise
  13. Dear Divine, Thinking of you in this time of sadness. RIP Patchie.
  14. RIP Ringer & Ray, thinking of you, Gillbob. (HUGS)
  15. RIP Bronson & Tia...........thinking of you, Christie in your time of sorrow. Elise
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